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TitleSequencers Supervisory
DescriptionDual Channel Supply Voltage Marginer And Active DC Output Controller
CompanySummit Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Dual Channel Supply Voltage Marginer and Active DC Output Controller FEATURES & APPLICATIONS
Extremely accurate (±0.1%) Active DC Output Control (ADOC)

ADOC Automatically adjusts supply output voltage level under all load conditions Capable of margining supplies with trim inputs using either positive or negative trim pin control Wide Margin/ADOC range from 0.3V to VDD Uses either an internal or external VREF Operates from any intermediate bus supply from to 15V and from to 5.5V Programmable START and READY pins Two programmable general purpose monitor sensors ­ UV and OV with FAULT Output Flag General Purpose 1k EEPROM with Write Protect I2C 2-wire serial bus for programming configuration and monitoring status. 28 lead QFN package

The SMM205 actively controls the output voltage level of two DC/DC converters that use a Trim or VADJ/FB pin to adjust the output. An Active DC Output Control (ADOC) feature is used during normal operation to maintain extremely accurate settings of supply voltages and, during system test, to control margining of the supplies using I2C commands. Total accuracy with a ±0.1% external reference is ±0.2%, and ±0.5% using the internal reference. The device can margin supplies with either positive or negative trim pin control within a range 0.3V to VDD. The SMM105 supply can be from to as low 2.7V to accommodate any intermediate bus supply. The voltage settings (margin high/low and nominal) are programmed into nonvolatile memory through the industry standard I2C 2-wire data bus. The I2C bus is also used to enable margin high, margin low, ADOC or normal operation. When margining, the SMM205 checks the voltage output of the converter and make adjustments to the trim pin via a feedback loop to bring the voltage to the margin setting. A margining status register is set to indicate that the system is ready for test. The SMM205 ADOC continues to monitor and adjust the channel output at the specified level.


In-system test and control of Point-of-Load (POL) Power Supplies for Multi-voltage Processors, DSPs and ASICs Enterprise and edge routers, servers, Storage Area Networks

Figure 1 ­ Applications Schematic showing the SMM205 ADOC actively control the DC output level of 2 DC/DC Converters as well as provide margin control. The SMM205 can operate over a wide supply range

Note: This is an applications example only. Some pins, components and values are not shown. © SUMMIT Microelectronics, Inc. 2003 1717 Fox Drive San Jose CA 95131 Phone 408 436-9890 FAX

Figure 2 ­ Example Power Supply Margining using the SMM205. The waveform on the left is margin nominal to high from to 2.8V and to 2.1V. The waveform on the right is margin nominal to low from to 2.2V and to 1.5V. The bottom waveform is the READY signal indicating when margining is complete.

The SMM205 is capable of controlling and margining the DC output voltage of LDOs or DC/DC converters that use a trim/adjust pin and to automatically change the level using a unique Active DC Output Control (ADOC). The ADOC function is programmable over a standard 2-wire I2C serial data interface and can be used to set the nominal DC output voltage as well as the margin high and low settings. The part actively controls the programmed set levels to maintain tight control over load variations and voltage drops at the point of load. The margin range will vary depending on the supply manufacturer and model but the normal range is 10% adjustment around the nominal output setting. However, the SMM205 has the capability to margin from VREF_CNTL to VDD. The user can set the desired voltage settings (nominal, margin high and margin low) into the EE memory array for the device. Then, volatile registers are used to select one of these settings. The registers are accessed over the I2C bus. In normal operation, Active DC Output Control is set to adjust the nominal output voltage of one or two trimmed converters. Typical converters have ±2% accuracy ratings for their output voltage. Using the Active DC Output Control feature of the SMM205 can increase the accuracy to ±0.2%. This high accuracy control of a converter output voltage is extremely important in low voltage applications where deviations in power supply voltage can result in lower system performance. Active DC Output Control may be turned off by de-selecting the function in the Control Select Register. Active DC Output Control can also be used for margining a supply during system test. When the SMM205 receives the command to margin the Active DC Output Control will adjust the supply to the selected margin voltage. Once the supply has reached its margined set point the Ready bit in the status register will set and the READY pin will go active. If Active DC Control is disabled a margined supply can return to its nominal voltage by writing to the margin command register. In order to obtain maximum accuracy the SMM205 requires an external voltage reference. An external reference with ±0.1% accuracy will enable an overall ±0.2% accuracy for the device. A configuration option also exists so that an internal voltage reference can be used, but with less accuracy. Total accuracy using the internal reference is ±0.5%. The SMM205 can be powered from either or 8V input via an internal regulator, or the VDD input (Figure 3). The SMM205 has two additional input pins and one additional output pin. The input pins, COMP1 and COMP2, are high impedance inputs, each connected to a comparator and compared against the VREF_CNTL input or the internal reference (VREF). Each comparator can be independently programmed to monitor for UV or OV. When either of the or COMP2 inputs are in fault the open-drain FAULT# output will be pulled low. A configuration option exists to disable the FAULT# output during margining. Programming of the SMM205 is performed over the industry standard I2C 2-wire serial data interface. A status register is available to read the state of the part, and a Write Protect (WP#) pin is available to prevent writing to the configuration registers and EE memory.



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