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TitleSystem On Chip
DescriptionMOSt Advanced System on a Chip
CompanyOasis SiliconSystems
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OS88558 Amplifier Controller 4 MOSt
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CXP864P60 : CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer. The CXP864P60 is the CMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputer integrating on a single chip an A/D converter, serial interface, timer/counter, time-base timer, on-screen display function, I2C bus interface, PWM output, remote control reception circuit, HSYNC counter, watchdog timer, 32kHz timer/counter besides the basic configurations of 8-bit CPU, PROM,.

EM78862 : 8-Bit MCU For LCD Product.

HE84772 : LCD MCU. LCD Dots = 6400~3328 ;; Reg. = ;; LCD Type = Iii ;; ROM = 512K ;; RAM = 16K ;; I/o = 24~48 ;; Vo = ;; PWM = ;; Op = ;; Dao = ;; Timer(16-bits) = T1,T2,TB ;; WDT = ;; DTMF = -- ;; Remark = Key Scan 4*20.

KMC908AS60CFN : M68HC08 Family. MC68HC908AS60 Hcmos Microcontroller Unit Technical Data.

KMP47C433 : 4-bit Microcontrollers.

KMP47C857F : 4-bit Microcontrollers.

LC662108A : . The LC662104A, LC662106A, and LC662108A are 4-bit CMOS microcontrollers that integrate on a single chip all the functions required in a special-purpose telephone controller, including ROM, RAM, I/O ports, a serial interface, a DTMF generator, timers, and interrupt functions. These microcontrollers are available a 30-pin package. On-chip ROM capacities.

LC665312A : 4-bit Single-chip Microcontroller With 12 KB of On-chip ROM. The LC665308A, LC665312A, and LC665316A are 4-bit CMOS microcontrollers that integrate on a single chip all the functions required in a system controller, including ROM, RAM, I/O ports, a serial interface, 16-value comparator inputs, timers, interrupt functions, and an optional sub-oscillator circuit. These microcontrollers are available a 48-pin package.

S3P7295 : System On Chip. The S3c7295 Single-chip CMOS Microcontroller Has Been Designed For High Performance Using Samsungs Newest 4-bit Cpu Core, Sam47 ( Samsung Arrangeable M.

SM3905 : 4-bit Single-chip Microcomputer ( LCD Driver ).

TMS370C3C0A : CISC. Microcontrollers. CMOS/ EEPROM/ EPROM Technologies on a Single Device Mask-ROM Devices for High-Volume Production One-Time-Programmable (OTP) EPROM Devices for Low Volume Production Reprogrammable EPROM Devices for Prototyping Purposes Internal System Memory Configurations On-Chip Program Memory Versions ROM: 4K Bytes EPROM: 8K Bytes Static RAM: 128 Bytes.

W77E468F : CISC->8051/80C51 Family->EEPROM/Flash. 8-bit MCU w/ 32kx8 Flash, 1280x8 RAM, 52 I/os, 2 Serial Ports, Watchdog, 2 Data Pointers.

Z86C92 : IR Microcontroller. Part Z86L72 Z86L92 ROM (KB) RAM* (Bytes) I/O Voltage Range to 3.9V Programmable Input Glitch Filter for Pulse Reception Five Priority Interrupts Three External Two Assigned to Counter/Timers Low Voltage Detection and Standby Mode Programmable Watch-Dog/Power-On Reset Circuits Two Independent Comparators with Programmable Interrupt Polarity On-Chip.

PIC24FJ128GA : 16-bit PIC24 Microcontroller. Note the following details of the code protection feature on Microchip devices: Microchip products meet the contained in their particular Microchip Data Sheet. Microchip believes that its family of products is one of the most secure families of its kind on the market today, when used in the intended manner and under normal conditions. There are dishonest.

UPD70F3726 : Parameters for 32-Bit V850ES/KX2 Devices 􀁻 Minimum instruction execution time: 50 ns (operation at main clock (fXX) = 20 MHz) 􀁻 General-purpose registers: 32 bits 32 registers 􀁻 CPU : Signed multiplication (16 16 → 32): 1 to 2 clocks (Instructions without creating register hazards can be continuously executed in parallel).

R5F21122FP : Product Overview: The 32186 Group is a 32-bit, single-chip RISC microcomputer with built-in flash memory. To accomplish high-precision arithmetic operations, it incorporates a fully IEEE754 compliant, single-precision FPU. This microcomputer contains a variety of peripheral functions. With the software necessary to run these peripheral functions stored.

STM32F103C4 : 32-bit Microcontrollers Low-density performance line, ARM-based 32-bit MCU with 16 or 32 KB Flash, USB, CAN, 6 timers, 2 ADCs, 6 communication interfaces.

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