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CategoryMemory => Flash
Descriptionti TMS28F200AFT, 131 072 BY 16-Bit, 262 144 BY 8-Bit Auto-select Boot-block Flash Memory
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Features, Applications

by 8 bit by 16 bits Array-Blocking Architecture One 16K-Byte Protected Boot Block Two 8K-Byte Parameter Blocks One 96K-Byte Main Block One 128K-Byte Main Block Top or Bottom Boot Locations '28F200Axy Offers a User-Defined 8-Bit (Byte) or 16-Bit (Word) Organization '28F002Axy Offers Only the 8-Bit (Byte) Organization Maximum Access / Minimum Cycle Time Commercial and Extended or 3.3-V VCC V 5-V VCC ns Automotive 5-V VCC or M Depending on VCC/VPP Voltage Configuration) = T for Top or B for Bottom Boot-Block Configuration) 100 000- and 10 000-Program/ Erase-Cycle Versions Three Temperature Ranges Commercial. 70C Extended. 85C Automotive. to 125C Industry Standard Packages Offered 40-pin Thin Small-Outline Package (TSOP) 44-pin Plastic Small-Outline Package (PSOP) 48-pin TSOP Low Power Dissipation ( VCC ) Active Read. mW ( Byte-Read) Active Write. mW ( Byte-Write) Active Read. mW ( Word-Read) Active Write. mW ( Word-Write) Block-Erase. mW Standby. 0.72 mW (CMOS-Input Levels)

PIN NOMENCLATURE A16 A17 BYTE NC RP VCC VPP VSS W DU/WP Address Inputs Address Input (40-Pin Package Only) Byte-Enable Data In / Out Data In / Out (Word-Wide Mode), Low-Order Address (Byte-Wide Mode) Chip-Enable Output-Enable No Internal Connection Reset / Deep Power-Down Power Supply Power Supply for Program / Erase Ground Write-Enable Do Not Use for AMy or AZy/Write-Protect

Fully Automated On-Chip Erase and Word / Byte Program Operations Write-Protection for Boot Block Industry Standard Command-State Machine (CSM) Erase Suspend/Resume Algorithm-Selection Identifier Five Different Combinations of Supply Voltages Offered All Inputs / Outputs TTL-Compatible

Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.

Table of Contents description. 3 read operations. 13 device symbol nomenclature. 5 programming operations. 14 functional block diagram. 6 erase operations. 14 architecture. 6 automatic power-saving mode. 15 block-memory maps. 6 reset / deep power-down mode. 15 boot-block data protection. 7 power supply detection. 15 parameter block. 8 common electrical parameter. 20 main block. 8 absolute maximum ratings. 20 data protection. 8 capacitance. 21 command-state machine (CSM). 8 TMS28F002ASy and TMS28F200ASy. 22 operation. 8 TMS28F002AEy and TMS28F200AEy. 32 command definition. 9 TMS28F002AMy and TMS28F200AMy. 42 status register. 10 TMS28F002AFy and TMS28F200AFy. 50 byte-wide or word-wide mode selection. 11 TMS28F002AZy and TMS28F200AZy. 60 command-state-machine operations. 13 Parameter Measurement Information. 70 clear status register. 13 mechanical data. NO TAG


The 072 by-16 bit 097 152-bit), boot-block flash memory that can be electrically block-erased and reprogrammed. The TMS28F200Axy is organized in a blocked architecture consisting of:

One 16K-byte protected boot block Two 8K-byte parameter blocks One 96K-byte main block One 128K-byte main block

The device can be ordered in five different voltage configurations (see Table 1). Operation 128K-word (16-bit) organization is user-definable. The TMS28F002Axy is offered a 256K-byte organization only. The operation for this device is the same as the TMS28F200Axy and is offered in the same voltage configurations. TMS28F002Axy can be substituted for the byte-wide TMS28F200Axy, with the latter being the generic name for this device family. Embedded program and block-erase functions are fully automated by the on-chip write-state machine (WSM), thereby simplifying these operations and relieving the system microcontroller of these secondary tasks. WSM status can be monitored by an on-chip status register to determine the progress of program / erase tasks. The device features user-selectable block-erasure. The configurations are as follow:

The TMS28F002ASy and the TMS28F200ASy configurations have the auto-select feature that allows alternative read and program / erase voltages. Memory reads can be performed using 3.3-V VCC for optimum power consumption at 5-V VCC, for device performance. Erasing or programming the device can be accomplished with 5-V VPP, which eliminates having to use a 12-V source and / or in-system voltage converters. Alternatively, 12-V VPP operation exists for systems that already have a 12-V power supply, which provides faster programming and erasing times. These configurations are offered in two different temperature ranges: to 70C and to 85C. The TMS28F002AEy and the TMS28F200AEy configurations offer the auto-select feature of the TMS28F200ASy with an extended VCC to a low to 3.6-V range (3-V nominal). Memory reads can be performed using a 3-V VCC, allowing for more efficient power consumption than the 'ASy device.


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