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TitleMagnetic components
CompanyTalema Electronic LLC
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complies with ANSI and ETSI requirements matched to Fujitsu's Keywave MB86670 chipsets very low THD 1500V minimum isolation all materials approved to UL94V-0 excellent quality at competitive price due to high volume production manufactured in ISO-9001 approved Talema facility

Part Number AEP800-S P ackag e IC Driver Turns Ratio 2% Line 2:1 LP (mH) C W (H) (pF) Max 12 60 DCR (Ohms) Max Line TH D (Linearity) Typical -80dB 100kHz Longitudinal Insertion o ss Balance Max Min -40dB 30kHz-1.1MHz Frequency R esp n se Max Isolation Voltage (Vrms) 1500

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THE TALEMA GROUP Magnetic Components for ISDN / xDSL / LAN Data Communications


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