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CategoryPower Management => Power Supply Controllers
DescriptionDescription = Voltage Mode PWM Controller ;; Package = FLP-16
CompanyKorea Electronics (KEC)
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KIA494AP Description = Voltage Mode PWM Controller ;; Package = FLP-16
KIA494APV Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( General Purpose Switching Regulator )
KIA555F Description = Single Timer ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA6003S Description = FM if System ic ;; Package = SIP-9
KIA6029Z Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( FM if System ic For Car Etr )
KIA6030Z Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( FM MPX System For Car Etr )
KIA6032AF Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 3v AM/FM If-mpx )
KIA6035P Description = am Tuner (ETR) ;; Package = DIP-20
KIA6040P Description = AM/FM if ;; Package = DIP-16
KIA6043S Description = FM Stereo Mpx. ;; Package = SIP-9
KIA6058AS Description = FM Front End, Very Low Spurious Radiation ;; Package = SIP-9
KIA6058F Description = FM Front End, Very Low Spurious Radiation ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA6058S Description = FM Front End, Very Low Spurious Radiation ;; Package = SIP-9
KIA6072F Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( FM Processor )
KIA6076F Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 1.5v FM Stereo Multiplex )
KIA6092F Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 1.5v AM/FM Tuner )
KIA6213S Description = 0.5W Single Power Amp. ;; Package = SIP-9
KIA6216H Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 15w BTL X 2ch Audio Power Amplifier )

KIA2026F : Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( Unbalncec to Balances Signal Converter )

KIA7021AF : Active Low Description = Active Low Voltage Detector ;; Package = SOT-89

KIA78D35 : Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 3 Terminal Low Drop Output Voltage Regulator )

KRA310E : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = Esm

KRA726E : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = TES6

KRC839U : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = US6

KTC4468 : Description = General Purpose Transistor ;; Package = TO-3P(N)

KHB7D5N60F2 : N Channel MOS Field Effect Transistor

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GL15-08 : In-line High Current Silicon Bridge Rectifiers ( Voltage - 50 to 800 Volts Current - 15 to 35 Amperes ).

ISL6413 : Triple Output Regulator With Single Synchronous Buck And Dual LDO. Triple Output Regulator with Single Synchronous Buck and Dual LDO The is a highly integrated triple output regulator which provides a single chip solution for wireless chipset power management. The device integrates high efficiency synchronous buck regulator with two ultra low noise LDO regulators. The IC accepts an input voltage range to 3.6V and provides.

KA1M0880D : 8A/800V 70KHz Power Switch. Precision fixed operating frequency KA1M0880D(67KHz) Pulse by pulse over current limiting Over load protection Over voltage protection (Min. 23V) Internal thermal shutdown function Under voltage lockout Internal high voltage sense FET Latch up mode Soft start The Faiechild Power Switch(FPS) product family is specially designed for an off line SMPS with.

KA7806AE : 3-Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator. Output Current to 1A Output Voltages of 24V Thermal Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection Output Transistor Safe Operating Area Protection The KA78XXE/KA78XXAE series of three-terminal positive regulator are available in the TO-220/D-PAK package and with several fixed output voltages, making them useful in a wide range of applications. Each type.

LM385-1.2 : Micropower Voltage Reference. Operating Current Range mA 1% and 2% Initial Voltage Tolerance Reference Impedance LM385. 1 Max 25C All Devices. 1.5 Max Over Full Temperature Range Very Low Power Consumption Applications Portable Meter References Portable Test Instruments Battery-Operated Systems Current-Loop Instrumentation Panel Meters Interchangeable With Industry.

LX8382-00 : 10 a Low Dropout Positiv e Regulators. The LX8382/8382A series ICs are positive regulators designed to provide 10A output current. All internal circuitry is designed to operate down a 1V input-to-output differential, so the LX8382/82A can operate with greater efficiency than previously available devices. The dropout voltage for each product is fully specified as a function of load current.

SC1471 : Single-Phase Switching Regulators. Power Supply Controller For Portable Pentium® Iii SpeedStep™ Processors.

SG7905AL/DESC : Negative Fixed Voltage Regulator. The SG7900A/SG7900 series of negative regulators offer self-contained, fixed-voltage capability with 1.5A of load current. With a variety of output voltages and four package options this regulator series is an optimum complement to the SG7800A/SG7800, SG140 line of three terminal regulators. These units feature a unique band gap reference which allows.

TPIC0107B : PWM Control Intelligent H-bridge. Dedicated PWM Input Port Optimized for Reversible Operation of Motors Two Input Control Lines for Reduced Microcontroller Overhead Internal Current Shutdown 40 V Load Dump Rating Integrated Fault Protection and Diagnostics CMOS Compatible Schmitt Trigger Inputs for High Noise Immunity The is a PWM control intelligent H-bridge designed specifically for dc motor.

TPIC5223LD : Control and Monitoring->Power+ Arrays. ti TPIC5223L, 2-Channel Independent Driver.

X3101 : 3 or 4 Cell Li-ion Battery Protection And Monitor ic. FEATURE Software Selectable Protection Levels and Variable Protect Detection/Release Times Integrated FET Drive Circuitry Cell Voltage and Current Monitoring 0.5% Accurate Voltage Regulator Integrated 4kbit EEPROM Flexible Power Management with 1A Sleep Mode Cell Balancing Control BENEFIT Optimize protection for chosen cells to allow maximum use of pack.

STCF03 : Switching Regulators High power white LED driver with IC" interface. High power white LED driver with I2CTM interface Buck-boost dc/dc converter Drives one power white LED 800 mA from V in QFN Drives one power white LED 800 mA from V in BGA Efficient to 92% Output current control 1.8 MHz typ. fixed frequency PWM Synchronous rectification Full I2C control Operational modes: Shutdown mode Shutdown + NTC Ready mode.

TPS62263 : 2.25MHz 600mA Step-Down Converter In 2x2mm SON/TSOT23 Package The TPS62260 device is a high efficient synchronous step down dc-dc converter optimized for battery powered applications. It provides up to 600-mA output current from a single Li-Ion cell and is ideal to power mobile phones and other portable applications. With an wide input voltage range.

MAX5961 : 0 To 16V, Quad, Hot-Swap Controller With 10-Bit Current And Voltage Monitor The MAX5961 0 to 16V, quad, hot-swap controller provides complete protection for systems with up to four distinct supply voltages. The device allows the safe insertion and removal of circuit cards into live backplanes. The MAX5961 is an advanced hot-swap controller that monitors.

MAX8858 : Smallest, All-Internal MOSFET, 6-Channel DSC PMIC In A 5mm X 5mm TQFN The MAX8858 PMIC provides a complete power-supply solution for digital still cameras (DSCs) and digital video cameras (DVCs). The MAX8858 improves performance, component count, and board space utilization compared to currently available solutions for two AA cell and dual-battery designs.

LTC2939 : Con?gurable 6-Supply Monitors With Watchdog Timer The LTC2938/LTC2939 are con?gurable supply monitors for systems with up to four or six supply voltages that need watchdog supervision. One of sixteen preset or adjustable voltage monitor combinations can be selected using an external resistive divider connected to the program input. The preset voltage.

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