Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MC10161L
DescriptionBinary to 1-8 Decoder (low)
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
Cross ref.Similar parts: 74AC11138, CD74ACT238, CD74HCT4511, CD74HCT4543, SN54145, SN54AHC138, SN54ALS139, SN54LS137, SN74145, SN74AHC138
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MC10161P Binary to 1-8 Decoder (low)
MC10162FN Binary to 1-8 Decoder (high)
MC10164FN 8-line Multiplexer
MC10165L 8-input Priority Encoder
MC10168P Quad Latch
MC10170L 9+2-bit Parity Generator/checker
MC10171FN Dual Binary to 1-4 Decoder (low)
MC10172FN Dual Binary to 1-4 Decoder ( High )
MC10173FN Quad 2-input Multiplexer/ Latch

KMC908JL3ECP : M68HC08 Family Addendum to MC68HC908JL3 Technical Data Rev. 1.0

MC74ACT563N : Octal D-type Latch With 3-state Outputs

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MC56F8000RM : The 56800E core, combines digital processing power with the functionality of a microcontroller. Adding a flexible set of peripherals creates an extremely cost-effective system solution on a single chip. Because of its low cost, configuration flexibility, and compact program code, the 56800E is we

MPX2050D : 50 KPa On-Chip Temperature Compensated And Calibrated Silicon Pressure Sensors The MPX2050 series devices are silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors providing a highly accurate and linear voltage output, directly proportional to the applied pressure. The sensor is a single, monolithic silico

MMA7660FCR1 : 3-Axis Orientation/Motion Detection Sensor The MMA7660FC is a ±1.5 g 3-Axis Accelerometer with Digital Output (I 2C). It is a very low power, low profile capacitive MEMS sensor featuring a low pass filter, compensation for 0g offset and gain errors, and conversion to 6-bit digital values a

MPC8265AZU : Mpc826xa (hip4) Family Hardware Specifications

MC908GZ48VFU : Microcontrollers

SC912XDP512J1VFUR : Covers, S12xd, S12xb & S12xa Families

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