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CategoryCommunication => Wireless => Amplifiers => Module->200-500 MHz
TitleModule->200-500 MHz
DescriptionRF Power Module For 470-490MHz, 12.5V, 50W FM Mobile Radio
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
DatasheetDownload M68703SHA datasheet
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M68706 RF Power Module For 250-270MHz, 12.5V, 30W FM Mobile Radio
M68706H RF Power Module For 300-308MHz, 12.5V, 20W FM Mobile Radio
M68707 RF Power Module For 250-270MHz, 9.6V, 7W FM Portable Radio
M68707L RF Power Module For 215-230MHz, 9.6V, 7W FM Portable Radio
M68710EL RF Power Module For 290-330MHz, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710H RF Power Module For 450-470MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710L RF Power Module For 400-430MHz, 5V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710SL RF Power Module For 350-380MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710TL RF Power Module For 330-360MHz, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710UH RF Power Module For 470-520MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68710UL RF Power Module For 380-400MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68711 RF Power Module For 889-915MHz, 9.3V, 3.8W FM Portable Radio
M68712N RF Power Module For 142-163MHz, 6V, 2W FM Portable Radio
M68719 RF Power Module For 1240-1300MHz, 12.5V, 16W FM Mobile Radio
M68721 RF Power Module For 118-137MHz, 12.5V, 10W am Portable Radio
M68729 RF Power Module For 220-245MHz, 12.5V, 30W FM Mobile Radio
M68731H RF Power Module For 150-175MHz, 7W FM Portable Radio
M68731HM RF Power Module For 145-174MHz, 6.5W FM Portable Radio
M68731L RF Power Module For 135-155MHz, 7W FM Portable Radio
M68731N RF Power Module For 142-163MHz, 7W FM Portable Radio

M38061MDDXXXFP : RAM Size: 256bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38504M2-XXXFP : RAM Size:640 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit Microcomputer

M38506EDH-FP : RAM Size:896 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38864F4AHP : RAM Size: 640bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M5M27C202J-15 : 2097152-bit ( 131072-word BY 16-bit ) CMOS One Time Reprogrammable ROM

MGFC36V3742A : 3.7 - 4.2ghz Band 4w Internally Matched GAAS Fet

MH8V7245BAZTJ : FPM Hyper Page Mode 512m (8mx72) DRAM

M5M467800TP-6S : FAST PAGE MODE 67108864-bit (16777216-word BY 4-bit) Dynamic RAM

MF-27WTA-M01MA087 : 100mbps-2.7gbps, Multi-rate DWDM SFP Transceiver Module

DSSV-201M-YD : DIA Surge Suppressor (dss)

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ADM235L : Low Power, +5V CMOS RS-232 Transceiver With 5 Drivers, 5 Receivers, Shutdown And Enable Pins. No External Capacitors Required.

AX88141 : MAC Controller. 10/100M Pci Bus Fast Ethernet Mac Controller. 100BASE-TX/FX PCI Bus Fast Ethernet MAC Controller with Power management Data Sheet (4/11/' 98) Always contact ASIX for possible updates before starting a design. DOCUMENT NO. : AX141-01.DOC This data sheets contain new products information. ASIX ELECTRONICS reserves the rights to modify the products without notice. No liability is assumed as a result.

BGD802 : Infrastructure CATV-HFC. BGD802; 860 Mhz, 18.5 DB Gain Power Doubler Amplifier;; Package: SOT115J.

DRT1-2311 : Digital Radio Transmitter Modules For 21.2 to 23.6 GHZ. Digital Radio Transmitter Modules for to 23.6 GHz Technical Data Integrated Microwave/ Millimeter-Wave Modules Low Phase Noise Silicon Bipolar VCO Full Band Tuning GaAs MMIC Output Stage Sample Output for Phase Locking Excellent Tuning Linearity 30 dB Attenuator Waveguide/SMA RF Output Detected Output This digital radio transmitter module is designed.

LA7316AM : VCR VHS Chroma Signal Processor.

LC7185-8750 : CB Tranceiver PLL Frequency Synthesizer And Controller.

LC89201 : 9600-bps Fax-modem. The is a CMOS single-chip, synchronous, halfduplex, 9600-bps fax modem designed for use with public telephone networks. Built in are such essential for Group III facsimile systems as modulator, demodulator, transmission filters, and V.24 interface. The LSI supports the V.21ch2, T.30, and T.4 telecommunications standards promulgated by the ITU-T (formerly.

MB15E05LPV : Single Serial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer On-chip 1.2 GHZ Prescaler.

MB15F04PFV : Dual Serial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer. s The Fujitsu is a serial input Phase Locked Loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer with two 2.0GHz prescalers. a 128/129 for both 2.0GHz prescalers can be selected that enables pulse swallow operation. The latest BiCMOS process technology is used, resuItantly a supply current is limited as low as 11.0mA typ. at a supply voltage of 3.0V. Furthermore, a super.

MC10SX1190 : Fibre Channel Coaxial Cable Driver And Loop Resillency Circuit. MC10SX1190 Fibre Channel Coaxial Cable Driver and Loop Resiliency Circuit The is a differential receiver, differential transmitter specifically designed to drive coaxial cables. It incorporates the output cable drive capability of the MC10EP89 Coaxial Cable Driver with additional circuitry to multiplex the output cable drive source between the cable.

SN65LBC173 : Quadruple Low-power Differential Line Receivers. ANSI Standards EIA/TIA-423-B, RS-485, and ITU Recommendations V.10 and V.11. Designed to Operate With Pulse Durations as Short 20 ns Designed for Multipoint Bus Transmission on Long Bus Lines in Noisy Environments Input Sensitivity. 200 mV Low-Power Consumption. 20 mA Max Open-Circuit Fail-Safe Design Pin Compatible With SN75173 and AM26LS32 The SN65LBC173.

ST63T69B1 : 8-bit Hcmos MCU For Digital Controlled Multi Frequencymonitor. USE IN LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES OR SYSTEMS MUST BE EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZED. SGS-THOMSON PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USE AS CRITICAL COMPONENTS IN LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES OR SYSTEMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN APPROVAL OF SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics. As used herein : 1. Life support devices or systems are those which (a) are intended for surgical implant.

YMF715E : PCM Line Card->Codec. Opl3 Single-chip Audio System 3. an AC'97 Audio CODEC LSI, which is fully compliant with the industry standard "Audio CODEC '97" component (Revision 2.1). Different from former AC'97, YMF743 supports new like SPDIF OUT and Zoomed Video Port. Without using a digital controller, these new can be enhanced in the AC'97 sound system that has an ICH controller built-in chipset. Low power.

Z02205 : . MODEM CONTROLLER IDEAL FOR LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, SMALL SIZE REQUIREMENTS ZiLOG WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS 910 E. HAMILTON AVENUE CAMPBELL, CA 95008 TELEPHONE: 408.558.8500 FAX: 408.558.8300 INTERNET: HTTP://WWW.ZILOG.COM 1999 by ZiLOG, Inc. All rights reserved. Information in this publication concerning the devices, applications, or technology described.

STMEC001 : The STMEC001 is an ExpressCard power interface switch providing total power management solution required by ExpressCard . STMEC001 consists of 3 internal switches distributing 3.3V, 3.3VAUX, and 1.5V to ExpressCard Socket without additional charge pump or external switches required. STMEC001 ExpressCard power switch can be applied to notebook computers,.

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