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TitleFixed Voltage Triple Element Bidirectional Thyrist
DescriptionFixed Voltage Triple Element Bidirectional Thyristor Surge Protector
CompanyPower Innovations
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Patented Ion-Implanted Breakdown Region - Precise DC and Dynamic Voltages V(BO) VDRM Device V

Planar Passivated Junctions - Low Off-State Current.................................<10 A Rated for International Surge Wave Shapes - Single and Simultaneous Impulses

- No internal connection. NU - Non-usable; no external electrical connection should be made to these pins. Specified ratings require connection of pins 5 and 8.


The TISP7xxxF3 series are 3-point overvoltage protectors designed for protecting against metallic (differential mode) and simultaneous longitudinal (common mode) surges. Each terminal pair has the same voltage limiting values and surge current capability. This terminal pair surge capability ensures that the protector can meet the simultaneous longitudinal surge requirement which is typically twice the metallic surge requirement.

Device TISP7xxxF3 Package D, Small-outline P, Plastic DIP SL, Single-in-line Carrier Tape and Reel Tube Order TISP7xxxF3P TISP7xxxF3SL

MARCH 1994 - REVISED OCTOBER 2000 Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Each terminal pair has a symmetrical voltage-triggered thyristor characteristic. Overvoltages are initially clipped by breakdown clamping until the voltage rises to the breakover level, which causes the device to crowbar into a low-voltage on state. This low-voltage on state causes the current resulting from the overvoltage to be safely diverted through the device. The high crowbar holding current prevents d.c. latchup as the diverted current subsides.These protectors are guaranteed to voltage limit and withstand the listed lightning surges in both polarities. These medium and high voltage devices are offered in nine voltage variants to meet a range of battery and ringing voltage requirements. They are guaranteed to suppress and withstand the listed international lightning surges on any terminal pair. Similar devices with working voltages 58 V and 66 V are detailed in the TISP7072F3, TISP7082F3 data sheet.

Absolute Maximum Ratings, 25 C (Unless Otherwise Noted)

Rating Repetitive peak off-state voltage, `7350F3 `7380F3 Non-repetitive peak on-state pulse current (see Notes 1 and 2) 1/2 (Gas tube differential transient, 1/2 voltage wave shape) 2/10 (Telcordia GR-1089-CORE, 2/10 voltage wave shape) 1/20 (ITU-T K.22, 1.2/50 voltage wave shape, 25 resistor) 8/20 (IEC 61000-4-5, combination wave generator, 1.2/50 voltage wave shape) 10/160 (FCC Part 68, 10/160 voltage wave shape) 4/250 (ITU-T K.20/21, 10/700 voltage wave shape, simultaneous) 0.2/310 (CNET 31-24, 0.5/700 voltage wave shape) 5/310 (ITU-T K.20/21, 10/700 voltage wave shape, single) 5/320 (FCC Part 68, 9/720 voltage wave shape, single) 10/560 (FCC Part 68, 10/560 voltage wave shape) 10/1000 (Telcordia GR-1089-CORE, 10/1000 voltage wave shape) Non-repetitive peak on-state current, 70 C (see Notes 1 and 3) 50 Hz, s D Package P Package SL Package IPPSM +150 A Symbol Value Unit

Initial rate of rise of on-state current, Linear current ramp, Maximum ramp value 38 A Junction temperature Storage temperature range

NOTES: 1. Initially, the TISP device must be in thermal equilibrium at the specified TA. The impulse may be repeated after the TISP device returns to its initial conditions. The rated current values may be applied either to the or to the or to the to R terminals. Additionally, both to G and to G may have their rated current values applied simultaneously (In this case the total G terminal current will be twice the above rated current values). 2. See Thermal Information for derated IPPSM values 70 C and Applications Information for details on wave shapes. 3. Above 70 C, derate ITSM linearly to zero 150 C lead temperature.

Electrical Characteristics for all Terminal Pairs, 25 C (Unless Otherwise Noted)

dv/dt 1000 V/s, Linear voltage ramp, Maximum ramp value 500 V di/dt = 20 A/s, Linear current ramp, Maximum ramp value 10 A

Breakover current On-state voltage Holding current Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage Off-state current

dv/dt 250 V/ms, RSOURCE 5 A, di/dt - /+30 mA/ms Linear voltage ramp, Maximum ramp value 50 MHz, 1 V rms, VD MHz, = 1 MHz, = 1 MHz, = 1 MHz, = 1 MHz, 1 V rms, 1 V rms, 1 V rms, 1 V rms, 1 V rms, -100 V

= 1 MHz, 1 V rms, VDTR = 0 (see Note 4) NOTE

4: Three-terminal guarded measurement, unmeasured terminal voltage bias is zero. First six capacitance values, with bias VD, are for the R-G and T-G terminals only. The last capacitance value, with bias VDTR, is for the T-R terminals.

Parameter RJA Junction to free air thermal resistance Test Conditions Ptot cm2, FR4 PCB D Package P Package SL Package Min Typ Max 100 135 Unit C/W


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