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CategoryMemory => DRAM => SDR SDRAM => 4 Mb
DescriptionHigh Performance 3.3volt Synchronous DRAM 2 Banksx2mbitx4: 4mx4
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Features, Applications

CAS Latency = 3 System Frequency (fCK) Clock Cycle Time (tCK3) Clock Access Time (tAC3)

s 2 banks x 4 organization s Fully Synchronous Dynamic RAM, with all signals referenced to clock rising edge s High speed data transfer rates to 125 MHz s Single Pulsed RAS Interface s Dual Data Mask for Byte Control s Dual Banks controlled A11 s Programmable CAS Latency: 3 s Programmable Wrap Sequence: Sequential or Interleave s Programmable Burst Length: and full page for Sequential Type for Interleave Type s Multiple Burst Read with Single Write Operation s Automatic and Controlled Precharge Command s Random Column Address every CLK (1-N Rule) s Suspend Mode and Power Down Mode s Auto Refresh and Self Refresh s Refresh Interval: ms s Available in 44 Pin 400 mil TSOP-II s LVTTL Interface s Single ±0.3 V Power Supply


The is a dual bank Synchronous DRAM organized as 2 banks x 4. The V54C316402VA achieves high speed data transfer rates to 125 MHz by employing a chip architecture that prefetches multiple bits and then synchronizes the output data to a system clock All of the control, address, data input and output circuits are synchronized with the positive edge of an externally supplied clock. Operating the two memory banks in an interleaved fashion allows random access operation to occur at higher rate than is possible with standard DRAMs. A sequential and gapless data rate to 125 MHz is possible depending on burst length, CAS latency and speed grade of the device.



CLK CKE Clock Input Clock Enable Chip Select Row Address Strobe Column Address Strobe Write Enable Address Inputs Bank Select Data Input/Output Data Mask Power (+3.3V) Ground Power for I/O's (+3.3V) Ground for I/O's Not connected


Ambient Temperature Under Bias............................ +80 °C Storage Temperature (plastic)......... +125 °C Input/Output Voltage... -0.5 to Min 4.6) V Voltage Relative to VSS.................. +4.6 V Data Output Current..................................... 50 mA Power dissipation.......................................... 1.0 W

*Note: Operation above Absolute Maximum Ratings can adversely affect device reliability.

Symbol Parameter CI1 CI2 CIO Input Capacitance to A11) Input Capacitance RAS, CAS, WE, CS, CLK, CKE, DQM Output Capacitance (I/O)


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V54C31732G2V High Performance 166/143 MHZ 3.3v Enhanced Graphics 512k X 32 Sdram 2 Banksx256kbitx32
V54C3256 256mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Soc Bga / Wbga Package 16m X 16, 32m X 8, 64m X 4
V54C325616-80-404VT-C 256Mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Truecsp Package 16M X 16, 32M X 8, 64M X 4
V54C325616/80/404VT/S/B 256Mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Soc / Wbga Package 16M X 16, 32M X 8, 64M X 4
V54C3256164V High Performance 3.3 Volt 16m X 16 Synchronous DRAM 4 Banks X 4mbit X 16
V54C3256164VB 256Mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Soc / Wbga Package 16M X 16, 32M X 8, 64M X 4
V54C3256164VBUC 256mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Soc Bga / Wbga Package 16m X 16, 32m X 8, 64m X 4
V54C3256164VBUC-T 256Mbit Sdram Low Power 3.3 Volt, 54-pin Tsop ii / 54-ball Soc Bga 16M X 16
V54C3256164VBUT 256mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Soc Bga / Wbga Package 16m X 16, 32m X 8, 64m X 4
V54C3256164VC 256Mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Truecsp Package 16M X 16, 32M X 8, 64M X 4
V54C3256164VS 256Mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Soc / Wbga Package 16M X 16, 32M X 8, 64M X 4
V54C3256164VT 256Mbit Sdram 3.3 Volt, Tsop ii / Truecsp Package 16M X 16, 32M X 8, 64M X 4

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V53C16258HK35 : EDO High Performance 256K X 16 Edo Page Mode CMOS DRAM Optional Self Refresh

V53C8258HK40 : EDO 256K X 8 Edo Page Mode CMOS DRAM:

V54C36516G4V-6 : 166/143 MHZ 3.3v 4m X 16 Ultra High Performance Sdram 4 Banksx1mbitx16

V62C1801024LL-70V : SRAM 1.8 Volt 128K X 8 Bit Static RAM

V62C2801024L-150V : SRAM 2.5 Volt 128K X 8 Bit Static RAM

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V62C3801024L-85T : SRAM 3.3 Volt 128K X 8 Static RAM

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48SD6404 : 256 MB (16Meg X 4-bit X 4 Banks) 256 Megabit (16-Meg X 4-Bit X 4-Banks) RAD-PAK Radiation-hardened Against Natural Space Radiation Total Dose Hardness:>100 Krad (Si), Depending Upon Space Mission Excellent Single Event Effects:selth > 85 MeV/mg/cm2 @ 25 C JEDEC Standard 3.3V Power Supply Operating Current: 115 ma Clock Frequency: 100 MHZ Operation.

