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TitleFixed Voltage Triple Element Bidirectional Thyrist
DescriptionFixed Voltage Triple Element Bidirectional Thyristor Surge Protector
CompanyPower Innovations
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This TISP device series protects central office, access and customer premise equipment against overvoltages on the telecom line. The TISP7xxxH3SL has the same symmetrical bidirectional protection on any terminal pair; R-T, R-G and T-G. In addition, the device is rated for simultaneous R-G and T-G impulse conditions. The TISP7xxxH3SL is available in a wide range of voltages and has a high current capability, allowing minimal series resistance to be used. These protectors have been specified mindful of the following standards and recommendations: GR-1089-CORE, FCC Part EN 60950, IEC 60950, ITU-T K.20, K.21 and K.45. The TISP7350H3SL meets the FCC Part 68 "B" ringer voltage requirement and survives both Type A and B impulse tests. These devices are housed in a through-hole 3-pin single-in-line (SL) plastic package.

MARCH 1999 - REVISED OCTOBER 2000 Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ITU-T K.20/21 Rating. A 5/310 Ion-Implanted Breakdown Region Precise and Stable Voltage Low Voltage Overshoot under Surge

Rated for International Surge Wave Shapes - Single and Simultaneous Impulses

3-Pin Through-Hole Packaging - Compatible with TO-220AB pin-out -Low Height.................................................................... 8.3 mm Low Differential Capacitance....................................... < 72 pF.............................................. UL Recognized Component


The TISP7xxxH3SL limits overvoltages between the telephone line Ring and Tip conductors and Ground. Overvoltages are normally caused by a.c. power system or lightning flash disturbances which are induced or conducted on to the telephone line. Each terminal pair, T-G, R-G and T-R, has a symmetrical voltage-triggered bidirectional thyristor protection characteristic. Overvoltages are initially clipped by breakdown clamping until the voltage rises to the breakover level, which causes the device to crowbar into a low-voltage on state. This low-voltage on state causes the current resulting from the overvoltage to be safely diverted through the device. The high crowbar holding current prevents d.c. latchup as the diverted current subsides.

Device TISP7xxxH3 Package SL (Single-in-Line) Carrier Tube Order As TISP7xxxH3SL
Insert xxx value corresponding to protection voltages of etc.

This TISP7xxxH3SL range consists of fifteen voltage variants to meet various maximum system voltage levels to 300 V). They are guaranteed to voltage limit and withstand the listed international lightning surges in both polarities. These high current protection devices are a 3-pin single-in-line (SL) plastic package and are supplied in tube pack. For alternative impulse rating, voltage and holding current values in SL packaged protectors, consult the factory. For lower rated impulse currents in the SL package, the 10/1000 TISP7xxxF3SL series is available. These monolithic protection devices are fabricated in ion-implanted planar structures to ensure precise and matched breakover control and are virtually transparent to the system in normal operation.

Absolute Maximum Ratings, 25 C (Unless Otherwise Noted)
Repetitive peak off-state voltage, (see Note 1)

Non-repetitive peak on-state pulse current (see Notes 2, and 3) 2/10 (Telcordia GR-1089-CORE, 2/10 voltage wave shape) 8/20 s (IEC 1.2/50 s voltage, 8/20 current combination wave generator) 10/160 s (FCC Part 10/160 s voltage wave shape) 4/250 (ITU-T K.20/21, 10/700 voltage wave shape, dual) 0.2/310 (CNET 31-24, 0.5/700 voltage wave shape) 5/310 (ITU-T K.20/21, 10/700 voltage wave shape, single) 5/320 s (FCC Part 9/720 s voltage wave shape) 10/560 s (FCC Part 10/560 s voltage wave shape) 10/1000 (Telcordia GR-1089-CORE, 10/1000 voltage wave shape) Non-repetitive peak on-state current (see Notes 2, 3 and ms (50 Hz) full sine wave ms (60 Hz) full sine wave Hz/60 Hz a.c. Initial rate of rise of on-state current, Exponential current ramp, Maximum ramp value 200 A Junction temperature Storage temperature range

NOTES: 1. Derate value at -0.13%/C for temperatures below 25 C. 2. Initially the TISP7xxxH3 must be in thermal equilibrium. 3. These non-repetitive rated currents are peak values of either polarity. The rated current values may be applied to any terminal pair. Additionally, both R and T terminals may have their rated current values applied simultaneously (in this case the G terminal return current will be the sum of the currents applied to the R and T terminals). The surge may be repeated after the TISP7xxxH3 returns to its initial conditions. 4. EIA/JESD51-2 environment and EIA/JESD51-3 PCB with standard footprint dimensions connected with 5 A rated printed wiring track widths. Derate current values at -0.61 %/C for ambient temperatures above 25 C.


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