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DescriptionUniversal 1-Wire COM Port Adapter
The DS9097U is a sophisticated RS232 to 1-Wire® adapter, which performs RS232 level conversion and actively generates the 1-Wire communication signals. Together with an adequate TMEX software driver, it enables an IBM®-compatible PC to directly communicate with any 1-Wire device connected to the adapter\'s RJ-11 port. The DB-9 version reads and writes any non-EPROM 1-Wire device. To write to EPROM devices, the DB-25 version with external power supply is required.
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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True-Ground Interface an RS232 COM Port for Reading and Writing 1-Wire® Devices Works with Bipolar as well as Unipolar Logic Signals Compatible to COM port (±)12V (DB-9 Version Only) (±)12V (DB-25 Version) Supports Reading and Writing at Regular and Overdrive Speeds Provides Strong Pullup to 5V for Temperature-, Crypto-, and EEPROM 1-Wire devices Programs 1-Wire EPROM Devices (DB-25 Version with External 12V Power Supply Only) Communicates at Data Rates of 9.6 (default), 19.2, 57.6, and 115.2kbps Standard or DB-25 Female Connector and 6-lead RJ-11 Connector for Easy Attachment of Standard 1-Wire Cables and Probes Includes DS2502 Identification Chip (DS9097U009 only)

2.1mm power jack - contact + contact SIDE VIEW REAR VIEW

DB-25: TXD (2), RXD (3), DTR (20), RTS (4), PCGround (7); all other pins not connected DB-9: TXD (3), RXD (2), DTR (4), RTS (7), PC-Ground (5); all other pins not connected

* The external supply for the DS9097U-E25 must provide well-regulated @ 10mA minimum, center = GND, outer ring = V+ (Newark Electronics Stock No. 84F2081, Allied Electronics Stock No. 928-9895, Stancor Model STA-300R, or equivalent) * The color of the DS9097U plastic case may vary.

DS9097U-E25# DB-9, with DS2502 ID Chip no ID chip DB-25, with EPROM Write

# Denotes an RoHS-compliant device that may include lead(Pb) that is exempt under the RoHS requirements.

is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The is a sophisticated to 1-Wire adapter, which performs RS232 level conversion and actively generates the 1-Wire communication signals. Together with an adequate TMEX software driver, it enables an IBMcompatible PC to directly communicate with any 1-Wire device connected to the adapter's RJ-11 port. The DB-9 version reads and writes any non-EPROM 1-Wire device. To write to EPROM devices, the DB-25 version with external power supply is required. All DS9097U adapters are based on the DS2480B Serial 1-Wire Line Driver chip and therefore are not a plug-in replacement for the or DS9097E. The RXD/TXD Polarity Select input of the DS2480B is tied to VDD (noninverting). Free software drivers can be downloaded from The DS9097U communicates with 1-Wire devices at regular speed as well as Overdrive speed. The serial port must support a data transmission rate of 9600bps. Under software control, the adapter can be set up for RS232 data rates 19200, 57600, and 115200bps. The two higher rates are recommended for communication at Overdrive speed with Overdrive capable devices. Since the DS9097U operates in a byte mode, every data byte received from the RS232 port generates eight time slots on the 1-Wire line. At 19200bps data rate the DS9097UE25 is already faster than the DS9097 (E) at 115200bps. Note that there are some COM ports that use signal levels of less than 5V. The DB-9 versions of this adapter will not work with such ports. The DS9097U-E25 adapter, however, will function in most cases if external power is supplied. Without EPROM programming, the external power may be anywhere in the range to 9V. For EPROM programming the voltage must 12V in any case. Before using an externally powered DS9097U-E25 with a COM port of less than 5V check whether the COM port will not be damaged 5V on its RXD input.

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