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CategoryLogic => Flip-Flops => Bipolar->ECL 10 Family
TitleBipolar->ECL 10 Family
DescriptionHigh Speed Dual Type D Master-slave Flip-flop
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications
MC10231 High Speed Dual Type D Master-Slave Flip-Flop

The is a dual master­slave type D flip­flop. Asynchronous Set (S) and Reset (R) override Clock (CC) and Clock Enable (CE) inputs. Each flip­flop may be clocked separately by holding the common clock in the low state and using the enable inputs for the clocking function. If the common clock to be used to clock the flip­flop, the Clock Enable inputs must be in the low state. In this case, the enable inputs perform the function of controlling the common clock. The output states of the flip­flop change on the positive transition of the clock. A change in the information present at the data (D) input will not affect the output information at any other time due to master­slave construction. 270 mW typ/pkg (No Load) tpd 2 ns typ tTog = 225 MHz typ tr, 2.0 ns typ (20%­80%)


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CE + CC. A clock is a clock transition from a low to a high state.

Pin assignment is for Dual­in­Line Package. For PLCC pin assignment, see the Pin Conversion Tables on page 18 of the ON Semiconductor MECL Data Book (DL122/D).

Device MC10231P MC10231FN Package PDIP­16 PLCC­20 Shipping 25 Units / Rail 25 Units / Rail 46 Units / Rail

Characteristic Power Supply Drain Current Input Current

IinL Output Voltage Output Voltage Threshold Voltage Threshold Voltage Logic 1 Logic 0 Logic 1 Logic 0 VOH VOL VOHA VOLA

Setup Time Hold Time Toggle Frequency (Max)

* Individually test each input; apply VILmin to pin under test. [ Output level to be measured after a clock pulse has been applied to the CE Input (Pin 6)

IinL Output Voltage Output Voltage Threshold Voltage Threshold Voltage Switching Times Clock Input Logic 1 Logic 0 Logic 1 Logic 0 (50 Load) VOH VOL VOHA VOLA

* Individually test each input applying IH or VIL to input under test. [ Output level to be measured after a clock pulse has been applied to the CE Input (Pin 6)

Each MECL 10,000 series circuit has been designed to meet the dc specifications shown in the test table, after thermal equilibrium has been established. The circuit in a test socket or mounted on a printed circuit board and transverse air flow greater than 500 linear fpm is maintained. Outputs are terminated through a 50­ohm resistor to ­2.0 volts. Test procedures are shown for only one gate. The other gates are tested in the same manner.


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MC10E111 1:9 Differential Clock Driver
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MC10E111FNR2 5V Ecl 1:9 Differential Clock Driver, Package: Plcc, Pins=28
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MC10E112 Quad Drive, Common Enable
MC10E112FN 5V Ecl Quad Driver , Package: Plcc, Pins=28
MC10E116 Quint Diff Line Receiver
MC10E116FN 5V Ecl Quint Differential Line Receiver , Package: Plcc, Pins=28

74ALVCH16374 :

LM337T2 : Three-terminal Adjustable Output Negative Voltage Regulator

MMSZ4697T1 : Zener SOD123 Regulator 0.5W 2.2V, Package: SOD-123, Pins=2

SN74LS126AMR1 : Quad 3-State Buffers

MMBZ5246B-7-F : Zener Voltage Regulators

MC100EP16VCDTG : 3.3V Lvttl/lvcmos to Lvpecl Translator

CAT25128YI-G : EEPROM 128K (16Kx8) SPI 1.8 to 5.5V The ON Semiconductor CAT25128 SPI Serial CMOS EEPROM features software and hardware write protection, including partial and full array protection. The ON Semiconductor CAT25128 Serial CMOS EEPROM is 10 MHz SPI compatible, features 1.8V to 5.5V supply voltage range, and includes a 64-byte page write

CPH3122-TL-E : Transistor (bjt) - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 3A 30V 900mW NPN; TRANS PNP BIPO 3A 30V CPH3 Specifications: Transistor Type: NPN ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 30V ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 3A ; Power - Max: 900mW ; DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce: 200 @ 500mA, 2V ; Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic: 180mV @ 75mA, 1.5A ; Frequency - Transition: 420MHz ; Current -

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5962-9093901M2A : Inverting Buffers and Drivers. ti SN54BCT2240, Octal Buffers And Line/mos Drivers With 3-State Outputs.

74ACT00 : CMOS/BiCMOS->AC/ACT Family->Advanced High Speed CM. Quad 2-INPUT NAND Gate.

74ALVCH16244 : 3.3V CMOS 16-BIT Buffer/driver With 3-STATE Outputs And Bus-hold. 0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology Typical tSK(o) (Output Skew) < 250ps ESD > 2000V per MIL-STD-883, Method > 200V using machine model = 0) VCC ± 0.3V, Normal Range VCC to 3.6V, Extended Range VCC ± 0.2V CMOS power levels (0.4µ W typ. static) Rail-to-Rail output swing for increased noise margin Available in SSOP, TSSOP, and TVSOP packages High Output.

74FCT574 : Octal D Register With 3-STATE. IDT54FCT574A equivalent to FASTTM speed and drive to 30% faster than FAST to 50% faster than FAST IOL = 48mA (commercial) and 32mA (military) CMOS power levels (1mW typ. static) Edge-triggered master/slave, D-type flip-flops Buffered common clock and buffered common 3-state control MIlitary product compliant to MIL-STD-883, Class B Meets or exceeds.

