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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Amplifiers => Preamplifiers
DescriptionDescription = 0.5W Single Power Amp. ;; Package = SIP-9
CompanyKorea Electronics (KEC)
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Korea Electronics (KEC)
KIA6216H Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 15w BTL X 2ch Audio Power Amplifier )
KIA6220H Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 30w BTL Dual Audio Power Amplifier )
KIA6225P Description = Pre-amp ;; Package = DIP=8
KIA6240K Description = 6W Dual Power Amp. For TV (RL=8ohm) ;; Package = SSIP-10
KIA6248K Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 7.3w Dual Audio Power ic )
KIA6259P Description = Pre-amp ;; Package = DIP=8
KIA6268P Description = Dual Pre-Amp. Withbuilt-in Alc ;; Package = DIP-16
KIA6269P Description = 1.2W Dual Power Amp. ;; Package = DIP-16
KIA6278F Description = 1W Single Power Amp ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA6282K Description = 4.6W Dual Audio Poweramp. ;; Package = SSIP-12
KIA6289N Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( Quad Preamplifier For Double Cassette Tape Recorder )
KIA6340K Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( Vertical Deflection Output Circuit )
KIA6401F Description = Tone Ringer ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA6419F Description = 55mW af Power Amplifier ;; Package = FLP-8
KIA6801K Description = Bidirectional Motor Driver With Brake(1Motor) ;; Package = SSIP-10
KIA6831HF Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 4ch BTL Driver For CD Players )
KIA6833HF Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 3-phase Spindle Motor Driver For Cd-rom/dvd )

KDV275 : Description = Vco For UHF/VHF Band ;; Package = Usc

KF448BV : Description = 400MHz-500MHz Band(150ohm) ;; Package = SC-45

KIA2136F : Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit

KIA6248K : Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 7.3w Dual Audio Power ic )

KIA79L12F : Three Terminal Negative Voltage Regulators

KMP47C451BN : 4-bit Microcontrollers

KRA725U : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = US6

KRC409E : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = Esm

KRC652U : BRTs Description = Built in Bias Resistor ;; Package = Usv

KTC2073 : 2sc3229

KIC3210T-035 : CMOS Linear Integrated Circuit 150ma CMOS High Performance LDO Regulator

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CX22490 : Interactive TV Decoder ic. Conexant's interactive TV decoder products provide complete system solutions for the core electronics of high-performance set top boxes deployed in digital satellite, cable or terrestrial TV networks. The CX22490 and CX22496 offer an advanced, embedded 32-bit RISC CPU, an MPEG-2 audio/video decoder and 2D graphics performance. This combination enables.

EL4102C : Video Front End. 4:1 multiplexer with monitor out 18dB variable gain amplifier DC-restore amplifier Digital control serial interface ±5V operation 500MHz bandwidth The EL4102C VFE (Video Front End) is designed to perform all of the input processing functions in an analog video system as well as provide analog input processing for digital video systems. The EL4102C VFE contains.

EP1S : Low Sound Pressure. The NEC / EP1S series are PC-board mount type automotive relays suitable for various motor controls and other applications that require a high level of quality and performance. The sound pressure level / EP1S series is 57 dBA nominal when the relay operates, and 49 dBA nominal when the relay releases. TM Less sound pressure dB at "operate" and dB at "release".

GF9331 : Image Processing. - Hdtv/sdtv Motion Co-processor. DATA SHEET support for 10/8-bit HDTV/SDTV input video signals seamless interface to Gennum's GF9330 high performance de-interlacer through a filter control bus multi-directional edge detection and control support for multiplexed and non-mutiplexed Y/C video 3-field vertical motion detection and control fully configurable to support custom video modes.

LM1875 : Legacy Amps. LM1875 - 20-W Audio Power Amplifier, Package: to 220, Pin Nb=5.

LM4950 : Overture Audio Power Amplifiers. LM4991 - 3W Audio Power Amplifier With Shutdown Mode, Package: Llp, Pin Nb=8.

