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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
DescriptionLow-voltage if Transceiver With Limiter And Rssi
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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Features, Applications

o Single to +5.5V Supply o Complete Receive Path: to 440MHz (first IF) to 13MHz (second IF) o Limiter with Differential Outputs (adjustable level) o RSSI Function with 90dB Monotonic Dynamic Range o Complete Transmit Path: to 13MHz (second IF) to 440MHz (first IF) o On-Chip Oscillator with Voltage Regulator and Buffer o Advanced System Power Management (four modes) o 0.1A Shutdown Supply Current

The is a complete, highly integrated IF transceiver for applications employing a dual-conversion architecture. Alternatively, the MAX2511 can be used as a single-conversion transceiver if the RF operating frequency ranges from In a typical application, the receiver downconverts a high IF/RF a 10.7MHz low IF using an image-reject mixer. Functions include an image-reject downconverter with 34dB of image suppression followed an IF buffer that can drive an offchip IF filter; an on-chip limiting amplifier offering 90dB of monotonic received-signal-strength indication (RSSI); and a robust limiter output driver. The transmit imagereject mixer generates a clean output spectrum to minimize filter requirements. It is followed a 40dB variable-gain amplifier that maintains IM3 levels below -35dBc. Maximum output power 2dBm. A VCO and oscillator buffer for driving an external prescaler are also included. The MAX2511 operates from to 5.5V supply and includes flexible power-management control. Supply current is reduced 0.1A in shutdown mode. For applications using in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) baseband architecture for the transmitter, Maxim offers a corresponding transceiver product: the MAX2510. The MAX2510 has features similar to those of the MAX2511, but upconverts I/Q baseband signals using a quadrature upconverter.

PWT1900 Wireless Handsets and Base Stations PACS, PHS, DECT and Other PCS Wireless Handsets and Base Stations 400MHz ISM Transceivers IF Transceivers Wireless Data Links

Typical Operating Circuit appears at end of data sheet.

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VCC to 8.0V VCC to Any Other VCC........................................................0.3V TXIN, TXIN Input Voltage............................-0.3V to (VCC + 0.3V) TXIN to TXIN Differential Voltage....................................300mV RXIN, RXIN Input to 1.6V TANK, TANK to 2.0V LIMIN Voltage.............................(VREF 1.3V) to (VREF + 1.3V) LIMOUT, LIMOUT Voltage..............(VCC 1.6V) to (VCC + 0.3V) RXEN, TXEN, Voltage...........................-0.3V to (VCC + 0.3V) RXEN, TXEN, GC Input Current............................................1mA RSSI Voltage...............................................-0.3V to (VCC + 0.3V) Continuous Power Dissipation (TA = +70C) QSOP (derate 11mW/C above 70C)...........................909mW Operating Temperature Range to +85C Junction Temperature......................................................+150C Storage Temperature to +165C Lead Temperature (soldering, 10sec).............................+300C

Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

(VCC +5.5V, 0.01F across CZ and CZ; TANK = TANK; MIXOUT tied to VREF through a 165 resistor; GC open, RXIN = RXIN; TXOUT = TXOUT = VCC; to +85C, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are = +25C.) PARAMETER Operating Voltage Range Digital Input Voltage High Digital Input Voltage Low Digital Input Current High Digital Input Current Low Rx mode, RXEN = high, TXEN = low VCC +25C Tx mode, RXEN = low, TXEN = high, VGC = 0.5V Standby mode, RXEN = high, TXEN = high Shutdown mode, RXEN = low, TXEN = low Rx mode, RXEN = high, TXEN = low VCC +85C Tx mode, RXEN = low, TXEN = high, VGC = 0.5V Standby mode, RXEN = high, TXEN = high Shutdown mode, RXEN = low, TXEN = low VREF Voltage LIMOUT, LIMOUT Differential Output Impedance GC Input Resistance Internally terminated 1.35V 60 (Note 1) -5 RXEN, TXEN RXEN, TXEN VCC 2 - VCC / 2 VCC A mA CONDITIONS MIN TYP 3.0 MAX 5.5 UNITS V A

(MAX2511 test fixture, VCC = +3.0V, RXEN = TXEN = low, 0.01F across CZ and CZ, MIXOUT tied to VREF through 165 resistor, TXIN, TXIN tied to VREF through 50 resistor, TXOUT and TXOUT loaded with 100 differential, GC open, LIMOUT, LIMOUT loaded with 2k differential, TANK and TANK driven with -2.5dBm from a 100 source; OSCOUT AC-terminated with 330pF at RSSI pin, 0.1F at VREF pin, Rx inputs and Tx outputs differentially coupled, PRXIN, RXIN -28dBm (200 system), fRXIN, RXIN = 425MHz, fLO = 435.7MHz, fTXIN, TXIN = +25C, unless otherwise noted.) PARAMETER DOWNCONVERTER (RXEN = high) Downconverter Mixer Voltage Gain Downconverter Mixer Noise Figure Downconverter Mixer Input 1dB Compression Level Input Third-Order Intercept Image Rejection MIXOUT Maximum Voltage Swing Power-Up Time Standby or TX (Note degrees dB mV/dB dBm s mV MHz dBc/Hz kHz dBm s LIMITING AMPLIFIER AND RSSI (RXEN = high) VGC = 0.8V (Note 4) Limiter Output Level Phase Variation Minimum Linear RSSI Range Minimum Monotonic RSSI Range RSSI Slope RSSI Maximum Intercept RSSI Relative Error RSSI Rise Time Minimum-Scale RSSI Voltage Maximum-Scale RSSI Voltage OSCILLATOR (TXEN = RXEN = high) Frequency Range Phase Noise Maximum LO Frequency Pulling LO Leakage Oscillator Buffer Output Power Maximum Power-Up Time VGC = open VGC = 2.0V (PLIMIN to 5dBm from to 5dBm from to 10dBm from to 5dBm from 50 (Note to +85C (Note 1) Rise time to within 1dB accuracy; using a 100pF capacitor from RSSI to GND At LIMIN input -75dBm At LIMIN input of 5dBm (Note At 10kHz offset Standby mode or RX mode At RXIN port = +25C (Note to +85C (Notes 1 and 8) Shutdown to standby mode (Note 9) (Note 2) Two tones at 424MHz and 425MHz, -30dBm per tone fIMAGE = fLO + fIF to +85C (Note mVp-p 27 dB dBm dB Vp-p s CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS


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