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Title12 Fiber Transmitters Modules
DescriptionDescription = 12 X 2.7 GBPS Parallel Fiber Optic Transmitter ;; Package Type = Elect & Opt ;; No. Of Pins = 100
CompanyZarlink Semiconductor
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Features, Applications
x 2.7 Gbps Parallel Fiber Optic Link Transmitter and Receiver

Ordering Information ZL60101/MJD Parallel Fiber Transmitter ZL60102/MJD Parallel Fiber Receiver Heat sink and EMI shield options are available upon request ° C


12 parallel channels, total 32.6 Gbps capacity Data rate to 2.72 Gbps per channel 850 nm VCSEL array Data I/O is CML compatible with DC blocking capacitors Link reach 300 m with µm 500 fiber at 2.5 Gbps Channel BER better than 10-12 Industry standard MPO/MTP ribbon fiber connector interface Pluggable MegArray® ball grid array connector Optionally available with EMI shield and external heat sink Laser class 1M IEC 60825-1:2001 compliant Power supply 3.3 V Compatible with industry MSA


The ZL60101 and ZL60102 together make a very high speed transmitter/receiver pair for parallel fiber applications. The transmitter module converts parallel electrical input signals via a laser driver and a VCSEL array into parallel optical output signals at a wavelength of 850nm. The receiver module converts parallel optical input signals via a PIN photodiode array and a transimpedance and limiting amplifier into electrical output signals. The modules are pluggable each fitted with an industrystandard MegArray® BGA connector. This provides ease of assembly on the host board and enables provisioning of bandwidth on demand.


High-speed interconnects within and between switches, routers and transport equipment Proprietary backplanes Low cost SONET/SDH VSR (Very Short Reach) OC-192/STM64 connections InfiniBand® connections Interconnects rack-to-rack, shelf-to-shelf, boardto-board, board-to-optical backplane

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. Zarlink, ZL and the Zarlink Semiconductor logo are trademarks of Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. Copyright 2003, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Features. 1 Applications. 1 Description. 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings. 3 Recommended Operating Conditions. 3 Transmitter Specifications. 4 Transmitter Control and Status Signals. 6 Transmitter Control and Status Timing Diagrams. 7 Transmitter Pinout Assignments. 9 Transmitter Pin Description. 9 Receiver Specifications. 10 Receiver Control and Status Signals. 11 Receiver Control and Status Timing Diagrams. 12 Receiver Pinout Assignments. 13 Receiver Pin Description. 13 Thermal Characteristics. 14 Regulatory Compliance. 15 Eye safety. 15 Electrostatic discharge. 15 Electrostatic discharge immunity. 15 Electromagnetic interference. 15 Emission. 15 Immunity. 15 Handling instructions. 15 Cleaning the optical interface. 15 Connectors. 15 ESD handling. 15 Link Reach. 16 Link Model Parameters. 16 Electrical Interface - Application Examples. 17

Not necessarily applied together. Exceeding these values may cause permanent damage. Functional operation under these conditions is not implied. Parameter Supply voltage Differential input voltage amplitude1 Voltage on any pin Relative humidity (non-condensing) Storage temperature ESD resistance

1. Differential input voltage amplitude is defined V = DIN+ - DIN-.
Symbol VCC V VPIN MOS TSTG VESD Table 1 - Absolute Maximum Ratings

These parameters apply both to the transmitter and the receiver. Parameter Power supply voltage Operating case temperature Signaling rate (per channel)1 Link distance2 noise4 Data I/O DC blocking capacitors3 Power supply Symbol VCC TCASE fD LD CBLK VNPS Table 2 - Recommended Operating Conditions

1. Data patterns are to have maximum run lengths and DC balance shifts no worse than that of a Pseudo Random Bit Sequence of length 223-1 (PRBS-23). Information on lower bit rates is available on request. 2. For maximum distance, see Table 14. 3. For AC-coupling, DC blocking capacitors external to the module with a minimum value nF is recommended. 4. Power supply noise is defined at the supply side of the recommended filter for all VCC supplies over the frequency range to 2720 MHz with the recommended power supply filter in place.


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XE924M : Package = DIP" 2.75" X 1.38" X 0.5" ;; Wireless Data Rate = 9600 BPS ;; Integrated Modem = 2400 BPS ;; Wireless Range Indoors = 150 Feet ;; Certifications = FCC Part 68, FCC Part 15 Compliant ;;.

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