Am72LVB016 : . s General Flash Disk--full hard disk emulation 16Mbyte (128Mbit) capacity Single-chip, based on state-of-the-art NAND flash technology Small form factor--standard 48-pin TSOP-I package; x 11mm FBGA package High reliability--on the fly EDC/ECC s Software Integration Easily integrated plug-n-play flash disk with TrueFFS® driver technology Windows CE and Tornado.

CY7C1351F : 4-Mb (128K X 36) Flow-through SRAM With. Can support to 133-MHz bus operations with zero wait states Data is transferred on every clock Pin compatible and functionally equivalent to ZBTTM devices Internally self-timed output buffer control to eliminate the need to use OE Registered inputs for flow-through operation Byte Write capability x 36 common I/O architecture / 3.3V I/O power supply.

HY57V28820HCLT-I : 4Banks X 4M X 8bits Synchronous DRAM. The Hynix a 134,217,728bit CMOS Synchronous DRAM, ideally suited for the Mobile applications which require low power consumption and extended temperature range. HY57V28820HC(L)T is organized HY57V28820HC(L)T is offering fully synchronous operation referenced to a positive edge of the clock. All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the rising edge.

HYM71V8M635HCLT6-H : ->SO DIMM. based on 8Mx16 SDRAM with LVTTL, 4 banks & 4K Refresh The Hynix HYM71V8M635HC(L)T6 Series are 8Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of four 8Mx16bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package a 144pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. Two 0.33uF and one 0.1uF decoupling capacitors.

HYMD232M646CL6 : 256 MB. Hynix HYMD232M646C(L)6-J/M/K/H/L series is unbuffered 200-pin double data rate Synchronous DRAM Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Modules (SO-DIMMs) which are organized as 32Mx64 high-speed memory arrays. Hynix HYMD232M646C(L)6-J/M/K/H/L series consists of eight 16Mx16 DDR SDRAM in 400mil TSOP II packages a 200pin glass-epoxy substrate. Hynix HYMD232M646C(L)6-J/M/K/H/L.

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MC145416P : Tone/pulse Dialler With 10-number Memory Plus 3 Emergency Numbers.

MSM9009 : Application Specific. MSM9009 80" Emulation Board:, Type: Tools. to 87.2 seconds voice emulation are provided at 6K sampling rate. MPCM-5 algorithm emulation is provided. to 128 sections are provided for three addressing modes, each section comes from a voice file. Three trigger sources interface are provided, of course appropriate DIP switch S3 setting is necessary; Matrix trigger source by connecting to 9010 board,.

MT48LC2M32B2 : 64Mb: X32 Sdram, Industrial Temp, 86-pin Tsop. PC100 functionality Fully synchronous; all signals registered on positive edge of system clock Internal pipelined operation; column address can be changed every clock cycle Internal banks for hiding row access/precharge Programmable burst lengths: or full page Auto Precharge, includes CONCURRENT AUTO PRECHARGE, and Auto Refresh Modes Self Refresh Mode.

W981216AH : 2m X 16 Bit X 4 Banks Sdram. 3.3V±0.3V power supply to 133 MHz clock frequency 2,097,152 words x 4 banks x 16 bits organization Auto Refresh and Self Refresh CAS latency: 2 and 3 Burst Length: and full page Burst read, Single Writes Mode Byte data controlled by UDQM and LDQM Power-Down Mode Auto-Precharge and controlled precharge 4k refresh cycles / 64ms Interface: LVTTL Package:.

A43L4616 : 4M X 16 Bit X 4 Banks Synchronous DRAM The A43L4616 is 268,435,456 bits synchronous high data rate Dynamic RAM organized as 4 X 4,194,304 words by 16 bits, fabricated with AMIC’s high performance CMOS technology. Synchronous design allows precise cycle control with the use of system clock. I/O transactions are.

HY5W2A2F-8 : 4M X 32 SYNCHRONOUS DRAM, 6 ns, PBGA90. s: Memory Category: DRAM Chip ; Density: 134218 kbits ; Number of Words: 4000 k ; Bits per Word: 32 bits ; Package Type: 0.80 MM PITCH, FBGA-90 ; Pins: 90 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 2.5V ; Access Time: 6 ns ; Operating Temperature: -25 to 85 C (-13 to 185 F).

M1U1G64DS8HB1G-5T : 128M X 64 DDR DRAM MODULE, DMA184. s: Memory Category: DRAM Chip ; Density: 8589935 kbits ; Number of Words: 128000 k ; Bits per Word: 64 bits ; Package Type: DIMM-184 ; Pins: 184 ; Supply Voltage: 2.6 ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F).

M470L3324BT0-LA2 : 32M X 64 DDR DRAM MODULE, 0.75 ns, ZMA200. s: Memory Category: DRAM Chip ; Density: 2147484 kbits ; Number of Words: 32000 k ; Bits per Word: 64 bits ; Package Type: SODIMM-200 ; Pins: 200 ; Supply Voltage: 2.5V ; Access Time: 0.7500 ns ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F).

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