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DescriptionSpecialty High Voltage Items, RF Duty Capacitors
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Features, Applications

Specialty High Voltage Items RF Duty Capacitors

Vishay Cera-Mite RF duty high voltage capacitors are designed to be used in circuits which operate at radio frequency. They are capable of handling high RF currents and voltages. Geometry minimizes inductance, optimizes voltage withstand and maximizes heat radiation. Applications include radio transmitters, antenna couplers, induction heaters and similar apparatus. DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 150% of rated DC voltage. INSULATION RESISTANCE: 100,000 megohms DISSIPATION FACTOR: to 0.2% for NP0 and N750. 0.5% for X5U. ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN CRITERIA: EIA 198.

CAPACITANCE RANGE BY TEMPERATURE CHARACTERISTIC Voltage Value T.C. 5 KVDC - 7.5 KVDC NP0 5 KVDC - 7.5 KVDC N750 5 KVDC pF X5U T.C.= Temperature Characteristic per EIA 198


Std. Cap. Tolerance X5U 20% Value T.C. Cera-Mite Max. A.C. Volts Max. A.C. Current Max.VA Part No. (Peak KV) (RMS) Amps. (KVAR)* 3.7 0.2

Cera-Mite Length Dia. N750 Body Style .031 KVDC 34-45 pF

Value 40 pF Std. Cap. Body T.C. Tolerance Style NP0 N750 Cera-Mite Max. A.C VoltsMax. AC Current Max. VA Part No. (Peak KV) (RMS) Amps. (KVAR)* 5FHA200K 5FHU400K

CAPACITANCE RANGE BY TEMPERATURE CHARACTERISTIC Cera-Mite Body Style G H Length .031.390.422.484 Dia. N750 .031 KVDC 34-45 pF

*At rated voltage. Data presented is based on a maximum case temperature rise at 25C ambient in free air.

Vishay Cera-Mite 722C type offers a temperature stabilized capacitor where capacitance stability over wider temperature ranges are needed. This product is usually furnished unencapsulated for use in very high voltage capacitor assemblies utilizing capacitors in series, with very high BIL ratings. Typical applications are power circuit breakers, lightning arrestors, power transformers and metering, and medical laser technology. The user must take all responsibility for mechanical and environmental protection against chipping, moisture and contamination. The capacitor must be enveloped in a suitable enclosure of oil, pressurized gas or equivalent. DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 150% of rated voltage, charging current limited to 50mA DISSIPATION FACTOR: 2.0% max. at 1kHz CAPACITANCE RANGE: 750 pF thru 500 pF thru 380 pF thru 1800pF


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