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DescriptionMOST Power Management Device (pmd)
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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/ 650mA DC-DC Converter with external sync 3.3V/ 40mA standby voltage regulator / 60mA switchable voltage regulator Very low quiescent current (zero power mode and ultra zero power mode feature) Power management fully compatible to MOST specification Provides power supply for physical layer and control unit Switch to power pulse generator Reacts on four different wake-up events Switch to power pulse (STPP) Light ON (for status) Activity on Diagnostic_I/O ON/OFF switch I2C interface Programmable system configuration Reset generator Intrinsic diagnostic transceiver (standard LIN2.0) 3 battery detectors for battery voltage monitoring Watchdog circuit PowerSS0-36 and PowerSO-36 packages options

for the physical layer, the Network Controller and the External Host Controller of a MOST Node. The L5961 also allows the implementation of a generic MOST node design that can be reproduced "as is" in any other project, thus avoiding the activities of redesign and reverification of MOST PMD compliance The L5961 implements complete monitoring of the supply voltage (over-voltage, under-voltage, critical voltage), moreover it supports multiple power modes like Zeropower-mode (where one complete MOST node sinks around 25A current) and Ultra-zero power mode (5A). All the diagnostic protocols from major carmakers are supported and the device reacts to many different wake-up events. The L5961 is completely configurable through its I2C bus and fully compatible with MOST specifications. L5961 has been specified in cooperation with SMSC and represents a "chipset" solution when used with SMSC's MOST network interface controllers (INIC or NIC). Table 1. Device summary


The L5961 MOST PMD integrates all the discrete circuitry usually necessary to implement power supplies and power management for a MOST node. It includes intrinsic MOST specific power management together with sophisticated diagnostic and fail-safe functions. The MOST PMD is designed to provide direct power supply

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STPP Comparator External Power Supply (Option)
Block and application diagram example (with INIC)
Zero p ower mode supplied Normal mode supplied

Provides three basic states: Zero power mode All external HW is switched off. PM-chip is switched Off except "REG1 voltage regulator", "Switch-to-power-pulse comparator" and "Control logic". Ultra zero power mode All external HW is switched off. PM-chip is switched Off except "ON/OFF Control logic". PMD can be woken up to reach "Zero current mode" by activities on DIAG_I/O line Normal PMD and external HW is powered. One of the four possible wake-up conditions occurs and the wake-up event is confirmed either by means of PWROFF pin or I2C bus. To confirm the on-event: - PWROFF pin must be driven low OR - the right I2C bus command is provided. Switch to power pulse (STPP) Light ON (for status) Activity on Diag_I/O ON/OFF switch

I2C interface (allowing system programmability) Generation of switch to power pulse (STPP) Online battery monitoring, reacts on battery changes/ events: Over voltage Critical voltage Under voltage

Hardware watchdog triggered with discrete input, available to monitor the activity of the controller Fail-safe behavior: Intrinsic filtering time of wake-up events Protection against software caused failures Over-temperature warning / thermal protection


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