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DescriptionFrequency Range = 10 MHZ - 44 MHZ ;; Output Logic = Clipped Siave ;; Package = < 2.2mm Height 11.8 X 9.9 X 2.2mm SMD ;; Features = Reflow Solderable, Low Phase Noise
CompanyVectron International
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Features, Applications

Low Cost or 5.0 Vdc Option Reflow Solderable <2.2 mm Height Voltage Tune Option
Wireless handsets, PCS, GSM, Cellular PCMCIA Applications GPS

Vectron International has introduced a series of low-profile, low cost, surface mount, Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs) available in frequencies from 10 MHz to 50 MHz. The OSC series low-profile (0.09 inch maximum height), surface mount TCXOs can be mounted using the standard convection reflow process. The units feature a PPM frequency vs. temperature characteristic over a to operating range and operate from or 5V supply. Current drain <2.0 mA. Aging <1ppm/year and phase noise is -125 dBc/Hz 100 Hz and -150 dbc/Hz at 100 kHz. The OSC series of TCXOs and TCVCXOs has been designed for pick-and-place mounting and reflow soldering. Units are available on tape-and-reel at no additional charge. The reel size is 2000 pcs. and is compatible with EIAJ-1009B standards. The low-cost, miniature units are ideal for wireless handsets, PCMCIA applications, and GPS receivers.

Stability vs. Supply Aging (typical): Input Voltage: Current: Output: Clipped Sinewave Load: Mechanical trim: Trim options: +5.0 Vdc

0 = Mechanical trim, no VCO 1= ppm VC & mechanical 2 = Voltage trim only ppm min. 100K +5.0 Vdc to +4.5Vdc ppm at +2.5 Vdc <10 mS (typical) to within > 3 dBc down > 6 dBc down > 10 dBc down -80 dBc/Hz max. 10 Hz offset -125 dBc/Hz max. 100 Hz offset -145 dBc/Hz max. at 1 KHz offset -148 dBc/Hz max. at 10 KHz offset -150 dBc/Hz max. at 100 KHz offset minimum +3.0 Vdc to +2.5Vdc ppm at +1.5 Vdc PPM

Voltage Control Input Impedence: Supply Voltage: Control Voltage Range: Frequency Tolerance at Start-up time: Harmonics: 2nd harmonic 3rd harmonic Other Phase Noise (typical): at 10 MHz

The OSC series of TCXO s and VCTCXO s has been designed for pick and place and reflow soldering. Units are available on Tape and Reel at no additional charge when ordering a complete reel. The reel size is 2000 pcs and is compatible with EIAJ-1009B standards. The suggested reflow profile is shown below. The TCXO may be reflowed two times. Frequency shift as a result of reflow will be <1.0PPM. Units should not be adjusted to center frequencies until at least 2 hours after reflow to allow the crystals to stabilize. The OSC footprint is compatible with many of the previous generation 6 pin leaded TCXO s. Our OSE model is the same size as the OSC except it provides the two additional pads to match pad connections of 6 pin leaded TCXO s and VCTCXO s.

TCXO s are precision subsystems with tolerances measured to Non-hermetically sealed TCXO s should not be subjected to a wash process that will immerse the TCXO in solvents. No clean is the recommended procedure.


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