Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TS419IDT
Description360MW Mono Audio Amplifier With Standby Active High
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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LOW (TS421) with 10% THD+N max 295mW @5V and 110mW @3.3V with 1% THD+N max. s LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION: 2.5mA max s High Signal-to-Noise ratio: 5V s PSRR: 56dB typ. 217Hz s SHORT CIRCUIT LIMITATION s ON/OFF click reduction circuitry s Available MiniSO8 & DFN 3x3 DESCRIPTION The is a monaural audio power amplifier driving in BTL mode or 32 earpiece or receiver speaker. The main advantage of this configuration is to get rid of bulky ouput capacitors. Capable of descending to low voltages, it delivers to 220mW per channel (into 16 loads) of continuous average power with 0.2% THD+N in the audio bandwidth from a 5V power supply. An externally controlled standby mode reduces the supply current to 10nA (typ.). The TS419/ TS421 can be configured by external gain-setting resistors or used in a fixed gain version. APPLICATIONS s 16/32 ohms earpiece or receiver speaker driver s Mobile and cordless phones (analog / digital) s PDAs & computers s Portable appliances ORDER CODE

Gain D tba tba tba tba tba tba tba S Q external x4/12dB x8/18dB external K21C K21D Marking TS421-xIQT: DFN8

MiniSO & DFN only available in Tape & Reel with T suffix. SO is available in Tube (D) and in Tape & Reel (DT)

Symbol VCC Vi Tstg Tj Rthja Supply voltage Input Voltage Storage Temperature Maximum Junction Temperature Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient MiniSO8 DFN8 Power Dissipation MiniSO8 DFN8

Human Body Model (pin to pin): TS4193), TS421 ESD Machine Model - 240pF (pin to pin) Latch-up Immunity (All pins) Lead Temperature (soldering, 10sec) ESD Output Short-Circuit to Vcc or GND

1. All voltage values are measured with respect to the ground pin. 2. Pd has been calculated with Tamb = 25C, Tjunction = 150C.

3. TS419 stands 1.5KV on all pins except standby pin which stands 1KV. 4. Attention must be paid to continous power dissipation (VDD x 300mA). Exposure of the to a short circuit for an extended time period is dramatically reducing product life expectancy.

Symbol VCC RL Toper CL VICM VSTB Supply Voltage Load Resistor Operating Free Air Temperature Range Load Capacitor > 100 Common Mode Input Voltage Range Standby Voltage Input TS421 ACTIVE TS419 in STANDBY TS421 in STANDBY / TS419 ACTIVE Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient DFN8 2) Parameter Value -40 to GND VCC-1V 1.5 VSTB VCC GND VSTB C/W Unit pF V

0.12 Wake-up time from standby to active mode (Cb 3) 1. The minimum current consumption (ISTANDBY) is guaranteed at VCC (TS419) or GND (TS421) for the whole temperature range.

2. When mounted a 4-layer PCB 3. For more details WU , please refer to application note section on Wake-up time page 28.

FIXED GAIN VERSION SPECIFIC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VCC from to +2V, GND = 0V, Tamb = 25C (unless otherwise specified)

Symbol RIN Input Resistance Gain value for Gain TS419/TS421-2 G Gain value for Gain TS419/TS421-4 Gain value for Gain TS419/TS421-8 Parameter Min. Typ. 18dB dB Max. Unit k

Components RIN CIN RFEED CS CB Functional Description Inverting input resistor which sets the closed loop gain in conjunction with RFEED. This resistor also forms a high pass filter with CIN (fcl Pi x RIN x CIN)). Not needed in fixed gain versions. Input coupling capacitor which blocks the DC voltage at the amplifier's input terminal Feedback resistor which sets the closed loop gain in conjunction with RIN. AV= Closed Loop Gain= 2xRFEED/RIN. Not needed in fixed gain versions. Supply Bypass capacitor which provides power supply filtering. Bypass capacitor which provides half supply filtering.


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