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TitleSmall Signal
DescriptionSwitching Diode
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

Rating Continuous Reverse Voltage Peak Forward Current Peak Forward Surge Current Symbol VR IF IFM(surge) Value 200 500 Unit Vdc mAdc

Characteristic Total Device Dissipation FR­ = 25°C Derate above 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient Total Device Dissipation Alumina = 25°C Derate above 25°C Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient Junction and Storage Temperature Symbol PD Max 225 1.8 RqJA 300 2.4 RqJA TJ, Tstg to +150 Unit mW mW/°C °C/W mW mW/°C °C/W °C CASE ­ 08, STYLE 8 SOT­ 23 (TO ­ 236AB)

Reverse Voltage Leakage Current (VR = 75 Vdc) (VR = 75 Vdc, = 150°C) (VR = 25 Vdc, = 150°C) Reverse Breakdown Voltage (IBR = 100 µAdc) Forward Voltage (IF = 1.0 mAdc) (IF = 10 mAdc) (IF = 50 mAdc) (IF = 150 mAdc) Diode Capacitance (VR = 1.0 MHz) Forward Recovery Voltage (IF = 10 mAdc, = 20 ns) Reverse Recovery Time (IF = 10 mAdc, 50 ) Stored Charge (IF = 10 mAdc = 5.0 Vdc, RL FR­ Alumina 0.3 IR V(BR) VF CD VFR trr QS pF Vdc ns pC Vdc mV µAdc

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Motorola Small­Signal Transistors, FETs and Diodes Device Data © Motorola, Inc. 1996


Notes: 2.0 k variable resistor adjusted for a Forward Current (IF) of 10 mA. Notes: 2. Input pulse is adjusted so IR(peak) is equal to 10 mA. Notes: tp » trr

Figure 1. Recovery Time Equivalent Test Circuit
Motorola Small­Signal Transistors, FETs and Diodes Device Data

Surface mount board layout is a critical portion of the total design. The footprint for the semiconductor packages must be the correct size to insure proper solder connection interface between the board and the package. With the correct pad geometry, the packages will self align when subjected to a solder reflow process.

The power dissipation of the is a function of the pad size. This can vary from the minimum pad size for soldering to a pad size given for maximum power dissipation. Power dissipation for a surface mount device is determined by TJ(max), the maximum rated junction temperature of the die, RJA, the thermal resistance from the device junction to ambient, and the operating temperature, TA. Using the values provided on the data sheet for the SOT­23 package, PD can be calculated as follows: PD = TJ(max) ­ TA RJA

The melting temperature of solder is higher than the rated temperature of the device. When the entire device is heated to a high temperature, failure to complete soldering within a short time could result in device failure. Therefore, the following items should always be observed in order to minimize the thermal stress to which the devices are subjected. Always preheat the device. The delta temperature between the preheat and soldering should 100°C or less.* When preheating and soldering, the temperature of the leads and the case must not exceed the maximum temperature ratings as shown on the data sheet. When using infrared heating with the reflow soldering method, the difference shall be a maximum of 10°C. The soldering temperature and time shall not exceed 260°C for more than 10 seconds. When shifting from preheating to soldering, the maximum temperature gradient shall 5°C or less. After soldering has been completed, the device should be allowed to cool naturally for at least three minutes. Gradual cooling should be used as the use of forced cooling will increase the temperature gradient and result in latent failure due to mechanical stress. Mechanical stress or shock should not be applied during cooling. * Soldering a device without preheating can cause excessive thermal shock and stress which can result in damage to the device.

The values for the equation are found in the maximum ratings table on the data sheet. Substituting these values into the equation for an ambient temperature of 25°C, one can calculate the power dissipation of the device which in this case is 225 milliwatts. = 225 milliwatts

The 556°C/W for the SOT­23 package assumes the use of the recommended footprint on a glass epoxy printed circuit board to achieve a power dissipation of 225 milliwatts. There are other alternatives to achieving higher power dissipation from the SOT­23 package. Another alternative would be to use a ceramic substrate or an aluminum core board such as Thermal CladTM. Using a board material such as Thermal Clad, an aluminum core board, the power dissipation can be doubled using the same footprint.


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