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CategoryCommunication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators
DescriptionRF Power Module For 820-851MHz, 12.5V, 6W FM Mobile Radio
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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M67766C RF Power Module For 806-825MHz, 12.5V, 16W Digital Mobile Radio
M67769A RF Power Module For 890-915MHz, 12.5V, 13W FM Mobile Radio
M67769C RF Power Module For 889-915MHz, 12.5V, 13W FM Mobile Radio
M67775 RF Power Module For 1465-1477MHz, 13.5V, 7.5W FM Mobile Radio
M67776H RF Power Module For 896-941MHz, 7.2V, 5.0W FM Portable Radio
M67776L RF Power Module For 806-870MHz, 7.2V, 5.0W FM Portable Radio
M67781H RF Power Module For 150-175MHz, 12.5V, 40W FM Mobile Radio
M67781L RF Power Module For 135-160MHz, 12.5V, 40W FM Mobile Radio
M67785 RF Power Module For 184-200MHz, 9.5V, 5W FM Portable Radio
M67785H RF Power Module For 220-240MHz, 9.6V, 5W FM Portable Radio
M67789 RF Power Module For 1465-1477MHz, 9.6V, 3W FM Portable Radio
M67796 RF Power Module For 1240-1300MHz, 7.2V, 1.4W FM Portable Radio
M67798LA RF Power Module, 144-148mhz, 9.6v, 8w, FM Portable Radio
M67798LRA RF Power Module For 144-148MHz, 9.6V, 8W FM Portable Radio
M67799HA RF Power Module For 450-470MHz, 9.6V, 7.5W FM Portable Radio
M67799LA RF Power Module For 400-430MHz, 7.5W FM Portable Radio

FU-699PDF- : WDM->DWDM Wavemonitor Integrated CW Light Sauce 25GHz Spacing 16ch Tunable, Wavelength=C-band, Output Power=20mW

M30624MGM-XXXFP : M16C Family->M16C/60 Series Single-chip 16-bit CMOS Microcomputer. ROM 256 Kbytes RAM 20 Kbytes

M35045-062SP : Screen Character And Pattern Display Controllers

M38043F2-XXXFP : RAM Size: 512bytes Single Chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38271M9MXXXFS : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38274E4MXXXHP : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38504F2H-XXXFP : RAM Size:640 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M5M5256B-10LL : 262144-bit (32768-word BY 8-bitcmos SRAM

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2741J : Magnetics. T1/E1 Transformer Shielded, High Freq T1/E1. Designed for DS1, DS1C, and CEPT applications Electrostatic shield provides improved longitudinal signal suppression 2741J has an internal connection to terminal 8; do not use Operating temperature range: +85 C Meets IEC 695, 2-2 flammability requirements PWB Process Capability: standard printed wiring board assembly techniques, total-immersion cleaning.

ACS101A : Acapella Optical Modem ic. Full duplex serial transmission over one fiber. Supports asynchronous data rates from to 76.8kbps. Supports synchronous data rates to 512kbps. Full diagnostic modes - Remote and Local loopback. Supports two additional low frequency asynchronous channels or the RS-232 handshake signals. Digital mode for non fiber applications - RF. Bit Error Rate (BER).

AD9832 : 25 MHZ Serial Interface DDS With On-chip 10-Bit DAC. V/5 V Power Supply 25 MHz Speed On-Chip SINE Look-Up Table On-Chip 10-Bit DAC Serial Loading Power-Down Option 45 mW Power Consumption 16-Lead TSSOP APPLICATIONS DDS Tuning Digital Demodulation GENERAL The is a numerically controlled oscillator employing a phase accumulator, a sine look-up table and a 10-bit D/A converter integrated on a single CMOS.

ADG211AKP : Lc2mos Quad SPST Switches.

ADG212AKP : Lc2mos Quad SPST Switches.

ADM6999G : Switch Controller.

AN9F : Analog Master Slice ic Series. The AN9D, AN9E and AN9F series are master slice ICs of bipolar process, which enables you to integrate an analog circuit easily onto a single chip. A custom IC can be made by placing a wired pattern designed in line with the customer's analog circuit onto a master slice. Starting from a wafer on which a most part of IC diffusion processes are already.


MSM6926 : 300 BPS Single Chip FSK Modem. This version: Jan. 1998 MSM6926/6946 Previous version: Nov. 1996 The MSM6926 and the MSM6946 are OKI's 300 bps single chip modem series which transmit and receive serial, binary data over a switched telephone network using frequency shift keying (FSK). The MSM6926 is compatible with ITU-T V.21 series data sets, while the MSM6946 is compatible with Bell.

SSSB152 : Multiplexers/Demultiplexers. Birt Byte Multiplexer. The a 155.52MHz byte-wide 8:1 multiplexer, with additional to allow to be used to STM64 multiplexer applications. High performance Silicon Bipolar process Eight CMOS compatible byte-wide STM1 input ports Byte-wide ECL100k compatible output port Interfaces between SSSM112 and SSSB148 Built in scrambling and parity circuits Built in clock and frame pulse.

ST52E400F0B6 : 8-bit Intelligent Controller Unit Icu Timer/pwm, Analog Comparator, Triac/pwm Timer, WDG.

TMS320C54X : Fixed-point Digital Signal Processors. Separate 16-Bit Data Memory Buses and One Program Memory Bus 40-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Including a 40-Bit Barrel Shifter and Two Independent 40-Bit Accumulators 17-Bit Parallel Multiplier Coupled a 40-Bit Dedicated Adder for Non-Pipelined Single-Cycle Multiply/Accumulate (MAC) Operation Compare, Select, and Store Unit (CSSU) for the Add/Compare.

TOTX179P : TOSLINK Fiberoptic Devices. = Simplex/ Transmitter ;; Data Rate (Mb/s,NRZ) = 0.1 to 12.8 ;; Wavelength (nm) = 650 ;; Transmission Distance (m) = up to 5 ;; Pulse Width Distortion (ns) /- = +/- 25 ;; Application = Digital Audio Use (Board Mount).

TQ9501-02 : 531/1063 Mbaud Fibre Channel Transmitter And Receiver. Data 32 Parity 4 Control 11 HOST Data 32 Parity 4 Control 12 Data 10 Control 2 TQ9502 Receiver 2 Optical Rx or Copper Interface 2 TQ9303 ENDEC 2 Fiber Optic Cable 10 Control 2 TQ9501 Transmitter 2 Optical Tx or Copper Interface 2 TriQuint's Fibre Channel transmitter (TQ9501) and receiver (TQ9502) are part of the FC531/FC1063 (Fibre Channel 531 and 1063.

TRCV012G5 : 2.5 Gbits/s Limiting Amplifier, Clock Recovery, 1:16 Data Demultiplexer.

W5691CY : This series of chips is designed for the ringtone application of mobile phones with MIDI music and ADPCM speech synthesis. The ICs consist of all key components including baseband MCU interface, FIFO buffers, GM compliant wavetable sound set, MIDI sequencer, wavetable/ADPCM synthesizer, DAC and power amplifier for direct driving 8-ohm loudspeakers.

78P2352 : Dual-Channel OC-3/STM1-1e/E4 LIU The 78P2352 is Teridian\'s second generation line interface unit (LIU) for 155Mbps SDH/SONET (OC-3, STS-3, or STM-1) and 140Mbps PDH (E4) telecom interfaces. The device is a dual-channel, single-chip solution that includes an integrated CDR in the transmit path for flexible NRZ-to-CMI conversion. The device can interface.

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