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TitleFixed Voltage Dual Bidirectional Thyristor Surge P
DescriptionFixed Voltage Dual Bidirectional Thyristor Surge Protector
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Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Characteristics for Optimum Protection of Lucent L7581/2/3 LCAS


WAVE SHAPE 10/1000 s STANDARD GR-1089-CORE ANSI C62.41 FCC Part 68 ITU-T K20/21 FCC Part 68 GR-1089-CORE ITSP A

Ion-Implanted Breakdown Region Precise And Stable Voltage Low Voltage Overshoot Under Surge Planar Passivated Junctions Low Off-State Current 10 A Small Outline Surface Mount Package - Available Ordering Options

condition is low level power cross when the LCAS switches are closed. Under this condition, the TISPL758LF3D limits the voltage and corresponding LCAS dissipation until the LCAS thermal trip operates and opens the switches. Under open-circuit ringing conditions, the line ring (R) conductor will have high peak voltages. For battery backed ringing, the ring conductor will have a larger peak negative voltage than positive i.e. the peak voltages are asymmetric. An overvoltage protector with a similar voltage asymmetry will give the most effective protection. On a connected line, the tip (T) conductor will have much smaller voltage levels than the opencircuit ring conductor values. Here a symmetrical voltage protector gives adequate protection. Overvoltages are normally caused by a.c. power system or lightning flash disturbances which are induced or conducted on to the telephone line. These overvoltages are initially clipped by protector breakdown clamping until the voltage rises to the breakover level, which causes the


The is an integrated combination of a symmetrical bidirectional overvoltage protector and an asymmetrical bidirectional overvoltage protector. It is designed to limit the peak voltages on the line terminals of the Lucent Technologies L7581/2/3 LCAS (Line Card Access Switches). An LCAS may also be referred as a Solid State Relay, SSR, i.e. a replacement of the conventional electromechanical relay. The TISPL758LF3D voltages are chosen to give adequate LCAS protection for all switch conditions. The most potentially stressful

Support from the Microelectronics Group of Lucent Technologies Inc. is gratefully acknowledged in the definition of the TISPL758LF3D voltage levels and for performing TISPL758LF3D evaluations.

JANUARY 1998 - REVISED AUGUST 2002 Specifications are subject to change without notice.

device to crowbar into a low-voltage on state. This low-voltage on state causes the current resulting from the overvoltage to be safely diverted through the device. For negative surges, the high crowbar holding current prevents d.c. latchup with the SLIC current, as the surge current subsides. The TISPL758LF3 is guaranteed to voltage limit and withstand the listed international lightning surges in both polarities. These protection devices are supplied in a small-outline surface mount (D) plastic package. The difference between the TISPL758LF3D and TISPL758LF3DR versions is shown in the ordering information.

absolute maximum ratings, = 25C (unless otherwise noted)

RATING Repetitive peak off-state voltage Non-repetitive peak on-state pulse current (see Notes 1, 2 and 2/10 s voltage wave shape) 8/20 s (ANSI 1.2/50 s voltage wave shape) 10/160 s (FCC Part 10/160 s voltage wave shape) 5/200 s (VDE 0433, 2.0 kV, 10/700 s voltage wave shape) (I3124, 2.0 kV, 0.5/700 s voltage wave shape) 5/310 s (ITU-T K20/21, 2.0 kV, 10/700 s voltage wave shape) 5/310 s (FTZ R12, 2.0 kV, 10/700 s voltage wave shape) 10/560 s (FCC Part 10/560 s voltage wave shape) 10/1000 s voltage wave shape) Non-repetitive peak on-state current (see Notes 1, 2 and 3) full sine wave Repetitive peak on-state current, 50/60 Hz, (see Notes 2 and 3) Initial rate of rise of on-state current, Junction temperature Storage temperature range Exponential current ramp, Maximum ramp value 60 Hz ITSM diT/dt TJ Tstg +150 A A/s C ITSP A R-G terminals T-G terminals SYMBOL VDRM VALUE UNIT V

NOTES: 1. Above the maximum specified temperature, derate linearly to zero at 150C lead temperature. 2. Initially the TISPL758LF3 must be in thermal equilibrium with <70C. 3. The surge may be repeated after the TISPL758LF3 returns to its initial conditions.

MIN R1 Series Resistor for GR-1089-CORE Series Resistor for FCC Part 68 R1 first-level surge, operational pass (4.5.7) 10/160 non-operational pass 10/160 operational pass 10/560 non-operational pass 10/560 operational pass R1 Series Resistor for ITU-T < 2 kV, operational pass 10/700, 4 kV, operational pass TYP MAX UNIT

electrical characteristics for the T-G and R-G terminal pairs, = 25C (unless otherwise noted)

PARAMETER IDRM V(BO) IH ID CTG CRG Repetitive peak offstate current Breakover voltage TEST CONDITIONS VD = VDRM, (See Note 4) dv/dt = 250 V/ms, RSOURCE = 300 R-G terminals T-G terminals R-G terminals T-G terminals VTG -5 V, (See Note 5) VTG -50 V, (See Note VALUE MIN TYP MAX UNIT A pF

Impulse breakover volt- Rated impulse conditions with operational pass series age Holding current Off-state current Off-state capacitance Off-state capacitance resistor di/dt = -30 mA/ms di/dt = +30 mA/ms = 100 kHz, = 100 kHz, 1 V rms 1 V rms

NOTES: 4. Positive and negative values of VDRM are not equal. See ratings table 5. These capacitance measurements employ a three terminal capacitance bridge incorporating a guard circuit. The third terminal is connected to the guard terminal of the bridge.

PARAMETER RJA Junction to free air thermal resistance MIN TYP MAX 160 UNIT C/W


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