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CategoryCommunication => Wireless
Description3v, Ultra-low-power Quadrature Modulator
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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o IF Output Frequency 80MHz o Input Bandwidth 15MHz o On-Chip Oscillator with External Tuning Circuit o On-Chip Divide-by-8 Prescaler o Integrated Quadrature Phase Shifters o Self-Biased Differential Baseband Inputs o CMOS-Compatible Enable o 4.1mA Operating Supply Current 2A Shutdown Supply Current

The monolithic is a quadrature modulator with supporting oscillator and divide-by-8 prescaler. It operates from a single +3V supply and draws only 4.1mA. The modulator accepts differential I and Q baseband signals with amplitudes to 1.35Vp-p and bandwidths 15MHz. It produces a differential output to 80MHz. Pulling the CMOS-compatible ENABLE pin low reduces the supply current 2A. To minimize spurious feedback, the MAX2452's internal oscillator is set at twice the IF via external tuning components. The oscillator and associated phase shifters produce differential signals exhibiting low amplitude and phase imbalance, yielding 42dB sideband rejection. The MAX2452 comes a 16-pin narrow SO package.

Digital Cordless Phones GSM and North American Cellular Phones Wireless LANs Digital Communications Two-Way Pagers

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VCC, LO_VCC to +4.5V ENABLE, TANK, Q to GND..................VCC + 0.3V Continuous Power Dissipation (TA +70C) SO (derate 8.33mW/C above +70C)..........................667mW Operating Temperature to +85C Storage Temperature to +165C Lead Temperature (soldering, 10sec).............................+300C

Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

(VCC = LO_VCC to +85C, unless otherwise noted.) PARAMETER Supply Voltage Range Supply Current Shutdown Supply Current Enable/Disable Time ENABLE Bias Current ENABLE Low Voltage ENABLE High Voltage IF Voltage Level IF Voltage Level TANK Voltage Level TANK Voltage Level Q, Q Voltage Level Differential Input Impedance SYMBOL VCC, LO_VCC ICC ON ICC OFF tON/OFF IEN VENL VENH VIF V IF VTANK V TANK V Q ZII, ZQQ VCC - 0.4 VCC - 1.7 VCC - 1.7 LO_VCC - 1.1 LO_VCC VCC - 1.35 VCC - 1.35 LO_VCC - 0.8 LO_VCC 0.8 1.75 Enable = VCC - 0.4V Enable = VCC - 0.4V Enable = 0.4V CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX 7 20 UNITS s A

(VCC = LO_VCC = 3.0V, fOSC = 140MHz, ENABLE = 2.6V, fII = fQQ to +85C, unless otherwise noted.) PARAMETER Differential Input Voltage I and Q Signal Bandwidth IF Differential Output Voltage I/Q Amplitude Match I/Q Phase Match Sideband Rejection LO Leakage at Output Oscillator Frequency Range PRE_OUT Output Voltage PRE_OUT Slew Rate fOSC VPRE_OUT SRPRE_OUT VII = VQQ = 1.2Vp-p (Notes < 6pF, rising edge, +25C 70 SYMBOL VIIp-p, VQQp-p BWIQ VIFIFp-p (Note 1) (Note 1) VII = VQQ = 200k differential, < 5pF differential CONDITIONS MIN TYP 1.2 MAX 1.35 15 UNITS Vp-p MHz mVp-p dB degrees dB dBc MHz Vp-p V/s

Note 1: Guaranteed by design, not tested. Note 2: The frequency range can be extended in either direction, but has not been characterized. At higher frequencies, the IF output level may decrease and distortions may increase. 2

(VCC = LO_VCC = 3.0V, fOSC = 140MHz, ENABLE = 2.6V, fII = fQQ 600kHz, RL (IF, IF) = 200k differential, CL (IF, IF) < 5pF differential, = +25C, unless otherwise noted.)


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