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CategoryCommunication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators
DescriptionRF Power Module For 380-400MHz, 12.5V, 5W Digital Mobile Radio
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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Features, Applications

ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc=25°C unless otherwise noted)

Symbol VCC VBB ICC Pin (max) PO (max) TC (OP) Tstg Parameter Supply voltage Bias voltage Total current Input power Output power Operation case temperature Storage temperature Conditions VCC13.2V ZG=ZL=50 Ratings to +110 Unit W °C

Symbol IMD3 IMD5 Parameter Frequency range Output power Total efficiency 2nd. harmonic 3rd. harmonic Input VSWR Power gain 3rd. internal modulation 5th. internal modulation Load VSWR tolerance Stability Test conditions

VBB=9V, PO=13W (Pin:controlled) No degradation or ZG=50, Load VSWR=4:1 (All phase) destroy I 3.0 (All phase), ZG=50

Note. Above parameters, ratings, limits and test conditions are subject to change. Note 1. Stability is tested by sampling test (10pcs/Lot) Nov. ´97


Some Part number from the same manufacture Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
M68750 RF Power Module For 144-148MHz, 12.5V, 27W FM Mobile Radio
M68751R RF Power Module For 430-450MHz, 12.5V, 27W FM Mobile Radio
M68757H RF Power Module For 896-941MHz, 3W FM Portable Radio
M68757L RF Power Module For 806-870MHz, 3W FM Portable Radio
M68761 RF Power Module For 820-851MHz, 6W FM Portable Radio
M68762H RF Power Module For 230-250MHz, 7.2V, 5.3W FM Portable Radio
M68762L RF Power Module For 400-450MHz, 12.5V, 30W FM Mobile Radio
M68762SH RF Power Module For 470-512MHz, 12.5V, 30W FM Mobile Radio
M68762SL RF Power Module For 350-400MHz, 30W FM Mobile Radio
M68763H 230-250mhz, 7.2v, 5.3w, FM Portable Radio
M68765 RF Power Module For 135-175MHz, 5.5W FM Portable Radio
M68769H RF Power Module For 450-490MHz, 12.5V, 45W FM Mobile Radio
M68769L RF Power Module For 400-450MHz, 12.5V, 45W FM Mobile Radio
M68769SH RF Power Module For 470-512MHz, 12.5V, 45W FM Mobile Radio
M68772 RF Power Module For 890-915MHz, 13W FM Mobile Radio
M68776 Silicon MOS Fet Power Amplifier, 135-175mhz 6.5w FM Portable
M68779H RF Power Module For 240-270MHz, 7.0W FM Portable Radio
M68779M RF Power Module For 218-250MHz, 7.0W FM Portable Radio

4512GROUP : CISC->CISC Arch. Single-chip 4-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38001M1-XXXFS : 8-bit Single-chip Microcomputer

M38066E2-XXXFP : RAM Size: 896bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38066M2DXXXFP : RAM Size: 896bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38194EE-XXXFP : RAM Size: 640bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38204M8DXXXFP : RAM Size: 640 Bytes; Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38276M3-XXXGP : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

M38196EF-XXXFP : Single-chip 8-bit CMOS Microcomputer

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AD6640 : AD6640/AD6620 Multi-Channel, Multi-mode Receiver Chipset. 65 MSPS Minimum Sample Rate 80 dB Spurious-Free Dynamic Range IF-Sampling to 70 MHz 710 mW Power Dissipation Single +5 V Supply On-Chip T/H and Reference Twos Complement Output Format 5 V CMOS-Compatible Output Levels APPLICATIONS Cellular/PCS Base Stations Multichannel, Multimode Receivers GPS Anti-Jamming Receivers Communications Receivers Phased.

ADM1485 : +5V Low Power Eia RS-485 Transceiver. Meets EIA RS-485 Standard 30 Mb/s Data Rate Single +5 V Supply +12 V Bus Common-Mode Range High Speed, Low Power BiCMOS Thermal Shutdown Protection Short Circuit Protection Zero Skew Driver Propagation Delay: 10 ns Receiver Propagation Delay: 25 ns High Z Outputs with Power Off Superior Upgrade for LTC1485 APPLICATIONS Low Power RS-485 Systems DTE-DCE.

