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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Array Diodes
DescriptionDiode Array, Package : 16_PIN_DIP
CompanyMicrosemi Corporation
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Features, Applications
Switching Diode Array , Steering Diode TVS ArrayTM

8 Diode Array/Protects 8 Lines Molded 16 Pin DIP UL 94V-0 Flammability Classification Low Capacitance 1.5 pF per Diode Switching Speeds <5 ns IEC 61000-4 compatible

These low capacitance diode arrays are multiple, discrete, isolated junctions fabricated by a planar process and mounted a 16PIN package for use as steering diodes protecting up to eight I/O ports from ESD, EFT, or surge by directing them either to the positive side of the power supply line or to ground (see figure 1). An external TVS diode may be added between the positive supply line and ground to prevent overvoltage on the supply rail. They may also be used in fast switching core-

driver applications. This includes computers and peripheral equipment such as magnetic cores, thinfilm memories, plated-wire memories, etc., as well as decoding or encoding applications. These arrays offer many advantages of integrated circuits such as highdensity packaging and improved reliability. This is a result of fewer pick and place operations, smaller footprint, smaller weight, and elimination of various discrete packages that may not be as user friendly in PC board mounting.


High Frequency Data Lines & RS-422 Interface Networks Ethernet: 10 Base-T Computer I/O Ports LAN Switching Core Drivers

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Operating to +150C Storage to +150C Forward Surge Current: Amps.8/20 s Continuous Forward Current.400 mA (one diode) Power Dissipation (PD).1500 mW (total)

Breakdown Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage Leakage Current Leakage Current Capacitance Reverse Recovery Time Forward Voltage Forward Voltage

Minimum Breakdown Voltage: The minimum voltage the device will exhibit at a specified current. Working Peak Reverse Voltage: The maximum peak voltage that can be applied over the operating temperature range. Maximum Forward Voltage: The maximum forward voltage the device will exhibit at a specified current. Maximum Leakage Current: The maximum leakage current that will flow at the specified voltage and temperature. Capacitance: The capacitance of the TVS as defined @ 0 volts at a frequency of 1 MHz and stated in picofarads.

Note: Dimensions do not include mold flash or protrusions; these shall not exceed 0.155mm(0.006") on any side. Lead dimension shall not include solder coverage

Weight =0.997gms. (approx) Marking: Logo, device number data code Pin #1 to the left of the indent on top of package Carrier tubes; 25 pcs (standard)


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