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CategoryMemory => Flash
Descriptionti TMS28F800ALT, 1 048 576 BY 8-Bit, 524 288 BY 16-Bit Autoselect Boot Block Flash Memory
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Features, Applications

By 8 Bits By 16 Bits Array-Blocking Architecture Two 8K-Byte/4K-Word Parameter Blocks One 96K-Byte/48K-Word Main Block Seven 128K-Byte/64K-Word Main Blocks One 16K-Byte/8K-Word Protected Boot Block Top or Bottom Boot Locations All Inputs / Outputs TTL-Compatible Maximum Access / Minimum Cycle Time 5-V VCC 3-V VCC 120 ns (See Table 1 for VCC/VPP Voltage Configuration) 100 000- and 10 000-Program/ Erase Cycle Versions Three Temperature Ranges Commercial. 70C Extended. 85C Automotive. to 125C Embedded Program/Erase Algorithms Automated Byte Programming Automated Word Programming Automated Block Erase Erase Suspend/Erase Resume Automatic Power-Saving Mode JEDEC Standards Compatible Compatible With JEDEC Byte/Word Pinouts Compatible With JEDEC EEPROM Command Set Fully Automated On-Chip Erase and Byte / Word Program Operations

Package Options 44-Pin Plastic Small-Outline Package (PSOP) (DBJ Suffix) 40-Pin Thin Small-Outline Package (TSOP) (DCD Suffix) 48-Pin TSOP (DCD Suffix) 48-Ball Micro Ball Grid Array (BGAt) available Low Power Dissipation ( VCC ) Active Write. mW ( Byte Write) Active Read. mW ( Byte Read) Active Write. mW ( Word Write) Active Read. mW ( Word Read) Block Erase. mW Standby. 0.55 mW (CMOS-Input Levels) Deep Power-Down Mode. 0.044 mW Write-Protection for Boot Block Industry Standard Command-State Machine (CSM) Erase Suspend/Resume Algorithm-Selection Identifier Flexible VPP/Supply Voltage Combination

PIN NOMENCLATURE A19 BYTE NC RP VCC VPP VSS WE WP Address Inputs Address Inputs (for 40-pin TSOP only) Byte Enable Data In / Out Data In / Out (word-wide mode), Low-Order Address (byte-wide mode) Chip Enable Output Enable No Internal Connection Reset / Deep Power Down Power Supply Power Supply for Program / Erase Ground Write Enable Write Protect (for 40-pin and 48-pin TSOP only)

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Table of Contents description. 2 read operations. programming operations. device symbol nomenclature. 5 erase operations. logic symbol for TMS28F008Axy 40-pin package. 6 automatic power-saving mode. logic symbol for TMS28F800Axy 44-pin package. 7 reset / deep power-down mode. logic symbol for TMS28F800Axy 48-pin package. 8 absolute maximum ratings. functional block diagram. 9 recommended operating conditions. architecture. 9 word/byte typical write and block-erase performance. block memory maps. 10 electrical characteristics. boot-block data protection. 12 power-up and reset switching characteristics for parameter block. TMS28F008ASy or 'AEy and main block. TMS28F800ASy or 'AEy. data protection. 13 power-up and reset switching characteristics for command-state machine (CSM). TMS28F008AVy or 'ALy and TMS28F800AVy or 'ALy. operation. 13 power-up and reset switching characteristics for command definition. 14 TMS28F008AZy and TMS28F800AZy. status register. 15 Parameter Measurement Information. byte-wide or word-wide mode selection. 16 mechanical data DBJ (R-PDSO-G44). command-state machine (CSM) operations. 18 mechanical data DCD (R-PDSO-G**). clear status register. 18


The 388 608-bit, boot-block flash memory that can be electrically block-erased and reprogrammed. The TMS28F800Axy is organized in a blocked architecture consisting of:

One 16K-byte/8K-word protected boot block Two 8K-byte/4K-word parameter blocks One 96K-byte/48K-word main block Seven 128K-byte/64K-word main blocks

The device can be ordered in four different voltage configurations (see Table 1). Operation 512K-word (16-bit) organization is user-definable. Embedded program and block-erase functions are fully automated by the on-chip write-state machine (WSM), simplifying these operations and relieving the system microcontroller of these secondary tasks. WSM status can be monitored by an on-chip status register to determine progress of program/erase tasks. The device features user-selectable block erasure. The TMS28F800AEy configuration allows the user to perform memory reads using 2.73.6-V VCC and 5-V VCC for optimum power consumption. Erasing or programming the device can be accomplished with VPP or 12-V. This configuration is offered in the commercial temperature range to 70C) and the extended temperature range to 85C). Also, TMS28F800ASy offers VCC V and VCC 5 V for optimum power consumption. The TMS28F800ALy configuration allows performance of memory reads using VCC V for optimum power consumption. The TMS28F800AVy configuration allows performance of memory reads using VCC 2.73.6 V for optimum power consumption. The TMS28F800AZy configuration offers a 5-V memory read with a 3-V/5-V/12-V program and erase. This configuration is offered in three temperature ranges: to 125C. The TMS28F800Axy is offered a 44-pin plastic small-outline package (PSOP) and a 48-pin thin small-outline package (TSOP) organized or 8-bit. The TMS28F008 is functionally equivalent to the 'F800 except that it is organized only a 8-bit configuration, and it is offered only a 40-pin TSOP.


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