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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Audio/Power Amplifiers
DescriptionBipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 5.8w Dual Audio Power Amplifier 22w BTL Audio Power Amplifier )
CompanyKorea Electronics (KEC)
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Korea Electronics (KEC)
KIA339F Description = Quad Voltage Comparator ;; Package = FLP-14
KIA34063A Description = DC/DC Converter Controller ;; Package = DIP-8
KIA358F Description = Dual op Amp. ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA378R05PI Description = 3A 4-Terminal Low Drop(on/off Controllable) ;; Package = TO-220IS-4
KIA3842 Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( High Performance Current Mode Controller )
KIA3842BF Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( High Performance Current Mode Controller )
KIA3842F Description = Current Mode PWM Controller ;; Package = FLP-14
KIA3843 Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( High Performance Current Mode Controller )
KIA3844 Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( High Performance Current Mode Controller )
KIA3845 Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( High Performance Current Mode Controller )
KIA393F Description = Dual Voltage Comparator ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA4210SV Description = Lamp Fail Indicator ;; Package = SIP-9
KIA431 Description = Shunt Regulator ;; Package = TO-92
KIA4558F Description = Dual Low Noise op Amp. ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA494AF Description = Voltage Mode PWM Controller ;; Package = FLP-16

BC849 : Description = General Purpose Transistor ;; Package = SOT-23

KF425S : Description = 400MHz Band(50ohm) ;; Package = SC-45

KF433V : Description = 400MHz Band(50ohm) ;; Package = SC-45

KFM220M : Description = Korea-pcs ;; Package = SC-57

KHX6555A02 : Description = Alternator Diode (Negative) ;; Package = MR

KIA7029AT : Active Low Description = Active Low Voltage Detector ;; Package = SOT-89

KRC406 : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = Usm

KTC4370A : Description = General Purpose Transistor ;; Package = TO-220IS

KTX214U : Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = US6

KRA102 : Epitaxial Planar PNP Transistor

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5962-7704301VCA : ti LM124, Quad General-purpose Operational Amplifier. LM324KA) Wide Range of Supply Voltages: Single Supply. V) or Dual Supplies Low Supply-Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage. 0.8 mA Typ Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground, Allowing Direct Sensing Near Ground Low Input Bias and Offset Parameters: - Input Offset Voltage. 3 mV Typ A Versions. 2 mV Typ - Input Offset Current. 2 nA Typ - Input.

AD625SCHIPS : Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier. User Programmed Gains to 10,000 Low Gain Error: 0.02% Max Low Gain TC: 5 ppm/ C Max Low Nonlinearity: 0.001% Max Low Offset Voltage: 25 V Low Noise 4 nV/Hz (at 1 kHz) RTI Gain Bandwidth Product: 25 MHz 16-Lead Ceramic or Plastic DIP Package, 20-Terminal LCC Package Standard Military Drawing Available MlL-Standard Parts Available Low Cost The is a precision.

AD835 : 250 Mhz, Voltage Output 4-Quadrant Multiplier. Simple: Basic Function + Z Complete: Minimal External Components Required Very Fast: Settles 20 ns DC-Coupled Voltage Output Simplifies Use High Differential Input Impedance X, Y and Z Inputs Low Multiplier Noise: 50 nV/ Hz APPLICATIONS Very Fast Multiplication, Division, Squaring Wideband Modulation and Demodulation Phase Detection and Measurement.

AD9610 : Single. Wide Bandwidth, Fast Settling Operational Amplifier.

D66Series : 1.0 HZ to 100 KHZ Fixed Frequency. The D66 and DP66 Series of small 6-pole fixedfrequency, precision active filters provide high performance linear active filtering in a compact 32pin DIP package, with a broad range of corner frequencies and a choice of transfer functions. Individual D66 filters can serve in low-pass or highpass applications (DP66, low-pass only) or be combined to create.

LA7221 : VTR Electronic Switch. The is an electronic switch that was designed for use in audio video applications. It provides a wide dynamic range. The LA7221 has on-chip video clamp circuits (clamp elimination function). Low-voltage (5V) operation. Three inputs selectable and muting function. Video clamp circuits on chip. Wide dynamic range (2.0Vp-p or greater). s Parameter Maximum.

MAX4240 : Single/Dual/Quad, +1.8V, 10 A, SOT23, Beyond-the-rails op Amps. The MAX4240­MAX4244 family of micropower op amps operate from a single to +5.5V supply or dual to ±2.75V supplies and have Beyond-the-RailsTM inputs and Rail-to-Rail ® output capabilities. These amplifiers provide a 90kHz gain-bandwidth product while using only 10µA of supply current per amplifier. The MAX4241/MAX4243 have a low-power shutdown mode.

OPA671AP : ti OPA671, Wide Bandwidth, Fast Setting DiFET(R) Operational Amplifier.

OPA705NA/250 : ti OPA705, 12V, Low Cost, CMOS, Rail-to-rail I/O, Operational Amplifier.

TA7715P : Frequency to Voltage Converter.

THS4505D : Fully Differential. ti THS4505, Wideband, Low-distortion Fully Differential Amplifier.

TLV2633 : . FAMILY OF LOW-POWER WIDE BANDWIDTH SINGLE SUPPLY OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS WITH AND WITHOUT SHUTDOWN D Rail-To-Rail Output D VICR Includes Ground D Gain-Bandwidth Product. 9 MHz D Supply Current. 730 µA/Channel D Single, Duals, and Quad Versions D Ultralow Power Down Mode The TLV263x single supply operational amplifiers provide rail-to-rail output with.

ISL54052 : The Intersil ISL54051 and ISL54052 devices are low ON-resistance, low voltage, bidirectional, single pole/single throw (SPST) analog switches designed to operate from a single +1.8V to +5.5V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment, which benefit from low rON resistance (0.8Ω), excellent rON flatness, and fast switching speeds.

TSV991 : Amplifiers & Linear Rail-to-rail input/output 20MHz GBP operational amplifiers.

NLAS5213 : DPST And Dual SPST Analog Switch The NLAS5213A and NLAS5213B are DPST and Dual SPST devices, respectively. They each consist of 2 single throw switches and are both designed for audio applications within portable devices. The NLAS5213A is controlled with a single enable pin while the NLAS5213B has two independent enables. Both the NLAS5213A and NLAS5213B.

ADN4604 : X-STREAM™ 4.25 Gbps, 16 × 16, Digital Crosspoint Switch The ADN4604 is a 16 × 16 asynchronous, protocol agnostic, digital crosspoint switch, with 16 differential PECL-/CML-compatible inputs and 16 differential CML outputs. The ADN4604 is optimized for nonreturn-to-zero (NRZ) signaling with data rates of up to 4.25 Gbps per port. Each port offers a fixed.

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