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SKiiP 2403GB122-4DL I. Power section Absolute maximum ratings

Symbol Conditions IGBT VCES VCC 1) Operating DC link voltage VGES (70) C Inverse diode IF = -IC (70) C IFSM = 150 C, = 10ms; sin I2t (Diode) Diode, = 150 C, Tj , (Tstg) Visol rms, AC, 1min per AC terminal, rms, Ts = IAC-terminal 70C, Tterminal <115C

V - measured at terminal VCEO 25 (125) C; at terminal V - rCE 25 (125) C; at terminal m ICES mJ - Eon + Eoff mJ - LCE top, bottom nH - CCHC per phase , AC side nF - RCC-EE terminal-chip, - m Inverse diode IF= VF = VEC - 2,3 measured at terminal VTO mJ - ERR mJ - Mechanical data Mdc DC terminals, SI Units Nm - Mac AC terminals, SI Units w - SKiiP 3 System w/o heat sink w heat sink kg - Thermal characteristics (PX16 heat sink with fan SKF16B-230-1); "s" reference to heat sink; "r" reference to built-in temperature sensor (acc. IEC 60747-15) RthjsIGBT per IGBT 0,013 C/W - Rthjsdiode per diode 0,025 C/W - Zth Ri (mK/W) (max. values) taui(s) IGBTjr diodejr heatsinkra

Features SKiiP technology inside low loss IGBTs CAL diode technology integrated current sensor integrated temperature sensor integrated heat sink IEC 60721-3-3 (humidity) class 3K3/IE32 (SKiiP 3 System) IEC 68T.1 (climate) 40/125/56 (SKiiP 3 power section) UL recognized File no. E63532 (SKiiP 3 power section) 1) with assembly of suitable MKP capacitor per terminal (SEMIKRON type is recommended) 8) AC connection busbars must be connected by the user; copper busbars available on request

This technical information specifies semiconductor devices but promises no characteristics. No warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied is made regarding delivery, performance or suitability. by SEMIKRON - 21

SKiiP 2403GB122-4DL SKiiP 3 SK integrated intelligent Power II. Integrated gate driver Absolute maximum ratings

Symbol VS2 ViH dv/dt VisolIO VisolPD Visol12 f Top (Tstg) Gate driver features CMOS compatible inputs wide range power supply integrated circuitry to sense phase current, heat sink temperature and DC-bus voltage (option) short circuit protection over current protection over voltage protection (option) power supply protected against under voltage interlock of top/bottom switch isolation by transformers fibre optic interface (option for GB-types only) IEC 68T.1 (climate) 40/85/56 (SKiiP 3 gate driver) Term unstabilized 24V power supply input signal voltage (high) secondary to primary side input / output (AC, rms, 2 s) partial discharge extinction voltage, rms, QPD 10 pC; output 1 / output 2 (AC, rms, 2s) switching frequency operating / storage temperature Value Unit V kV/s V kHz C

Symbol VS2 IS2 ViT+ ViTRin Cin td(on)IO td(off)IO tpERRRESET tTD IanalogOUT IS1out ITRIPSC Ttp UDCTRIP

Values Term min typ max. supply voltage non stabilized 39*f / kHz * (IAC/A)2 input threshold voltage (High) 11,2 input threshold voltage (Low) 5,4 input resistance 10 input capacitance 1 input-output turn-on propagation time 1,1 input-output turn-off propagation time 1,6 error memory reset time 9 top/bottom switch: interlock time 3,3 max. 8 V corresponds to V supply voltage for external 50 components; max load current over current trip level ( Ianalog OUT 2500 over temperature protection 120 not UDC-protection ( Uanalog OUT = 9V) imple (option for GB types) mente d

For electrical and thermal design support please use SEMISEL. Access to SEMISEL is via SEMIKRON website

This technical information specifies semiconductor devices but promises no characteristics. No warranty or guarantee expressed or implied is made regarding delivery, performance or suitability. B by SEMIKRON


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