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TitleTriacs TRIAC 600V 1A TO-92
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Cross ref.Similar parts: Z0103MA2AL2, Z0107MA 5AL2, Z0107MA2AL2
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ManufacturerON Semiconductor
Product CategoryTriacs
RoHS Details
Rated Repetitive Off-State Voltage VDRM600 V
Off-State Leakage Current @ VDRM IDRM5 uA
Gate Trigger Voltage (Vgt)1.3 V
Gate Trigger Current (Igt)5 mA
Holding Current (Ih Max)7 mA
Forward Voltage Drop1.56 V
Mounting StyleThrough Hole
Package / CaseTO-92
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 125 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
Repetitive Peak Forward Blocking Voltage600 V
Factory Pack Quantity2000


Features, Applications

Designed for use in solid state relays, MPU interface, TTL logic and any other light industrial or consumer application. Supplied in an inexpensive TO-92 package which is readily adaptable for use in automatic insertion equipment.

One-Piece, Injection-Molded Package Blocking Voltage 600 V Sensitive Gate Triggering in Four Trigger Modes (Quadrants) for all

possible Combinations of Trigger Sources, and especially for Circuits that Source Gate Drives All Diffused and Glassivated Junctions for Maximum Uniformity of Parameters and Reliability Improved Noise Immunity (dv/dt Minimum of 10 V/msec at 110C) Commutating di/dt of 1.6 A/msec at 110C High Surge Current 8 A These are Pb-Free Devices

Rating Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage (TJ to +125C)(1) Sine Wave to 60 Hz, Gate Open On-State RMS Current Full Cycle Sine Wave 60 Hz (TC = 50C) Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current One Full Cycle, Sine Wave 60 Hz (TC = 110C) Circuit Fusing Considerations = 8.3 ms) Average Gate Power (TC v 8.3 ms) Peak Gate Current v 20 ms, = +125C) Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Symbol VDRM, VRRM IT(RMS) Value 600 Unit V

Y = Year WW = Work Week G = Pb-Free Package (*Note: Microdot may be in either location)

Stresses exceeding Maximum Ratings may damage the device. Maximum Ratings are stress ratings only. Functional operation above the Recommended Operating Conditions is not implied. Extended exposure to stresses above the Recommended Operating Conditions may affect device reliability. 1. VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied on a continuous basis. Blocking voltages shall not be tested with a constant current source such that the voltage ratings of the devices are exceeded.

See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 6 of this data sheet.

Characteristic Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Case Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Ambient Maximum Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes for 10 Seconds Symbol RqJC RqJA TL Max 160 260 Unit C/W C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TC = 25C unless otherwise noted; Electricals apply in both directions)

Characteristic OFF CHARACTERISTICS Peak Repetitive Blocking Current (VD = Rated VDRM, VRRM; Gate Open) ON CHARACTERISTICS Peak On-State Voltage (ITM "1.4 A Peak; Pulse Width v 2.0 ms, Duty Cycle v 2.0%) Gate Trigger Current (Continuous dc) (VD = 12 Vdc, W) MT2(+), G(+) MT2(+), G(-) MT2(-), G(-) MT2(-), G(+) Latching Current (VD 1.2 x IGT) MT2(+), G(+) All Types MT2(+), G(-) All Types MT2(-), G(-) All Types MT2(-), G(+) All Types Gate Trigger Voltage (Continuous dc) (VD = 12 Vdc, W) MT2(+), G(+) All Types MT2(+), G(-) All Types MT2(-), G(-) All Types MT2(-), G(+) All Types Gate Non-Trigger Voltage (VD = 125C) All Four Quadrants Holding Current (VD = 12 Vdc, Initiating Current = 50 mA, Gate Open) DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS Rate of Change of Commutating Current (VD 400 V, ITM 0.84 A, Commutating dv/dt = 1.5 V/ms, Gate Open, = 250 Hz, with Snubber) Critical Rate of Rise of Off-State Voltage (VD = 67% Rated VDRM, Exponential Waveform, Gate Open, = 110C) Repetitive Critical Rate of Rise of On-State Current, = 125C Pulse Width = 20 ms, IPKmax 15 A, diG/dt = 1 A/ms, 60 Hz di/dt(c) 1.6 - A/ms VTM IGT = +125C IDRM, IRRM mA Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

Voltage Current Characteristic of Triacs (Bidirectional Device)

Peak Repetitive Forward Off State Voltage Peak Forward Blocking Current Peak Repetitive Reverse Off State Voltage Peak Reverse Blocking Current Maximum On State Voltage Holding Current Quadrant 3 MainTerminal - IH VTM IRRM at VRRM on state IH

All polarities are referenced to MT1. With in-phase signals (using standard AC lines) quadrants I and III are used.


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