Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MC10165P
Description8-input Priority Encoder
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
DatasheetDownload MC10165P datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: CD54ACT280, CD54ACT283, CD74ACT280, CD74ACT283, SN74ALS520, SN74ALS521, SN74ALS688
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Features, Applications

The is a device designed to encode eight inputs to a binary coded output. The output code is that of the highest order input. Any input of lower priority is ignored. Each output incorporates a latch allowing synchronous operation. When the clock is low the outputs follow the inputs and latch when the clock goes high. This device is very useful for a variety of applications in checking system status in control processors, peripheral controllers, and testing systems. The input is active when high, (e.g., the three binary outputs are low when input D0 is high). The Q3 output is high when any input is high. This allows direct extension into another priority encoder when more than eight inputs are necessary. The MC10165 can also be used to develop binary codes from random logic inputs, for addressing ROMs, RAMs, or for multiplexing data.

Characteristic Power Supply Drain Current Input Current
Setup Time Hold Time Rise Time

Fall Time 80%) t3­ The same limit applies for all D type input pins. To test input currents for other D inputs, individually apply proper voltage to pin under test. 2. Output latched to low state prior to test. 3. Output latched to high state prior to test. * To preserve reliable performance, the MC10165P (plastic packaged device only) to be operated in ambient temperatures above 70°C only when 500 lfpm blown air or equivalent heat sinking is provided.


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