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DescriptionCodewarrior Development Studio for Coldfire¢ē Architectures
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Overview When building network connected industrial control devices, comprehensive development tools that enhance developer productivity are a crucial component of project success. As a FreescaleTM company, we have unique access to the silicon design team is leveraged in every aspect of creating and supporting our products and solutions. Support for all Freescale ColdFire® devices coupled with the cross-platform capabilities of the award-winning CodeWarriorTM integrated development environment (IDE) simplifies code migration and reuse for faster product development. CodeWarrior Development Studio for ColdFire Architectures, version is a complete integrated development environment for ColdFire hardware bring-up through embedded applications.

> Supports Debug With Arbitrary Records Format (DWARF) > Debugging and analysis support for industry-leading real time operating systems (RTOS): ARCTM MQXTM, ThreadX, Quadros RTXCTM and others. See Web for details.

CodeWarrior IDE holds source files and libraries, manages dependencies and stores compiler, linker and other preferences using projects in a graphical user interface. > Dependency management eliminates the need for complicated make-files > Keeps constant track of code size, file link order and debugging options > Easily configurable warning levels

> Edit compile-time errors from inside the build system > Pop-up menus enable quick navigation to project functions and headers > Drag-and-drop editing in IDE for source code > Click on compile-time error links to view the source of the error

Industry-leading CodeWarrior C/C++ Compiler Suite includes ANSI C and ISO C++ compatible standard library. > Standard or compact C libraries available for embedded development > Global optimizations for C/C++/EC++ > Register-based calling in C/C++ for improved performance

Locates a specific text string; provides filecomparison and file-differencing functionality. > Differences can easily be viewed with color-coded, line-by-line comparisons > Compare files and selectively apply differences with a single mouse click

A high performance graphical source-level debugger equipped with the latest features to shorten hardware bring-up and application development time. > Edit/write code while debugging for faster results with source code browsing > Pop-up windows to display/edit variable values and registers > Source, assembly and mixed debugging

Enables the creation and manipulation of source code and other text files. > Set breakpoints in the editor > Supports Assembly language coloring

CodeWarrior Development Studio provides the capabilities required by every engineer in the development cycle: from board bring-up to firmware development to final application development.

Segmented ColdFire Development Tools Editions - Features/Benefits

Feature IDE Stationery Wizard Program Manager > Projects/Sub Projects Build Tools Assembler Optimizing Compiler For specific optimization only you can provide Reduces code size and maximizes the capabilities of the microcontroller to achieve top performance Allows reuse and maintenance of Code through libraries Yes C-Compiler code size limited to 128K Yes C-Unlimited Yes C-Unlimited C++ Unlimited Allows for easy project set-up Eliminates confusing and often complex make files with visual preference panels Yes Benefit Special Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition

Debug Tools Source-Level Debugger Speeds debug cycles by view the source code as it executes Fully Integrated flash programming improves the build-debug cycle because it automates your downloads Reduces costs and eliminates possible hardware issues during development Let's you see how your program effects peripherals Ready to work with RTOS-aware debug capabilities Allows for stop mode debug and on-chip debugging ASM - Unlimited - 128K ASM - Unlimited C - Unlimited ASM - Unlimited C - Unlimited C++ - Unlimited Yes

Advanced Tools Profile and Analysis and Code Coverage CodeTEST Integration Gives you visibility into you running program to allow fine tuning and better quality and style guidelines Complete software analysis toolsuite for memory and performance analysis, code coverage, and statement trace No Yes

Features for Version 6 > NEW compiler optimizations > Instruction set simulator (ISS) for V2 and V4e cores from Freescale ColdFire design team > FASTER, more intuitive flash programming of both on-chip and onboard flash memory > Integrated hardware diagnostics for board-level testing > ENHANCED command window permits more complex scripting capabilities > Built-in software profiler for hot-spot analysis > NEW support for 521X family > ENHANCED editor for greater developer productivity > ENHANCED open architecture easily incorporates support for new emulators, RTOS and network protocols Recommended Embedded Networks Solution Implementing and testing network protocols and real-time control applications in your industrial control device can cause unnecessary complexity and product shipment delays. Freescale has the answer. Best-in-class components are integrated with CodeWarrior Development Studio for ColdFire Architectures and bundled with example applications to speed your timeto-market. CodeWarrior Development Studio for ColdFire Architectures ColdFire evaluation board that meets your requirements. > Abatron BDI 2000 > ARC, ThreadX, Quadros and others and RTCS TCP/IP Network Stack > RTXC Quadros RTOS and RTXC Quadnet Networking Software

System Requirements > Microsoft® Windows® XP/2000 Emulators (Host Target Interfaces) Supported > Abatron BDI 1000 or BDI 2000 > P&E BDM interfaces (USB and parallel), Lightning card Support > Online help with online and hardbound documentation > New product purchase includes first year technical support

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FREESCALE and the FREESCALE logo are trademarks of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. 2006. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 950-00011 REV B


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