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DescriptionTemperature Sensor ic
CompanyToko America Incorporated
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Linear Output Voltage 10 mV/C Output to 8.0 Volt Supply Range Miniature Package (SOT-23L) Minimum External Parts Count Low Power Consumption

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TK11044 The is a temperature sensor IC with a linear output of 10 mV/C over the range + 105 C. Its wide operating voltage range to 8.0 volts makes it suitable for a number of applications requiring accurate temperature control, such as electronic thermostats for climate control, refrigerators, and industrial process controls. A typical application is to make a digital representation of temperature with an A/D converter, or to make a thermal detector with a comparator. The TK11044 has a compensation pin for 0.1 F capacitor that insures stability over the IC's operating temperature range. The TK11044 is available in a miniature SOT 23L-6 surface mount package.

Supply Voltage......................................................... 12 V Operating Voltage............................................ 8 V Power Dissipation (Note 200 mW Junction Temperature........................................... 150 C Storage Temperature Range................... +150 C Operating Temperature +105 C Lead Soldering Temp. (10 s)................................. 235 C

Test Conditions: VCC 3.0 V, IOUT = 0 A, = 25 C, unless otherwise specified.
Temperature Coefficient Line Regulation Load Regulation Supply Current Output Current

Note 1: Power dissipation 200 mW when mounted as recommended. Derate at 1.6 mW/C for operation above 25 C.



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