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TitleSequencers Supervisory
DescriptionSix-channel Active DC Output Controller, Monitor, Marginer And Sequencer
CompanySummit Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications
Six-Channel Active DC Output Controller, Monitor, Marginer and Sequencer
Extremely accurate (0.1%) Active DC Output Control (ADOC)

ADOC Automatically adjusts supply output voltage level under all load conditions Monitors, controls, sequences and margins up to six supplies from to 5.5V with 1.25V Vref Wide Margin/ADOC range from 0.3V to VDD Programmable Power-on/-off sequencing Monitors internal temperature sensor Operates from any intermediate bus supply from to 15V and from to 5.5V Monitors 12V input and VDD Monitors two general-purpose 10-bit ADC inputs Programmable threshold limits (2 OV/2 UV) for each monitored input Programmable RESET, HEALTHY and FAULT 4k-bit general purpose nonvolatile memory I2C 2-wire serial bus for programming configuration and monitoring status, including 10-bit ADC conversion results Applications Monitor/Control Distributed and POL Supplies Multi-voltage Processors, DSPs, ASICs used in Telecom, CompactPCI or server systems Preliminary Information1 (See Last Page)

The is an Active DC Output power supply Controller (ADOC) that monitors, margins and cascade sequences. The ADOC feature is unique and maintains extremely accurate settings of system supply voltages to within 0.2% under full load. The device actively controls up to six bricks or DC/DC converters that use a Trim or VADJ/FB pin to adjust the output voltage. For system test, the part also controls margining of the supplies using I2C commands. It can margin supplies with either positive or negative control within a range 0.3V to VDD depending on the specified range of the converter. The SMM665 also intelligently sequences or cascades the power supplies on and off in any order using enable outputs with programmable polarity. It can operate off any intermediate bus supply ranging from 15V or from to as low as 2.7V. The part monitors six power supply channels as well as VDD, 12V input, two general-purpose analog inputs and an internal temperature sensor using a 10-bit ADC. The 10-bit ADC can measure the value on any one of the monitor channels and output the data via the I2C bus. A host system can communicate with the SMM665 status register, optionally control Power-on/off, margining and utilize 4K-bits of nonvolatile memory.

12V 3.3V DC/DC Converter C, E VIN DC/DC Converter A Vout TRIM ON/OFF of 6 DC-DC Converters shown

SDA I2C BUS SCL A2 External or Internal TEMP SENSOR Environ mental SENSOR External or Internal REFERENCE

DC/DC Converter D, F VIN DC/DC Converter B Vout TRIM ON/OFF

Figure 1 Applications Schematic using the SMM665 Controller to actively control the output levels up to six DC/DC Converters while also providing power on/off, cascade sequencing and output margining.

Note: This is an applications example only. Some pins, components and values are not shown. SUMMIT Microelectronics, Inc. 2003 1717 Fox Drive San Jose CA 95131 Phone 408 436-9890 FAX

Figure 2 Example Power Supply Sequencing and System Start-up Initialization using the SMM665. Any order of supply sequencing can be applied using the SMM665. Power supply ordering, trimming and Active DC control allows supply cascade sequencing, automatic level adjustment, margin testing and reset control.

The is a highly integrated and accurate power supply controller, monitor and sequencer. It has the ability to automatically control, monitor and cascade sequence up to six power supplies. Also, the SMM665 can monitor the VDD input, the 12V input, two general-purpose analog inputs and the internal temperature sensor. The SMM665 has four operating modes: Power-on sequencing mode, monitor mode, supply margining mode using Active DC Output Control (ADOC), and Power-off sequencing mode. Power-on sequencing can be initiated via the PWR_ON/OFF pin or I2C control. In this mode, the SMM665 will sequence the power supply channels on in any order by activating the PUP outputs and monitoring the respective converter voltages to ensure cascading of the supplies. Cascade sequencing is the ability to hold off the next sequenced supply until the first supply reaches a programmed threshold. A programmable sequence termination timer can be set to disable all channels if the Power-on sequence stalls. Once all supplies have sequenced on and the voltages are above the UV settings, the Active DC Control, if enabled, will bring the supply voltages to their nominal settings. During this mode, the HEALTHY output will remain inactive and the RST output will remain active. Once the Power-on sequencing mode is complete, the SMM665 enters monitor mode. In the monitor mode, the SMM665 starts the ADOC control of the supplies and adjusts the output voltage to the programmed setting under all load conditions, especially useful for supplies without sense lines. Typical converters have 2% accuracy ratings for their output voltage, the Active DC Output Control feature of the SMM665 increases the accuracy to 0.2% (using a 0.1% external voltage reference). The part also enables the triggering of outputs by monitored fault conditions. The 10-bit ADC cycles through all 11 channels every 2ms and checks the conversions against the programmed threshold limits. The results can be used to trigger RST, HEALTHY and FAULT outputs as well as to trigger a Power-off or a Force Shutdown operation. While the is in its monitoring mode, an I2C command to margin the supply voltages can bring the part into margining mode. In margining mode the SMM665 can margin six supply voltages in any combination of nominal, high and low voltage settings using the ADOC feature, all to within 0.2% using a 0.1% external reference. The margin high and margin low voltage settings can range from 0.3V to VDD around the converters' nominal output voltage setting depending on the specified margin range of the DC-DC converter. During this mode the HEALTHY output is always active and the RST output is always inactive regardless of the voltage threshold limit settings and triggers. Furthermore, the triggers for Power-off and Force Shutdown are temporarily disabled. The Power-off sequencing mode can only be entered while the is in the monitoring mode. It can be initiated by either bringing the PWR_ON/OFF pin inactive, through I2C control or triggered by a channel exceeding its programmed thresholds. Once Poweroff is initiated, it will disable the Active DC Control and sequence the PUP outputs off in either the same or reverse order as Power-on sequencing and monitor the supply voltages to ensure cascading of the supplies as they turn off. The sequence termination timer can be programmed to immediately disable all channels if the Power-off sequencing stalls. The RST output will remain active throughout this mode while the HEALTHY output remains inactive. 2

Power Supply Arbitrator Cascade Sequence Control


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