74HC/HCT5555 : CMOS/BiCMOS->HC/HCT Family. Programmable Delay Timer With Oscillator.

74LVTH240 : Bus Oriented Circuits. Low Voltage Octal Buffer/line Driver With 3-STATE Outputs.

DM74173N : Tri-state Quad Registers. These four-bit registers contain D-type flip-flops with totempole TRI-STATE outputs capable of driving highly capacitive or low-impedance loads The high-impedance state and increased high-logic-level drive provide these flip-flops with the capability of driving the bus lines in a bus-organized system without need for interface or pull-up components.

IDTQS316292 : Quickswitch(r) High-speed CMOS 12-bit 2:1 Mux/demux Switch With Resistor Termination on The Demux Side.

IDTQS3VH244PA : 2.5V/3.3V 8-Bit High Bandwidth Bus Switch. N channel FET switches with no parasitic diode to VCC ­ Isolation under power-off conditions No DC path to VCC or GND ­ 5V tolerant in OFF and ON state 5V tolerant I/Os Low RON - 4 typical Flat RON characteristics over operating range Rail-to-rail switching - 5V Bidirectional dataflow with near-zero delay: no added ground bounce Excellent RON matching.

MC74HCT74AD : Dual Flip-flop With Set & Reset , Package: Soic, Pins=14. MC74HCT74A Dual D Flip-Flop with Set and Reset with LSTTL Compatible Inputs The MC74HCT74A is identical in pinout to the LS74. This device may be used as a level converter for interfacing TTL or NMOS outputs to High Speed CMOS inputs. This device consists of two D flip­flops with individual Set, Reset, and Clock inputs. Information at a D­input is transferred.

SN100KT5574 : Bipolar->ECL 10 Family. Octal Ecl-to-ttl Translator With D-type Edge-triggered Flip-flops And 3-state Outputs.

SN54HCT374FK : Octal Edge-triggered D-type Flip-flops With 3-state Outputs. SN54HCT374, SN74HCT374 OCTAL EDGE-TRIGGERED D-TYPE FLIP-FLOPS WITH 3-STATE OUTPUTS Inputs Are TTL-Voltage Compatible Eight D-Type Flip-Flops in a Single Package High-Current 3-State True Outputs Can Drive to 15 LSTTL Loads Full Parallel Access for Loading Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline (DW) and Ceramic Flat (W) Packages, Ceramic Chip.

SN74ALVCH16601 : Bus Oriented Circuits. 18-bit Universal Bus Transceiver With 3-state Outputs.

SN74AVC16374DGG : 16-bit Edge-triggered D-type Flip-flop With 3-state Outputs. Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus TM Family EPIC TM (Enhanced-Performance Implanted CMOS) Submicron Process DOC TM (Dynamic Output Control) Circuit Dynamically Changes Output Impedance, Resulting in Noise Reduction Without Speed Degradation Dynamic Drive Capability Is Equivalent to Standard Outputs With IOH and IOL at 2.5-V VCC Overvoltage-Tolerant.

SN74GTLPH306 : Bus Oriented Circuits. 8-bit Lvttl-to-gtl+ Bus Transceiver. TI-OPC Circuitry Limits Ringing on Unevenly Loaded Backplanes OEC Circuitry Improves Signal Integrity and Reduces Electromagnetic Interference Bidirectional Interface Between GTLP Signal Levels and LVTTL Logic Levels LVTTL Interfaces Are 5-V Tolerant Medium-Drive GTLP Outputs (50 mA) LVTTL Outputs (­24 mA/24 mA) GTLP Rise and Fall Times Designed for Optimal.

SN74HCT273 : CMOS/BiCMOS->HC/HCT Family. Octal D Flip-flop With Master Reset. Operating Voltage Range 5.5 V Outputs Can Drive To 10 LSTTL Loads Low Power Consumption, 80-µA Max ICC Typical tpd ns ±4-mA Output Drive 5 V Low Input Current 1 µA Max Inputs Are TTL-Voltage Compatible Contain Eight D-Type Flip-Flops Direct Clear Input Applications Include: ­ Buffer/Storage Registers ­ Shift Registers ­ Pattern Generators These devices.

SN74LVCC4245A : Low Voltage CMOS/BiCMOS->LVC/ALVC/VCX Family. Octal Dual-supply Bus Transceiver With Configurable Output Voltage And 3-state Outputs.

TC7W02FU : HC Equivalent (TC7Sxx, TC7Wxx). Function = Nor ;; Package = SM8 ;; Additional Information = More Info.

TC7WB125FK : 2 Bit Low Voltage. Function = Dual Bus Switch ;; = Operating Voltage: VCC = 4.5~5.5 V High Speed Operation: TPD = 0.25 NS (max) ;; Package = US8.

A3P060-1TQG144II : FPGA, 1536 CLBS, 60000 GATES, 350 MHz, PQFP144. s: System Gates: 60000 ; Logic Cells / Logic Blocks: 1536 ; Package Type: TQFP, Other, 20 X 20 MM, 1.40 MM HEIGHT, 0.50 MM PITCH, GREEN, TQFP-144 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Pins: 144 ; Internal Frequency: 350 MHz ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Supply Voltage: 1.5V.

0-C     D-L     M-R     S-Z