NJM2171A : Low Voltage Headphone Amplifier For Portable Audio. s GENERAL The is a low voltage headphone amplifier designed for portable audio items. The NJM2171A operates directly for battery supply. It includes mute and standby circuit which require few external components and realize low current consumption and very low turn-noise at standby mode. It is suitable for portable Mini-Disc, portable Compact-Disc,.

NJM2214 : Video On-screen Display.

SAM9703 : . ­ MIDI Control Processor ­ Synthesis ­ Compatible Effects: Reverb and Chorus ­ Microphone Echo Processing (Two Channels) ­ Programmable Spatial Effect or Four-channel Surround ­ 4-band Stereo Equalizer High-quality Synthesis ­ Maximum 48-voice Polyphony and Reverb/Chorus (34 if all on) 24 dB Resonant Filter per Voice ­ 16-bit Samples ­ Alternate Loop.

TDA7269 : 10 + 10W Stereo Amplifier With Mute & St-by. WIDE SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE TO ±20V SPLIT SUPPLY HIGH OUTPUT POWER 10W @ THD +14V NO POP AT TURN-ON/OFF MUTE (POP FREE) STAND-BY FEATURE (LOW Iq) THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION TO GND The TDA7269 is class AB dual Audio power amplifier assembled in the Multiwatt package, specially designed for high quality sound application as Hi-Fi.

UDA1345TS : UDA1345TS; Economy Audio Codec. CONTENTS General Multiple format input interface DAC digital sound processing Advanced audio configuration GENERAL ORDERING INFORMATION QUICK REFERENCE DATA BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING FUNCTIONAL Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Analog front-end Decimation filter (ADC) Interpolation filter (DAC) Double speed Noise shaper (DAC) The Filter Stream DAC (FSDAC).

UPD17207 : 4-bit Single-chip Microcontroller With LCD Controller/driver And A/D Converter For Infrared Remote Control Transmitters.

VDP-7500 : Digital Display and Video Processor The VisionSpectrum™ 7500 Digital Display and Video Processor is designed for use in mainstream LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, and other pixelated displays. The VDP-7500 supports worldwide Standard Definition and High Definition baseband inputs. It performs advanced video processing to enable the best viewing experience on any flat-panel.

NJM2588 : 6CH Video Amplifier For DVD. sGENERAL The is a dual supply voltage 6ch Video Amplifier. It includes 8dB amplifier and 75driver, Low Pass Filter. The input corresponds to the composite signal, the Y/C signal, and the component signal. The NJM2588 is suitable for the DVD player and DVD recorder corresponding to the progressive video signal. s q Operating Voltage q 8dB amplifier q Internal.

MAX11504 : Four-Channel, Standard-Definition Video Filters The MAX11504/MAX11505 integrated filters offer four channels of 5th order filters for standard-definition video and include +6dB output buffers on each channel. These video filters are ideal for anti-aliasing and DAC smoothing in applications such as set-top boxes, security systems, digital video recorders.

NJW1299 : 8-Channel Electronic Volume With Input Selector The NJW1299 is a 8-channel electronic volume with Input Selector. It includes 14-in 4-out stereo audio selector , REC Output and Multi-channel inputs.The NJW1299 performs low noise and low distortion characteristics with resistance ladder circuit.All of functions are controlled via three-wired serial bus.Selectable.

SD7402 : Three-Channel Audio Amplifier SD7402 is a 3-channel audio amplifier with built-in microphone input amplifier. High quality audio output is available through simple peripheral circuit and the amplifier gain can be adjusted flexibly by external resistor. Its audio output signal-noise ratio is 85dB, total harmonic distortion is 0.05% and the channel separation.

TPA2015D1 : 2W Class-D Audio Amplifier With Adaptive Boost And Battery Tracking SpeakerGuard AGC The TPA2015D1 is a high efficiency Class-D audio power amplifier with battery-tracking SpeakerGuard AGC technology and an integrated adaptive boost converter that enhances efficiency at low output power. It drives up to 2 W into an 8 speaker (6% THD). With 85% typical.

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