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TitleFixed Modulus (DC to 13GHz)
DescriptionDescription = 10GHz Fixed Modulus Divide 4 Prescaler ;; Package Type = Sop / Soic ;; No. Of Pins = 8
CompanyZarlink Semiconductor
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Very High Operating Speed Operation down to DC with Square Wave Input Low Phase Noise (Typically better than 10kHz) 5V Single Supply Operation Low Power Dissipation: 510mW (Typ) Surface Mount Plastic Package With Exposed Pad (See Application Notes) Ordering Information ZL40815/DCE (tubes) 8 lead e-pad SOIC ZL40815/DCF (tape and reel) 8 lead e-pad SOIC +85° C


The ZL40815 is one of a range of 5V supply, very high speed, low power prescalers for professional applications with a fixed modulus of divide by 4. The dividing elements are static D type flip flops, and therefore, allow operation down DC if the drive signal is a pulse waveform with fast risetimes. The output stage has internal 50 ohm pull up giving a 1V p-p output. See application notes for more details


to 10 GHz PLL applications HyperLan LMDS Instrumentation Satellite Communications Fibre Optic Communications; OC48, OC192 Ultra Low Jitter Clock Systems

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. Zarlink, ZL and the Zarlink Semiconductor logo are trademarks of Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. Copyright 2003, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Figure 2 shows a recommended application configuration. This example shows the devices set up for single ended operation.

Figure 2 - Recommended circuit configuration The above circuit diagram shows some components in dotted lines. These are optional in many applications. C1 (10 µF) and C2 (10 nF) power supply decoupling capacitors may be available on the board already. R3 (100 Ohm) and C8 (10 nF) can be included if further power supply decoupling is required for the first stage biasing circuit. This may optimise the noise and jitter performance. The values are suggestions and may have to be modified if the existing supplies are particularly noisy. R1 (50 Ohm), in series with C5 (100 pF), may reduce feedthrough of the input signal to the output. R2 (50 Ohm) and C7 (10 nF) will help to balance the current drawn from the power supply and may reduce voltage transients on the power supply line.

Zarlink Semiconductor provides prescaler evaluation boards. These are primarily for those interested in performing their own assessment of the operation of the prescalers. The boards are supplied unpopulated and may be assembled for single ended or differential input and output operation, type No. ZLE40008. Fully populated evaluation boards are also available, type No. ZLE40810. Once assembled, all that is required an RF source and a DC supply for operation. The inputs and outputs are connected via side launch SMA connectors.

Supply voltage Prescaler Input Voltage ESD protection (Static Discharge) Storage temperature Maximum Junction Temp Thermal characteristics

Electrical Characteristics (Tamb = 25C, Vcc = 5V) Characteristic Pin Min. Typ. Max. Units Conditions

Supply current Supply current Input frequency Input sensitivity Input sensitivity Input sensitivity Input overload Input overload Input Edge Speed Output voltage Output power Phase Noise (10kHz offset) O/P Duty Cycle

Input stage bias current Divider and output stages RMS sinewave, see Note 1 fin to 2GHz fin to 9.5GHz fin = 11GHz fin to 4GHz fin to 11GHz For <2GHz operation. Differential Into 50ohm pullup resistors Single-ended output, fin to 10GHz, pwr ip= -10dBm Fin = 5GHz, pwr = 0dBm See Figure 7 and Figure 8.

The following characterization test method incremented the amplitude over the entire range of frequency and ensures that there are no "holes" in the characteristic. The following characteristics are guaranteed by either production test or design.


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