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CompanySanyo Semiconductor Corporation
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2SA1207 High-voltage Switching, Predriver, Package : NP
2SA1207 High-voltage Switching af 60w Predriver Applications
2SA1208 High-voltage Switching, Predriver, Package : MP
2SA1208 High-voltage Switching Audio 80w Predriver Applications
2SA1209 High-voltage Switching, Predriver, Package : TO126
2SA1209 PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, 160V/140mA High-voltage Switching And af 100W Predriver Application
2SA1246 High-VEBO, Low-frequency General-purpose Amplifier, Package : NP
2SA1246 PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, High-V(ebo), af Amp Application
2SA1248 High-voltage Switching, Package : TO126
2SA1248 160v/700ma Switching Application
2SA1249 High-voltage Switching, Package : TO126
2SA1249 PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, 160V/1,5A Switching Application
2SA1252 High-VEBO, Low-frequency General-purpose Amplifier, Package : CP
2SA1252 PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, For af Application
2SA1253 High-VEBO, Low-frequency General-purpose Amplifier, Package : Spa
2SA1253 PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor, For af Application

2SC5689 :

LC86P6232 : 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer

SB30-09J :

SVC321 :

SBT250-06J : Schottky Barrier Diode (twin Type ˇ¤ Cathode Common) 100v, 25A Rectifier

LB8659FN : DSC Motor Driver

KR-4400DL3X2 : Battery Pack Battery Product; BATT PACK 7.2V 4400MAH NICAD Specifications: Battery Cell Size: D ; Number of Cells: 6 ; Voltage - Rated: 7.2V ; Capacity: 4.4Ah @ 880mA ; Structure: Front to Back, 2 Rows x 3 Cells ; Rechargeability: Yes ; Termination Style: Solder Tab ; Battery Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium ; Weight: 1.9 lbs (861.8g) ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free

LC87F75C8A : 8-BIT, FLASH, 12 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PQFP100 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 12 MHz ; ROM Type: Flash ; Supply Voltage: 3 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 87 ; Package Type: Other, 14 X 20 MM, LEAD FREE, QIP-100 ; Operating Range: Commercial ; Pin Count: 100 ; Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 C (-4 to 158 F) ; Features: PWM

2SC3150L-RC : 3 A, 800 V, NPN, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR, TO-220 Specifications: Polarity: NPN ; Package Type: TO-220, TO-220, 3 PIN

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7573UBD-430 : . : (Device Number) Engineer Document Formulated or Modifoied Notice ECN# (Model No.) 7573UBD/C430 (Date) (REV) (REV.1 Change to REV.) :():File Formulating s(Limited Space Please write on another paper) change material chang proless fixture tool change change form File formulating/modifying reasons:(Please detailed explain) ( basis): ( basis formulate.

DF08S : 1.0A Surface Mount Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier.

DMF-5001NF-SLY : Monochrome-Graphic. Size:4.7 Display Format:160*128 Contrast Ratio:6:1 Luminance:40 Backlight:led Product Category:monochrome-graphic Type:transflective LCD Mode:black/white Viewing Direction: 6:00 Interface: N/a View Angle (h V):-50/40 -25/35 Temperature: N/a.

Si5903DC-DS : Ds-spice Model For Si5903DC. P-Channel Vertical DMOS Macro Model (Subcircuit Model) Level 3 MOS Apply for both Linear and Switching Application Accurate over the to 125°C Temperature Range Model the Gate Charge, Transient, and Diode Reverse Recovery Characteristics The attached spice model describes the typical electrical characteristics of the p-channel vertical DMOS. The subcircuit.

UVC13BLN : 5x7 mm, 3.3 Volt, Lvpecl/lvds, Clock Oscillators. UVCJ Series 5x7 mm, 3.3 Volt, LVPECL/LVDS, Clock Oscillators Integrated phase jitter of less than 1 ps from 12 kHz to 20 MHz Ideal for 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet and Optical Carrier applications Pad Function Enable/Disable for "B" or "S" Output Type or N/C for "U" Output Type N/C Ground Output Q Complementary Output Q + Vdd MtronPTI reserves the right.

