Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TS3V3702IP
Description3V Micropower Dual CMOS Voltage Comparator
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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COMPATIBLE WITH BIPOLAR LM393 DESCRIPTION The is a micropower dual CMOS voltage comparator with extremely low consumption of 7A typ / comparator (20 times less than bipolar LM393). The push-pull CMOS output stage allows power and space saving by eliminating the external pull-up resistor required by usual open-collector output comparators. Thus response times remain similar to the LM393. ORDER CODE

N = Dual in Line Package (DIP) D = Small Outline Package (SO) - also available in Tape & Reel (DT) P = Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (TSSOP) - only available in Tape & Reel (PT)

Parameter Supply Voltage 1) Differential Input Voltage Input Voltage

Output Voltage Output Current Forward Current in ESD Protection Diodes on Input 4) Power Dissipation SO8 TSSOP8

All voltage values, except differential voltage, are with respect to network ground terminal. Differential voltages are the non-inverting input terminal with respect to the inverting input terminal. The magnitude of the input and the output voltages must never exceed the magnitude of the possitive supply voltage. Guaranteed by design.

Pd is calculated with T amb = +150C and R thja = 100C/W for DIP8 package = 175C/W for SO8 package = 200C/W for TSSOP8 package

Symbol VCC+ Vicm Toper Supply Voltage Common Mode Input Voltage Range Operating Free-Air Temperature range TS3V3702I Parameter Value 0 to VCC

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VCC+ = 3V, Vcc- = 0V, Tamb = 25C (unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Vio Parameter Input Offset Voltage 1.5V T min. Tamb Tmax. Input Offset Voltage 1.5V T min. Tamb Tmax. Input Bias Current (see note 1.5V T min. Tamb Tmax. Input Common Mode Voltage Range T min. Tamb Tmax Common-mode Rejection Ratio ic = Vicm min. Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio V CC+ to 5V High Level Output Voltage = 1V, IOH -4mA T min. Tamb Tmax. Low Level Output Voltage = -1V, IOL 4mA T min. Tamb Tmax. Supply Current (each comparator) No load - Outputs low T min. Tamb Tmax. Response Time Low to High = 50pF, Response Time High to Low = 50pF, Overdrive = 5mV TTL Input Overdrive = 5mV TTL Input VCC+-1.2 VCC+ dB pA Min. Typ. Max. 5 6.5 Unit mV

1. The specified offset voltage is the maximun value required to drive the output 4.5V or down 0.3V. 2. Maximum values including unavoidable inaccuracies of the industrial test.


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