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Description1a Triacs
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

DESCRIPTION The Z01 series is suitable for general purpose AC switching applications. They can be found in applications such as home appliances (electrovalve, pump, door lock, small lamp control), fan speed controllers,... Different gate current sensitivities are available, allowing optimized performances when controlled directly from microcontrollers.

Symbol IT(RMS) Parameter RMS on-state current (full sine wave) SOT-223 TO-92 ITSM Non repetitive surge peak on-state current (full cycle, Tj initial = 25C) It Value for fusing Critical rate of rise of on-state current 2 x IGT 100 ns Peak gate current Average gate power dissipation Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range 60 Hz Ttab A s A/s C A Value Unit A

Symbol Test Conditions Quadrant 03 IGT 12 V VGT VGD (2) IL dV/dt (2) (dV/dt)c VD = VDRM = 1.2 IGT I - III = 67 %VDRM gate open = 110C (dI/dt)c = 0.44 A/ms = 110C MIN. II - III IV ALL MAX. MIN. MAX. Z01xx V/s V mA Unit

Note 1: minimum IGT is guaranted 5% of IGT max. Note 2: for both polarities of A2 referenced to A1
Threshold voltage Dynamic resistance VDRM = VRRM

Symbol Rth(j-t) Rth(j-l) Rth(j-a) Junction to tab (AC) Junction to lead (AC) Junction to ambient = 5 cm Parameter SOT-223 TO-92

Part Number Z0110NA Z0110NN Voltage 25 mA Standard TO-92 SOT-223 Sensitivity Type Package
PACKING MODE: 1AA2: TO-92 bulk (preferred) 2AL2: TO-92 ammopack 5AA4: SOT-223 Tape & reel


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