S05K250 : Leaded Varistors. I Round varistor element, leaded I Coating: epoxy resin, flame-retardant V-0 I Terminals: tinned copper wire High-energy AdvanceD series E2 High surge current ratings 10 kA High energy ratings 325 J Wide operating voltage range 130 510 VRMS PSpice models I For ordering information see page 206 ff, chapter " Leaded Varistors: Taping" Type designation.

ICL7663SACBAZA : CMOS Programmable Micropower Positive Voltage Regulator. CMOS Programmable Micropower Positive Voltage Regulator The ICL7663S Super Programmable Micropower Voltage Regulator is a low power, high efficiency positive voltage regulator which accepts to 16V inputs and provides adjustable outputs from 16V at currents is a direct replacement for the industry standard ICL7663B offering wider operating voltage and temperature.

SS7A-00-10K-BC : Surface Mount SOIC Resistor Networks. SOIC Series Tested for COTS applications Both narrow and wide body versions available Standard JEDEC 14, 16, and 20 pin packages Ultra-stable TaNSil® resistors on silicon substrates Standard Sn/Pb and Pb-free terminations available IRC's TaNSil® SOIC resistor networks are the perfect solution for high volume applications that demand a small wiring board.

39-30-3045 : Tin Through Hole, Right Angle Rectangular - Headers, Male Pin Connectors, Interconnect Header, Shrouded; CONN HEADER 4POS 4.2MM R/A TIN. s: Color: Natural ; Connector Type: Header, Shrouded ; Contact Finish: Tin ; Contact Mating Length: - ; : Board Lock ; Mounting Type: Through Hole, Right Angle ; Number of Positions Loaded: All ; Number of Rows: 1 ; Pitch:.

D38999/20JE26JN : Composite, Olive Drab Cadmium Plated Panel Mount, Flange Circular Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle, Female Sockets; CONN RCPT 26POS WALL MNT W/SCKT. s: Connector Type: Receptacle, Female Sockets ; Shell Size - Insert: 17-26 ; Mounting Type: Panel Mount, Flange ; Fastening Type: Threaded ; : - ; Packaging: Bulk ; Number of Positions: 26 ; Termination:.

LOC210P : Optoisolator - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output Channel Surface Mount FlatPack; OPTOCOUPLER TRANSTR DUAL 16FLTPK. s: Voltage - Isolation: 3750Vrms ; Input Type: DC ; Output Type: Linear Phototransistor ; Current - Output / Channel: - ; Voltage - Output: - ; Vce Saturation (Max): - ; Current Transfer Ratio (Min): 0.73% @ 2mA ~ 10mA ; Mounting Type: Surface.

PLTT0805Z1201AGT5 : 1.2K Ohm 0.25W, 1/4W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RES 1.20K OHM 5PPM .05% 0805. s: Resistance (Ohms): 1.2K ; Power (Watts): 0.25W, 1/4W ; Tolerance: ±0.05% ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Composition: Thin Film ; Temperature Coefficient: ±5ppm/°C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

TNPU12063K40BZEN00 : 3.4K Ohm 0.25W, 1/4W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RES 3.40K OHM 1/4W 0.1% 1206. s: Resistance (Ohms): 3.4K ; Power (Watts): 0.25W, 1/4W ; Tolerance: ±0.1% ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Composition: Thin Film ; Temperature Coefficient: ±5ppm/°C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

MAZS0330HL : Diode - Zener - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 20µA @ 1V 3.3V 150mW Surface Mount; DIODE ZENER 3.3V 150MW SS MINI. s: Voltage - Zener (Nom) (Vz): 3.3V ; Power - Max: 150mW ; Impedance (Max) (Zzt): 130 Ohm ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 1V @ 10mA ; Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr: 20µA @ 1V ; Tolerance: - ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Package.

C752E-10 : 1300 MHz - 2600 MHz RF/MICROWAVE DIRECTIONAL COUPLER, 0.2 dB INSERTION LOSS-MAX. s: RF Coupler Type: Uni-Directional ; Frequency Range: 1300.00 to 2600.00 MHz ; Insertion Loss: 0.20 dB ; VSWR: 1.15 1.

5352869-4 : 133 CONTACT(S), MALE, STRAIGHT TWO PART BOARD CONNECTOR, PRESS FIT. s: Connector Type: TWO PART BOARD CONNECTOR ; Gender: Male ; Termination Types: PRESS FIT ; Number of Contacts: 133.

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