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The MC10211 is designed to drive up to six transmission lines simul­ taneously. The multiple outputs of this device also allow the wire "OR"­ing of several levels of gating for minimization of gate and package count. The ability to control three parallel lines with minimum propagation delay from a single point makes the MC10211 particularly useful in clock distribution applications where minimum clock skew is desired.


Pin assignment is for Dual­in­Line Package. For PLCC pin assignment, see the Pin Conversion Tables on page 6­36 of the Motorola MECL Data Book (DL122/D).

Characteristic Power Supply Drain Current Input Current

* Individually test each input using the pin connections shown. Each MECL 10,000 series circuit has been designed to meet the dc specifications shown in the test table, after thermal equilibrium has been established. The circuit in a test socket or mounted on a printed circuit board and transverse air flow greater than 500 linear fpm is maintained. Outputs are terminated through a 50­ohm resistor to ­2.0 volts. Test procedures are shown for only one gate. The other gates are tested in the same manner.


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MC10211FN Dual 3-input/3-output NOR GATE
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MC10216FN High Speed Triple Line Receiver
MC10231FN High Speed Dual Type D Master-slave Flip-flop
MC10E016FN 8-bit Synchronous Binary up Counter
MC10E101FN Quad 4-input Or/nOR GATE
MC10E104FN Quad 2-input And/hand Gate
MC10E107FN Quint 2-input Xor/xnOR GATE
MC10E111FN 1:9 Differential Clock Driver
MC10E112FN Quad Driver
MC10E116FN Quint Differential Line Receiver
MC10E122FN 9-bit Buffer
MC10E131FN 4-bit D Flip-flop
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