Details, datasheet, quote on part number: BZV90-2V7
CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers
DescriptionVoltage Regulator Diodes
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

FEATURES Total power dissipation: max. 1500 mW Tolerance series: approx. 5% Working voltage range: nom. V (E24 range) Non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation: max. 40 W. APPLICATIONS General regulation functions.

DESCRIPTION Medium-power voltage regulator diodes in SOT223 plastic SMD packages.

The diodes are available in the normalized E24 approx. 5% tolerance range. The series consists of 37 types with nominal working voltages from to C75).

LIMITING VALUES In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 134). SYMBOL IF IZSM Ptot PZSM Tstg Tj Note 1. Device mounted an FR4 double-sided copper-clad printed circuit-board; copper area 2 cm2. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Total series 25 C unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL VF 1999 May 17 PARAMETER forward voltage CONDITIONS = 50 mA; see Fig.3 2 MIN. - MAX. 1.0 UNIT V PARAMETER continuous forward current non-repetitive peak reverse current = 100 s; square wave; 25 C prior to surge total power dissipation non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation storage temperature junction temperature Tamb = 25 C; note = 100 s; square wave; 25 C prior to surge; see Fig.2 CONDITIONS - see Table "Per type" W C MIN. MAX. 400 UNIT mA


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