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CategoryData Conversion => Multiplying Data Converters
Description12-bit Multiplying D/A Converter
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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The AM6012 12-bit multiplying Digital-to-Analog converter provides high-speed and 0.025% differential nonlinearity over its full commercial temperature range. The D/A converter uses a 3-bit segment generator for the MSBs in conjunction with 9-bit R-2R diffused resistor ladder to provide 12-bit resolution without costly trimming processes. This technique guarantees a very uniform step size (up to LSB from the ideal), monotonicity to 12 bits and integral nonlinearity 0.05% at its differential current outputs. The dual complementary outputs of the AM6012 increase its versatility, and effectively double the peak-to-peak output swing. Digital inputs, in addition, can be configured to accept all popular logic families. While the device requires a reference input of 1mA for a 4mA full-scale current, operation is nearly independent of power supply voltage shifts. The power supply rejection ratio is 0.001% FS/% V. The devices will work from to 18V rails, with as low as 230mW power consumption typical.

NOTE: 1. Available in large SO (SOL) package only.

12-bit resolution Accurate to within 0.05% Monotonic over temperature Fast settling time, 250ns typical Trimless design for low cost Differential current outputs High-speed multiplying capability Full-scale current, 4mA (with 1mA reference) High output compliance voltage, to +10V Low power consumption, 230mW

DESCRIPTION 20-Pin Ceramic Dual In-Line Package (CERDIP) 20-Pin Plastic Small Outline Large (SOL) Package

CRT displays, computer graphics Robotics and machine tools Automatic test equipment Programmable power supplies CAD/CAM systems Data acquisition and control systems Analog-to-digital converter systems


SYMBOL TA TSTG TSOLD VS Operating temperature AM6012F Storage temperature range Lead soldering temperature 10sec max Power supply voltage Logic inputs Voltage across current outputs VREF IREF PD Reference inputs V14, V15 Reference input differential voltage to V15) Reference input current (I14) Maximum power dissipation, (still-air)1 F package D package NOTES: 1. Derate above 25C, at the following rate: F package 12.5mW/C D package C V PARAMETER RATING UNIT

TA 70C SYMBOL PARAMETER Resolution Monotonicity DNL NL IFS TCIFS Differential nonlinearity Nonlinearity Full-scale current Full-scale tempco DNL Specification guaranteed over compliance range ROUT>10M typ. IFS-IFS Deviation from ideal step size 12 Deviation from ideal straight line R14-R15=10.000k TA=25C VOC IFSS IZS VIL VIH Output voltage compliance Symmetry Zero-scale current Logic input levels Logic input current Logic input swing Reference current range Reference bias current Reference input slew rate Power supply sensitivity Power supply range V+=+5V, V-=-15V Power supply current V+=+15V, V-=-15V Power dissipation V+=+15V, V-=-15V Logic "0" Logic "1" IIN VIS IREF I15 dl/dt PSSIFS+ PSSIFSV+ VI+ II+ IPD mA A mA/s %FS/% TEST CONDITIONS LIMITS Min 12 0.025 Typ Max UNIT Bits %FS Bits %FS mA ppm/C %FS/C A V

TA 70C SYMBOL tS tPLH tPHL COUT PARAMETER Settling time Propagation delay--all bits Output capacitance TEST CONDITIONS 1/2LSB, all bits ON or OFF, to 50% LIMITS Min Typ 25 20 Max 500 50 UNIT ns pF


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DAC1201D125 : Dual 12-bit DAC, Up To 125 Msps The DAC1201D125 is a dual-port, high-speed, 2-channel CMOS Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), optimized for high dynamic performance with low power dissipation. Supporting an update rate of up to 125 Msps, the DAC1201D125 is suitable for Direct IF applications. Separate write inputs allow data to be written to the two DAC ports.

ISLA222P25 : Dual 12-Bit, 250MSPS ADC The ISLA222P is a family of dual-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converters. Designed with Intersils proprietary FemtoCharge technology on a standard CMOS process, the family supports sampling rates of up to 250MSPS. The ISLA222P is part of a pin-compatible portfolio of 12-bit and 14-bit dual-channel A/Ds with maximum sample.

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