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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers
DescriptionLow-Noise, Precision op Amps
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
DatasheetDownload OP27 datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: AM427, MPOP27, MXL1007, NE5534, SE5534, RM5534AD, RM5534AD/883B, RM5534D, RM5534D/883B
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OP27A Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP27AJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP27B Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP27BJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP27C Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP27CJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP27G Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37AJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP37B Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37BJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP37C Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37CJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP37G Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37GJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP90 Precision, Low-Voltage, Micropower op Amp
OP90GC/D Precision Low Voltage Micropower Operational Amplifier
REF01 +5V, +10V Precision Voltage References
REF01AJ/883B Precision Reference +10v Adjustable Output
REF01AZ +5V, +10V Precision Voltage References
REF01AZ/883B Precision Reference +10v Adjustable Output
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2SD596 : Audio Frequency Power Amplifier NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistor Mini Mold.

AD632 : Internally Trimmed Precision ic Multiplier. Pretrimmed 0.5% Max 4-Quadrant Error All Inputs (X, Y and Z) Differential, High Impedance for + Z2 Transfer Function Scale-Factor Adjustable to Provide to X10 Gain Low Noise Design: 90 V rms, 10 Hz10 kHz Low Cost, Monolithic Construction Excellent Long-Term Stability APPLICATIONS High Quality Analog Signal Processing Differential Ratio and Percentage.

HFA1102IB : 600mhz Current Feedback Amplifier With Compensation Pin. 600MHz Current Feedback Amplifier with Compensation Pin Compensation Pin for Bandwidth Limiting Low Distortion -56dBc -3dB Bandwidth. 600MHz Very Fast Slew Rate. 2000V/s Fast Settling Time (0.1%). 11ns Excellent Gain Flatness (30MHz). 0.01dB High Output Current. 60mA Overdrive Recovery. <10ns [ /Title amplifier featuring a compensation pin for bandwidth.

LT1013A : . The 1014 is the first precision quad operational amplifier which directly upgrades designs in the industry standard 14-pin DIP LM324/LM348/OP-11/4156 pin configuration. is no longer necessary to compromise s, while saving board space and cost, as compared to single operational amplifiers. The LT1014's low offset voltage of 50V, drift of 0.3V/C,.

MAX1232 : Power. P Monitor.

MAX4785 : MAX4785, MAX4786, MAX4787, MAX4788 50mA/100mA Current-limit Switches. The MAX4785MAX4788 family of switches feature internal current limiting to prevent host devices from being damaged due to faulty load conditions. These analog switches have a low 0.7 on-resistance and operate from to 5.5V input voltage range. They are available with guaranteed 50mA and 100mA current limits, making them ideal for load-switching applications.

OPA452 : . q WIDE POWER-SUPPLY RANGE: 40V q HIGH OUTPUT LOAD DRIVE: 50mA Continuous q WIDE OUTPUT VOLTAGE SWING: 1V to Rail q FULLY PROTECTED: Thermal Shutdown Output Current-Limited q WIDE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: +125C q PACKAGE OPTIONS: TO220-7 DDPACK-7 Surface-Mount The OPA452 and OPA453 are low-cost operational amplifiers with high-voltage (80V) and high-current.

STK4040X : af Power (70W) Amplifier.

TA75062P : Dual Operational Amplifier.

TC514102AJ-60 : 4,194,304 X 1 Bit Dynamic RAM.

TL084ACD : ti TL084A, JFET-input Operational Amplifier. Low Power Consumption Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges Low Input Bias and Offset Currents Output Short-Circuit Protection Low Total Harmonic Distortion. 0.003% Typ High Input Impedance. JFET-Input Stage Latch-Up-Free Operation High Slew Rate. 13 V/s Typ Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes VCC+ The TL08x JFET-input operational amplifier.

UPC1685G : General Purpose 5 V Frequency Down-converter ic. The PC1685G is Silicon monolithic IC designed for UHF band receiver applications. This IC consists of double balanced mixer, local oscillator, IF amplifier, and voltage regulator. The package is 8-pin SOP suitable for high-density surface mount. UHF band operation Good capability of UHF-varactor diode due to balanced amplifier oscillator Supply voltage:.

UPC4071 : Low Noise J-FET Input Operational Amplifier.

NUF8000 : 8 Channel, 100 Ohm, 17pF In UDFN16 This device is an 8 line EMI filter array for wireless applications. Greater than -30 dB typical attenuation is obtained at frequencies from 800 MHz to 5.0 GHz. The NUF8000MU has a typical cut-off frequency of 95 MHz. This UDFN package is specifically designed to enhance EMI filtering for low-profile or slim design.

LTC6401CUD-8#PBF : 1.3GHz Low Noise, Low Distortion Differential ADC Driver For 140MHz IF The LTC6401-20 is a high-speed differential amplifier targeted at processing signals from DC to 140MHz. The part has been specifically designed to drive 12-, 14- and 16-bit ADCs with low noise and low distortion, but can also be used as a general-purpose broadband gain block. The LTC6401-20.

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