Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MKT1824-433/065
DescriptionC-values 0.01 F - 1.0 F, Voltage 40 - 63 Vdc, Max. Temp. 125°C, High Pulse Load, Stacked Film, SMD
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Features, Applications

SMD Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Related Document: IEC 60384-19, CECC 32 200

Blocking, bypassing, filtering and timing, high frequency coupling and decoupling of fast digital and analog IC's, interference suppression in low voltage applications.

Plastic moulded, black, flame retardant material (UL-class 94 V-0)
Stacked metallized film (refer to general information)
Measured with 50 VDC (40 VDC measured with UR) after one minute

Operational life 300,000 h Failure rate < 5 FIT (40C and 0.5 x UR) All parts are supplied in moisture-proof plastic bags. After opening, the capacitors have to be assembled (soldered) under standard atmospheric conditions within 24 hours. For further details, please refer to the general information provided in this catalog.

CAPACITOR LENGTH (mm) 7.2 Maximum pulse rise time dv/dt [V/s] 40 VDC 30 63 VDC 50
If the maximum pulse voltage is less than the rated voltage higher dv/dt values can be permitted.

Document Number 26005 Revision 11-Jun-02 For technical questions, contact 51

Vishay Roederstein SMD Metallized Polyester, Related Document: IEC 60384-19, CECC 32 200


Temperature/Time Profile for Double Wave Soldering (maximum data)
Temperature/Time Profile for Reflow Infrared Soldering (maximum data)


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