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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers
DescriptionLow-Noise, Precision op Amps
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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OP27AJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP27B Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP27BJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP27C Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP27CJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP27G Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37AJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP37B Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37BJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP37C Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37CJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP37G Low-Noise, Precision op Amps
OP37GJ Low-noise Precision Operaional Amplifiers
OP90 Precision, Low-Voltage, Micropower op Amp
OP90GC/D Precision Low Voltage Micropower Operational Amplifier
REF01 +5V, +10V Precision Voltage References
REF01AJ/883B Precision Reference +10v Adjustable Output
REF01AZ +5V, +10V Precision Voltage References
REF01AZ/883B Precision Reference +10v Adjustable Output
REF01C +5V, +10V Precision Voltage References

MAX448 : Quad, High-speed, High Output Current op Amp

MAX4753EGE : MAX4751, MAX4752, MAX4753 0.9, Low-Voltage, Single-supply Quad SPST Analog Switches

MAX6306UK29D2 : 5-Pin, Multiple-Input, Programmable Reset ICs The MAX6305–MAX6313 CMOS microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits are designed to monitor more than one power supply. Ideal for monitoring both 5V and 3.3V in personal computer systems, these devices assert a system reset if any of the monitored supplie

MAX6724AUTYVD5+ : Dual/Triple, Ultra-Low-Voltage, SOT23 µP Supervisory Circuits The MAX6715A–MAX6729A/MAX6797A are ultra-low-voltage microprocessor (??P) supervisory circuits designed to monitor two or three system power-supply voltages. These devices assert a system reset if any monitored supply falls below its fac

MAX1228ACEP+ : 12-Bit 300ksps ADCs With FIFO, Temp Sensor, Internal Reference The MAX1226/MAX1228/MAX1230 are serial 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with an internal reference and an internal temperature sensor. These devices feature on-chip FIFO, scan mode, internal clock mode, internal averaging, and

MAX6473UT20BD1-T : 300mA LDO Linear Regulators With Internal Microprocessor Reset Circuit The MAX6469–MAX6484 are low-dropout linear regulators with a fully integrated microprocessor reset circuit. Each is available with preset output voltages from +1.5V to +3.3V in 100mV increments and delivers up to 300mA of load c

MAX6743XKTGD3+T : Pmic - Supervisor Integrated Circuit (ics) Multi-Voltage Supervisor Tape & Reel (TR) 3; IC SUPERVISOR MPU LP SC70-5 Specifications: Output: Push-Pull, Totem Pole ; Reset: Active Low ; Package / Case: 6-TSSOP (5 Lead), SC-88A, SOT-353 ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Number of Voltages Monitored: 3 ; Reset Timeout: 150 ms Minimum ; Type: Multi-Voltage Supervisor ; Voltage - Threshold: 1.11V, 3.075V, Adj ; Opera

MAX6470UT20BD3-T : FIXED/ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE LDO REGULATOR, PDSO6 Specifications: Regulator Type: Low Dropout ; Output Polarity: Positive ; Output Voltage Type: Fixed, Adjustable / Variable ; Package Type: SOT23, Other, MO-178AB, SOT-23, 6 PIN ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Output Voltage: 1.23 to 5 volts ; IOUT: 0.3000 amps

MX7578KCWG+T : 1-CH 12-BIT SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION ADC, PARALLEL ACCESS, UUC22 Specifications: Package Type: DIE-22 ; Screening Level: Commercial ; Pins: 22 ; Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Input Voltage: 0.0 to 5 volts

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