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CategoryCommunication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators
DescriptionRF Power Module For 135-160MHz, 12.5V, 60W FM Mobile Radio
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
M68703HA RF Power Module For 440-470MHz, 12.5V, 50W FM Mobile Radio
M68703LA RF Power Module For 400-430MHz, 12.5V, 50W FM Mobile Radio
M68703MA RF Power Module For 430-450MHz, 12.5V, 50W FM Mobile Radio
M68703SHA RF Power Module For 470-490MHz, 12.5V, 50W FM Mobile Radio
M68706 RF Power Module For 250-270MHz, 12.5V, 30W FM Mobile Radio
M68706H RF Power Module For 300-308MHz, 12.5V, 20W FM Mobile Radio
M68707 RF Power Module For 250-270MHz, 9.6V, 7W FM Portable Radio
M68707L RF Power Module For 215-230MHz, 9.6V, 7W FM Portable Radio
M68710EL RF Power Module For 290-330MHz, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710H RF Power Module For 450-470MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710L RF Power Module For 400-430MHz, 5V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710SL RF Power Module For 350-380MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710TL RF Power Module For 330-360MHz, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710UH RF Power Module For 470-520MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710UL RF Power Module For 380-400MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68711 RF Power Module For 889-915MHz, 9.3V, 3.8W FM Portable Radio
M68712N RF Power Module For 142-163MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68719 RF Power Module For 1240-1300MHz, 12.5V, 16W FM Mobile Radio
M68721 RF Power Module For 118-137MHz, 12.5V, 10W am Portable Radio
M68729 RF Power Module For 220-245MHz, 12.5V, 30W FM Mobile Radio

M38066E1-XXXFP : RAM Size: 896bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38223E9MGP : RAM Size: 512 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38251M5-XXXFS : RAM Size: 256 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38255M2MXXXFS : RAM Size: 768 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38255MEDXXXGP : RAM Size: 768 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38270MA-XXXFS : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38865M1A-XXXFS : RAM Size: 768bytes Single Chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38196MA-XXXFS : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

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2741G : Magnetics. T1/E1 Transformer Shielded, High Freq T1/E1. Designed for DS1, DS1C, and CEPT applications Electrostatic shield provides improved longitudinal signal suppression and EMI reduction Maximum inductance unbalance of center-tapped windings is 0.1% Operating temperature range: +85░ C Meets IEC 695, 2-2 flammability requirements PWB Process Capability: standard printed wiring board assembly techniques,.

2SJ148 : P-channel MOS Type ( Hgih Speed Switching, Analog Switch, Interface Applications ).

82550 : Broadband & Access. Networking & Communications - Ethernet Products - Ethernet Controllers - Intel 82550 Fast Ethernet Multifunction Pci/cardbus Controller.

AL124 : Fast Ethernet. 8-port Rox-ii Switch ic. AL124 Advance Information 8 Port 10/100 Mbit/s Dual Speed Fast Ethernet Switch Supports seven 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports with RMII and one 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet port with MII/RMII interface Capable of trunking to 800 Mbit/s link with link fail-over Full- and half-duplex mode operation Supports addresses to 16K Scalable design for stackable switch.

APE1016 : Very Low Cost Voice And Melody Synthesizer With 4-bits Cpu. Sales E-mail: Technology E-mail: Address: 3 F-10, No. 32, Sec. 1, Chenggung Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 115, R.O.C. TEL: 886-2-2782-9266 FAX: 886-2-2782-9255 WEBSITE : http: // The APExx16 series are very low cost voice and melody synthesizer with 4-bits CPU. They have various including 4-bits.

BGD714 : Infrastructure CATV-HFC. BGD714; 750 Mhz, 20.3 DB Gain Power Doubler Amplifier;; Package: SOT115J.

CND2047 : 10ghz Frequency Divider BY 4 Fixed Modulus Prescaler. The is a low power consumption very high speed divider by 4 GaAs prescaler manufactured with a 0.7Ám self aligned implanted MESFET process. The design is full differential input/output that allows direct drive into 50 load. The CND2047 is available in chip form and in 2 packages form: * low cost SOIC8 plastic package * 8 lead Flat Pack ceramic surface.

HDMP-2634 : 1.25 And 2.5 GBPS Serdes Circuits. This data sheet describes the HDMP-2634 Serdes device for 2.5 GBd serial data rates. The HDMP-2634 Serdes is a silicon bipolar integrated circuit in a metallized QFP package. It provides a low-cost physical layer solution for 2.5 GBd serial link interfaces including a complete Serialize/Deserialize (Serdes) function with transmit and receive sections.

HI1-0508-4 : Single 16 And 8/differential 8-channel And 4-channel CMOS Analog Multiplexers.

M67743L : RF Power Module For 68-81MHz, 12.5V, 7W FM Portable Radio.

MT9172AC : ISO2-cmos St-bus Family Digital Subscriber Interface Circuit Digital Network Interface Circuit.

MX7503C/D : Low -power, Monolithic, CMOS Analog Multiplexers.

S1M8823X02 : = S1M8823X02 Interger Rf/if Dual PLL ;; Function = - ;; = 2.5GHz,520MHz Integer-n Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer ;; Package = 20TSSOP,24QFN ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

SN75LBC771 : Geoport(tm) Transceiver. Supports a 9-Pin GeoPortTM Host Interface Standard for the Intelligent Network Port Designed to Operate to 4-Mbit/s Full Duplex 5 V Supply Operation Provides 6 kV ESD Protection Has Driver Short-Circuit Protection Includes Failsafe Mechanism for Open Inputs Is Backward Compatible with AppleTalkTM and LocalTalkTM Combines Multiple Components into a Single.

SY88993AV : 5V/3.3V 3.2Gbps High-speed Limiting Post Amplifier. 3.2Gbps operation Low noise CML data outputs Chatter-Free LOS generation Open Collector TTL LOS output TTL /EN Input Differential PECL inputs for data Single or 5V power supply Designed for use with SY88922V and SY88905 Available in a tiny 10-pin (3mm) MSOP The SY88993AV limiting post amplifier with its high and wide bandwidth is ideal for use as a post.

TC9248BF : CD Single Chip Processor With Built-in 1bit da Converter.

TDA5051 : TDA5051; Home Automation Modem. Product Supersedes data of 1997 Mar 11 File under Integrated Circuits, IC11 1997 Sep 19 Full digital carrier generation and shaping Modulation/demodulation frequency set by clock adjustment, from microcontroller or on-chip oscillator High clock rate of 6 bits D/A (Digital-to-Analog) converter for rejection of aliasing components Fully integrated output.

XRT7250 : DS3/E3 Framer ic. GENERAL The XRT7250 DS3/E3 Framer IC is designed to accept "User Data" from the Terminal Equipment and insert this data into the "payload" bit-fields within an "outbound" DS3/E3 Data Stream. Further, the Framer IC is also designed to receive an "inbound" DS3/E3 Data Stream (from the Remote Terminal Equipment) and extract out the "User Data". The XRT7250.

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