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Description1310 nm, 1550 nm 2.5 Gbps PIN with Preamplifier
CompanyZarlink Semiconductor
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Ordering Information ZL60006TED SC Housing ZL60006/TBD TO-46 with lens ZL60006/TDD ST Housing +85 C


Data rate to 3.125 Gbps 1310 nm, 1550 nm PIN photodiode TO-46 Assembly Integrated TIA and limiting amplifier Single 3.3 V supply Low power consumption


This optical receiver 3.3 V device which contains a PIN photodiode and a low noise transimpedance with limiting amplifier a TO-46 package with lens cap. It is designed for OC-48 operation and single mode fiber. Reliability Assurance based on Telcordia GR-468CORE.

Sonet OC-48 SDH STM-16 2.125 Gbps fiber channel to 3.125 Gbps general application

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Parameter Responsivity, differential Output voltage amplitude, differential Bandwidth (3 dBel) Optical Saturation Level Noise-Equivalent Power Sensitivity (BER 10-9) Symbol R Min. 4 200 Typ. Max. Unit kV/W mVpp GHz dBm

Test Condition =1310 nm, RL=100 , Note 1 RL=100 Note = 10 W, RL=100 =1310 nm, ER = Note 3 =1310 nm, Note 4 =1310 nm,

Note 3 Dynamic Range Output Resistance (single) Power Dissipation Power Supply Current Ro PD IDD

Note 10 W Peak-Peak Power 500 W Peak-Peak Power Measured 10 -10 BER with 23 -1 PRBS at 2.5 Gbps Measured with STM-16 filter on electrical output, i.e., 1.875 GHz

Operating Conditions:25C Case Temperature/3.3 V Supply Voltage/Fiber: Single-mode 10/125 m fiber.
Parameter Supply Voltage Storage Temperature Symbol VCC Tstg Min. 0 -40 Max. 3.6 125 Unit V C
Parameter Supply Voltage Operating Temperature Signalling Rate, Note 5

1 3.125 Data pattern are to have maximum runlength and DC-balance shifts no more than that a PRBS-31 pattern.

Fiber core/cladding diameter numerical aperture 10/125 m, NA=0.11 6 kV/W 7.4 kV/W
Typical Responsivity vs Axial Displacement for a Singelmode Fiber
Figure 3 - Typical Responsivity vs Axial Displacement for a Singlemode Fiber


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