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TitleUnmanaged Switches
DescriptionDescription = Unmanaged 16-Port 10/100M + 2-Port 1G Ethernet Switch ;; Package Type = Bga ;; No. Of Pins = 553
CompanyZarlink Semiconductor
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ntegrated Single-Chip 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Switch 16 10/100 Mbps Autosensing, Fast Ethernet Ports with RMII or Serial Interface (7WS). Each port can independently use one of the two interfaces. 2 Gigabit Ports with GMII, PCS, 10/100 options per port Serial CPU interface for configuration Supports two Frame Buffer Memory domains with SRAM at 100 MHz Supports memory size 2 MB, 4 MB Applies centralized shared memory architecture to 64K MAC addresses Maximum throughput is 3.6 Gbps non-blocking High performance packet forwarding (10.712M packets per second) at full wire speed Full Duplex Ethernet IEEE 802.3x Flow Control Backpressure flow control for Half Duplex ports Supports Ethernet multicasting and broadcasting and flooding control Ordering Information ZL50417/GKC553 PIN HSBGA to +85C Supports per-system option to enable flow control for best effort frames even on QoS-enabled ports Traffic Classification 4 transmission priorities for Fast Ethernet ports with 2 dropping levels Classification based on: Port based priority VLAN Priority field in VLAN tagged frame DS/TOS field in IP packet UDP/TCP logical ports: 8 hard-wired and 8 programmable ports, including one programmable range

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Supports IEEE 802.1p/Q Quality of Service with 4 transmission priority queues with delay bounded, strict priority, and WFQ service disciplines Provides 2 levels of dropping precedence with WRED mechanism User controls the WRED thresholds. Buffer management: per class and per port buffer reservations Port-based priority: VLAN priority in a tagged frame can be overwritten by the priority of Port VLAN ID.

3 port trunking groups, one for the 2 Gigabit ports, and two groups for 10/100 ports, with 4 10/100 ports per group. Or 8 groups for 10/100 ports with 2 10/100 ports per group Load sharing among trunked ports can be based on source MAC and/or destination MAC. The Gigabit trunking group has one more option, based on source port. Port Mirroring to a dedicated mirroring port Full set of LED signals provided by a serial interface, or 6 LED signals dedicated to Gigabit port status only (without serial interface) Hardware auto-negotiation through serial management interface (MDIO) for Ethernet ports Built-in reset logic triggered by system malfunction Built-In Self Test for internal and external SRAM IC EEPROM for configuration 553 BGA package


The is a high density, low cost, high performance, non-blocking Ethernet switch chip. A single chip provides 16 ports at 10/100 Mbps, 2 ports at 1000 Mbps. The Gigabit ports can also support 10/100M. The chip supports to 64K MAC addresses. The centralized shared memory architecture permits a very high performance packet forwarding rate to 5.357M packets per second at full wire speed. The chip is optimized to provide low-cost, high-performance workgroup switching. Two Frame Buffer Memory domains utilize cost-effective, high-performance synchronous SRAM with aggregate bandwidth of 12.8 Gbps to support full wire speed on all ports simultaneously. With delay bounded, strict priority, and/or WFQ transmission scheduling, and WRED dropping schemes, the ZL50417 provides powerful QoS functions for various multimedia and mission-critical applications. The chip provides 4 transmission priorities (8 priorities per Gigabit port) and 2 levels of dropping precedence. Each packet is assigned a transmission priority and dropping precedence based on the VLAN priority field in a VLAN tagged frame, or the DS/TOS field, and UDP/TCP logical port fields in IP packets. The ZL50417 recognizes a total of 16 UDP/TCP logical ports, 8 hard-wired and 8 programmable (including one programmable range). The ZL50417 supports 3 groups of port trunking/load sharing. One group is dedicated to the two Gigabit ports, and the other two groups to 10/100 ports, where each 10/100 group can contain to 4 ports. Port trunking/load sharing can be used to group ports between interlinked switches to increase the effective network bandwidth. In half-duplex mode, all ports support backpressure flow control, to minimize the risk of losing data during long activity bursts. In full-duplex mode, IEEE 802.3x flow control is provided. The ZL50417 also supports a per-system option to enable flow control for best effort frames, even on QoS-enabled ports. The Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) is integrated on-chip to provide a direct 10-bit interface for connection to SERDES chips. The PCS can be bypassed to provide a GMII interface. The ZL50417 is fabricated using 0.25 micron technology. Inputs, however, are 3.3 V tolerant, and the outputs are capable of directly interfacing to LVTTL levels. The ZL50417 is packaged a 553-pin Ball Grid Array package.


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