APR9301-V2-1 : Single-chip Voice Recording & Playback Device For Single 20 to 30 Second Message.

KA8603 : = KA8603 Universal Speech Network ;; Function = - ;; = Independent Adjustment of DC Resistance And ac Impedance, Ecm or Dynamic Microphone CAN be Used, DTMF Signal Interface, Low or High Impedance Receiver Type CAN be Used, Low Line Current Operation(IL=4mA) ;; Package = 16DIP,16SOP ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

MAX3872 : MAX3872 Multirate Clock And Data Recovery With Limiting Amplifier. Multirate Clock and Data Recovery with Limiting Amplifier o Multirate Data Input: 2.667Gbps (FEC), 155.52Mbps, 1.25Gbps/2.5Gbps (Ethernet) o Reference Clock Not Required for Data Acquisition o Exceeds ANSI, ITU, and Bellcore SONET/SDH Jitter s o 2.7mUIRMS Jitter Generation o 10mVP-P Input Sensitivity Without Threshold Adjust o 0.65UIP-P High-Frequency.

MC145554 : PCM Codec->PCM. PCM Codec-filter. The MC145557, MC145564, and MC145567 are all per channel PCM Codec­Filters. These devices perform the voice digitization and reconstruction as well as the band limiting and smoothing required for PCM systems. They are designed to operate in both synchronous and asynchronous applications and contain an on­chip precision voltage reference. The MC145554.

MOBILEPENTIUMRIIMINI-CARTRIDGE : Mobile Pentium(r) ii Processor in Mini-cartridge Package at 400 Mhz, 366 Mhz, 333 Mhz, 300pe Mhz, And 266pe MHZ Datasheet.

MSS0307-1 : 3/ 6/ 9/ 12 / 15 / 18 Voice ROM. Single power supply can operate 2.4 V through 6.0 V. Current output can drive 8 ohm speaker with a transistor. The voice content can be separated to 32 sections. Duration of each section can be different and is multiples 100 h. Duration of sections with appended memory-less mute to 21.8 seconds (20000h). 3 straight trigger pins are provided TGA, TGB,.

MX97102 : Isdn S/t Controller. Pin-to-Pin and Register-to-Register compatible with Siemens 2186 Full duplex 2B+D ISDN S/T Transceiver according to CCITT I.430 GCI digital interface 3 types of 8-bit CPU interface Receive timing recovery with adaptively switched thresholds E-channel Monitoring Programmable SDS1,SDS2 D-channel access control LAPD(HDLC) support with FIFO(2x64) buffers.

PT2271A-L0P : Remote Control Decoder.

SN68012 : Speech Controller. a 12 seconds single chip voice synthesizer IC which contains I/O pins and a tiny controller. By programming through the tiny controller, user's applications including section combination, trigger modes, output status, and other logic functions can then be easily implemented. Single power supply - 5.1V Built in a tiny controller 12 seconds voice capacity.

TLV320AIC10PFB : General-purpose 3v to 5.5v 16-bit 22-ksps DSP Codec. IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that information being relied on is current and complete. All products are sold.

TNETE2201PHD : Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel Transceivers. ti TNETE2201, 1.25 Gbaud Tranceiver.

WTS701EF : Speech processor. Text-to-speech Processor, 3V, Ascii Text Input, Analog/digital Output.

XRT83SL30 : Single-channel T1/E1/J1 Long-Haul, Short-haul Line Interface Unit. SINGLE-CHANNEL T1/E1/J1 SH TRANSCEIVER WITH CLOCK RECOVERY AND JITTER ATTENUATOR The is a fully integrated single-channel short-haul line interface unit for or 120 and J1 110 applications. In T1 applications, the XRT83SL30 can generate five transmit pulse shapes to meet the short-haul Digital Cross-Connect (DSX-1) template requirements. The XRT83SL30.

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