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CategorySemiconductors => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) => General-Purpose Op Amps
Part familyTLC271B Programmable Low-Power Operational Amplifier
DescriptionProgrammable Low-Power Operational Amplifier 8-SOIC 0 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TLC271BCD datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: AD8541AR, TS272BCD, TS271BCD, TS271BCD
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Iq per channel(Typ)(mA)0.675
Approx. Price (US$)0.33 | 1ku
Offset Drift(Typ)(uV/C)1.8
Total Supply Voltage(Min)(+5V=5, +/-5V=10)3
Rail-to-RailIn to V-
Vn at 1kHz(Typ)(nV/rtHz)25
Total Supply Voltage(Max)(+5V=5, +/-5V=10)16
Slew Rate(Typ)(V/us)3.6
Output Current(Typ)(mA)10
Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C)(Max)(mV)2
Package GroupPDIP,SO,SOIC
Input Bias Current(Max)(pA)60
Iq per channel(Max)(mA)1.6
Operating Temperature Range(C)-40 to 85,0 to 70
Number of Channels(#)1
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
8DSOICR-PDSO-G75TUBE271BC 3.914.91.581.27
Application notes
• TLC271 EMI Immunity Performance (Rev. A) | Doc
• TLC271 EMI Immunity Performance | Doc
Spice Model
TLC271, TLC271A, TLC271B PSpice Model - ZIP (01/10/2002)


Features, Applications


Input Offset Voltage Drift. Typically 0.1 µV/Month, Including the First 30 Days Wide Range of Supply Voltages Over Specified Temperature Range: 16 V Single-Supply Operation Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Extends Below the Negative Rail (C-Suffix and I-Suffix Types) Low Noise. 25 nV/Hz Typically = 1 kHz (High-Bias Mode) Output Voltage Range Includes Negative Rail High Input Impedance. 1012 Typ ESD-Protection Circuitry Small-Outline Package Option Also Available in Tape and Reel Designed-In Latch-Up Immunity


The TLC271 operational amplifier combines a wide range of input offset voltage grades with low ­ No internal connection offset voltage drift and high input impedance. In addition, the TLC271 offers a bias-select mode that allows the user to select the best combination of power dissipation and ac performance for a particular application. These devices use Texas Instruments silicon-gate LinCMOS technology, which provides offset voltage stability far exceeding the stability available with conventional metal-gate processes.


The D package is available taped and reeled. Add R suffix to the device type (e.g., TLC271BCDR).

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. LinCMOS is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.


Using the bias-select option, these cost-effective devices can be programmed to span a wide range of applications that previously required BiFET, NFET, or bipolar technology. Three offset voltage grades are available (C-suffix and I-suffix types), ranging from the low-cost TLC271 (10 mV) to the TLC271B (2 mV) low-offset version. The extremely high input impedance and low bias currents, in conjunction with good common-mode rejection and supply voltage rejection, make these devices a good choice for new state-of-the-art designs as well as for upgrading existing designs. In general, many features associated with bipolar technology are available in LinCMOS operational amplifiers, without the power penalties of bipolar technology. General applications such as transducer interfacing, analog calculations, amplifier blocks, active filters, and signal buffering are all easily designed with the TLC271. The devices also exhibit low-voltage single-supply operation, making them ideally suited for remote and inaccessible battery-powered applications. The common-mode input voltage range includes the negative rail. A wide range of packaging options is available, including small-outline and chip-carrier versions for high-density system applications. The device inputs and output are designed to withstand ­ 100-mA surge currents without sustaining latch-up. The TLC271 incorporates internal ESD-protection circuits that prevent functional failures at voltages V as tested under MIL-STD-883C, Method 3015.2; however, care should be exercised in handling these devices as exposure to ESD may result in the degradation of the device parametric performance. The C-suffix devices are characterized for operation from to 70°C. The I-suffix devices are characterized for operation from to 85°C. The M-suffix devices are characterized for operation over the full military temperature range to 125°C.

The TLC271 offers a bias-select feature that allows the user to select any one of three bias levels depending on the level of performance desired. The tradeoffs between bias levels involve ac performance and power dissipation (see Table 1). Table 1. Effect of Bias Selection on Performance

TYPICAL PARAMETER VALUES = 25°C, VDD B1 m AVD Power dissipation Slew rate Equivalent input noise voltage = 1 kHz Unity-gain bandwidth Phase margin Large-signal differential voltage amplification MODE HIGH BIAS 10 k MEDIUM BIAS 100 k LOW BIAS 1 M V/mV UNIT mW V/µs nV/Hz MHz

Bias selection is achieved by connecting the bias select pin to one of three voltage levels (see Figure 1). For medium-bias applications, it is recommended that the bias select pin be connected to the midpoint between the supply rails. This procedure is simple in split-supply applications, since this point is ground. In single-supply applications, the medium-bias mode necessitates using a voltage divider as indicated in Figure 1. The use of large-value resistors in the voltage divider reduces the current drain of the divider from the supply line. However, large-value resistors used in conjunction with a large-value capacitor require significant time to charge up to the supply midpoint after the supply is switched on. A voltage other than the midpoint can be used it is within the voltages specified in Figure 1.

In the high-bias mode, the TLC271 series features low offset voltage drift, high input impedance, and low noise. Speed in this mode approaches that of BiFET devices but at only a fraction of the power dissipation. Unity-gain bandwidth is typically greater than 1 MHz.

The TLC271 in the medium-bias mode features low offset voltage drift, high input impedance, and low noise. Speed in this mode is similar to general-purpose bipolar devices but power dissipation is only a fraction of that consumed by bipolar devices.


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