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CategoryDiscrete => Thyristors
DescriptionDual Forward-conducting P-gate Thyristors For Ericsson Components Slics
CompanyPower Innovations
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TISPPBL2DR Dual Programmable Thyristor Surge Protector
TISPPBL2SD Programmable Overvoltage Protectors For Ericsson Components PBL 3xxx Slics
TISPPBL2SDR Dual Programmable Thyristor Surge Protector
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BULD50 NPN Silicon Transistor WITH Integrated Diode
7EL2 Bidirectional Thyristor Overvoltage Protectors
BULD25 NPN Silicon Transistor WITH Integrated Diode
TCM1060 DUAL Forward-conducting P-gate Thyristors Programmable Overvoltage Protectors

BD546C : PNP Silicon Power Transistors

BDW23C : NPN Silicon Power Darlingtons

TIC226 : Silicon Triacs Series Silicon Triacs

TICP107D : Series Silicon Controlled Rectifiers

TIP31E : NPN Silicon Power Transistors

TISP2125F3P : Symmetrical Overvoltage Tisp For 3 Wire Battery Backed Ringer Protection

TISP2380F3 : Dual Symmetrical Transient Voltage Suppressors

TISP4080H3LMFR : Fixed Voltage Single Bidirectional Fixed Voltage Single Bidirectional

TISP4290F3DR : Single Symmetrical Overvoltage Tisp For 2 Wire Systems

TISP4360H3BJR : Fixed Voltage Single Bidirectional Fixed Voltage Single Bidirectional

TISP61060P : Dual Programmable Thyristor Surge Protector Dual Programmable Thyristor Surge Protector

TISP6NTP2ADR : Quad Programmable Thyristor Surge Protector Quad Programmable Thyristor Surge Protector

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1N662 : . 145 Adams Avenue Hauppauge, NY 11788 USA Tel: (631) 435-1110 Fax: (631) 435-1824 .

2N6040 : IC(A) = 8, VCBO(V) = 60, VCEO(V) = 60, PD(W) = 75, Package = TO-220, HFE(Min/Max) = 1K/20K, IC/VCE(A/V) = 4.0/4.0, VCE(SAT)(V) = 2.0, ic / IB(A/mA) = 4.0/16.

2SA1667 : Silicon PNP Epitaxial Planar Transistor. Silicon PNP Epitaxial Planar Transistor (Complement to type 2SC4381/4382) sAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta=25C) Symbol 2SA1667 VCBO VCEO VEBO PC Tj Tstg 2SA1668 200 Unit C IEBO V(BR)CEO hFE VCE(sat) fT COB Application : TV Vertical Output, Audio Output Driver and General Purpose VCC (V) 20 IC (A) 1 VBB1 (V) 10 VBB2 (V) 5 IB1 (mA) 100 IB2 (mA) 100 ton (s).

FC128 : NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Composite Transistor, Switching Application.

FK18SM-10 : for General Switching. Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp. The semiconductor operations of Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory.

IRFP360 : 400V Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED). Preliminary data Symbol VDSS VDGR VGS VGSM ID25 ID100 IDM IAR EAR dv/dt Test Conditions to 150C; RGS 1.0 M Continuous Transient = 25C, pulse width limited by TJM 25C IS IDM, di/dt = 25C Maximum Ratings mJ V/ns Max lead temperature for soldering mm (0.062 in.) from case for 10 s Symbol Test Conditions Fast switching times International standard packages.

J500 : Current Regulator Diode. Peak Operating Voltage Forward Current Reverse Current Operating & Storage Temperature Range At 25C free air temperature Electrical Characteristics Forward Current IF1 Limiting Voltage Peak Operating Voltage Dynamic Impedance Anode Cathode Capacitance .

RGL41A : Surface Mount Glass Passivated Junction Fast Switching Rectifier. Surface Mount Glass Passivated Junction Fast Switching Rectifier Reverse Voltage 1000 V Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratories Flammability Classification 94V-0 Capable of meeting environmental standards of MIL-S-19500 For surface mount applications High temperature metallurgically bonded construction Cavity-free glass passivated junction Fast.

B82504-W-A1 : 1 ELEMENT, 27000 uH, IRON-SILICON-CORE, GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR. s: Devices in Package: 1 ; Core Material: IRON-SILICON ; Lead Style: BINDING POST ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS ; Application: General Purpose, Power Choke ; Inductance Range: 27000 microH ; Inductance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; DCR: 5.25 ohms ; Rated DC Current: 1000 milliamps.

DSA8101 : 500 mA, 80 V, PNP, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR. s: Polarity: PNP ; Package Type: MT-2-A1-B, 3 PIN.

MSPR1 : RESISTOR, THIN FILM, 0.5 W, 0.1; 0.5; 1; 2; 5; 10 %, 5 - 150 ppm, 2 ohm - 250000 ohm, SURFACE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Thin Film (Chip) ; Mounting / Packaging: Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD), CHIP ; Operating DC Voltage: 100 volts ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 150 C (-67 to 302 F).

SR511K53D : RESISTOR, VOLTAGE DEPENDENT, 420 V, 1100 J, CHASSIS MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Mounting / Packaging: Bolt-on Chassis ; Operating DC Voltage: 420 volts.

STD7N52DK3TRL : 6.2 A, 620 V, 1.15 ohm, N-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET, TO-252. s: Polarity: N-Channel ; MOSFET Operating Mode: Enhancement ; V(BR)DSS: 620 volts ; rDS(on): 1.15 ohms ; Package Type: ROHS COMPLIANT, DPAK-3 ; Number of units in IC: 1.

20TQC15M : CAPACITOR, TANTALUM, SOLID, POLARIZED, 20 V, 15 uF, SURFACE MOUNT. s: Applications: General Purpose ; Electrolytic Capacitors: Tantalum ; : Polarized ; Capacitance Range: 15 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 20 volts ; Mounting Style: Surface Mount Technology ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 105 C (-67 to 221 F).


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