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CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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s 150ppm/C MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT DESCRIPTION The is a low power shunt voltage reference providing a stable 2.5V output voltage over the industrial temperature range to +85C). Available in SOT23-3 surface mount package, it can be designed in applications where space saving is a critical issue. The low operating current is a key advantage for power restricted designs. In addition, the TS4040 is very stable and can be used in a broad range of application conditions. APPLICATION

Computers Instrumentation Battery chargers Switch Mode Power Supply Battery operated equipments

= TO92 Plastic package - also available in Bulk (Z), Tape & Reel (ZT) and Ammo Pack (AP) LT = Tiny Package (SOT23-3) - only available in Tape & Reel (LT)

Symbol If Pd Tstd ESD Tlead Parameter Reverse Breakdown Current Forward Current Power Dissipation

Storage Temperature Human Body Model (HBM) Machine Model (MM) Lead Temperatue (soldering, 10 seconds)

1. Pd has been calculated with Tamb = 25C, Tjunction =150C andRthja = 200C/W for the TO92 package Rthja = 340C/W for the SOT23-3 package

Symbol Ikmin Ikmax Toper Minimum Operating Current Maximum Operating Current Operating Free Air Temperature Range Parameter Value to +85 Unit mA C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS TS4040E (2% Precision) Tamb = 25C (unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Vk Parameter Reverse Breakdown Voltage Reverse Breakdown Voltage Tolerance Minimum Operating Current Test Condition = 100A Ikmin Ik = Ikmin < 10kHz Min. -50 -74 Typ. 2.5 Max. Unit mV A ppm/C mV

Vref/T Average Temperature Coefficient Vk/Ik Reverse Breakdown Voltage Change with Operating Current Range

Reverse Static Impedance Long Term Stability Wide Band Noise

Note: Limits are 100% production tested at 25C. Limits over temperature are guaranteed through correlation and by design.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS TS4040D (1% Precision) Tamb = 25C (unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Vk Parameter Reverse Breakdown Voltage Reverse Breakdown Voltage Tolerance Minimum Operating Current Test Condition = 100A Ikmin Ik = Ikmin < 10kHz Min. -25 -49 Typ. 2.5 Max. Unit mV A ppm/C mV


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TK65420 : Step-down Converter With Battery Monitor. STEP-DOWN CONVERTER WITH BATTERY MONITOR APPLICATIONS Battery Powered Systems Cellular Telephones Pagers Personal Communications Equipment Radio Controlled Systems Toys s Minimum External Component Count (1 coil, 1 cap) s Miniature 6 Pin SOT23L-6 Surface Mount Package To 95% Efficient Extremely Low Operating Current (24 A) Low Quiescent Current (18 A) Low Ripple.

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CM2830AHIM23 : 300mA CMOS LDO The CM2830/CM2830A family is a positive voltage linear regulator developed utilizing CMOS technology featured low quiescent current (30 ÂA typ.), low dropout voltage, and high output voltage accuracy. Built-in low on-resistance transistor provides low dropout voltage and large output current. A 2.2 ÂF or greater can be used as an output.

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