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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => High Dynamic Range Amplifiers
Description8m-word BY 64-bit Synchronous Dynamic RAM Module so Dimm
CompanyNEC Electronics Inc.
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The MC-458CB641ES and MC-458CB641PS are 8,388,608 words by 64 bits synchronous dynamic RAM module (Small Outline DIMM) on which 4 pieces of 128M SDRAM: PD45128163 are assembled. These modules provide high density and large quantities of memory in a small space without utilizing the surfacemounting technology on the printed circuit board. Decoupling capacitors are mounted on power supply line for noise reduction.

8,388,608 words by 64 bits organization Clock frequency and access time from CLK

Part number MC-458CB641ES-A80 /CAS latency = 2 Clock frequency (MAX.) 125 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 77 MHz 125 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 77 MHz Access time from CLK (MAX.) 7 ns

Fully Synchronous Dynamic RAM, with all signals referenced to a positive clock edge Pulsed interface Possible to assert random column address in every cycle Quad internal banks controlled BA0, BA1 (Bank Select) Programmable burst-length: and Full Page Programmable wrap sequence (Sequential / Interleave) Programmable /CAS latency (2, 3) Automatic precharge and controlled precharge CBR (Auto) refresh and self refresh Single 0.3 V power supply LVTTL compatible 4,096 refresh cycles/64 ms Burst termination by Burst Stop command and Precharge command 144-pin small outline dual in-line memory module (Pin pitch = 0.8 mm) Unbuffered type Serial PD

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Document No. M14015EJ4V0DS00 (4th edition) Date Published February 2000 NS CP(K) Printed in Japan

Part number Clock frequency MHz (MAX.) MC-458CB641ES-A80 125 MHz 144-pin Small Outline DIMM (Socket Type) MC-458CB641ES-A10 100 MHz Edge connector: Gold plated 25.4 mm height 4 pieces of PD45128163G5 (Rev. (10.16mm (400) TSOP (II)) 4 pieces of PD45128163G5 (Rev. (10.16mm (400) TSOP (II)) Package Mounted devices

144-pin Dual In-line Memory Module Socket Type (Edge connector: Gold plated)

[Row: - A11, Column: BA0(A13),BA1(A12) : SDRAM Bank Select CKE0 /CS0 /RAS /CAS /WE SDA SCL VCC VSS NC : Data Inputs/Outputs : Clock Input : Clock Enable Input : Chip Select Input : Row Address Strobe : Column Address Strobe : Write Enable : Serial Data I/O for PD : Clock Input for PD : Power Supply : Ground : No Connection


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